I’ve found a driver and that’s a start

Happy Wednesday you winsome and wonderful weirdos! I don’t know what I’d do without you.

So here are five things that make my little heart smile:

Lunch dates with my rad mates.

On Tuesday Ms. A, Ms J. (good grief, do I sound like Tyra Banks?), and I had lunch at one of Vancouver’s newer food carts – Mom’s Grilled Cheese.

These roaming food wagons are getting more and more prevalent – especially around the downtown core where we work – and offer a huge amount of choice in terms of menu options.

It’s not just chili cheese dogs and cans of coke anymore, folks.

You can get Vietnamese subs, shawarma, Asian-fusion, Ukrainian pierogies (who knew that spell check doesn’t know what a pierogi is!?), pulled-pork sandwiches, BBQ – seriously the list, like Rip van Winkle’s beard, grows ever long.

(Man, I can’t believe that the most hip facial hair reference I could think of is a make-believe dude who slept a lot!)


Anywho, grilled cheese was eaten; grilled cheese was loved.

SO blinkin’ good! And they give you a pickle!

By all three us.

I ordered Swiss with tomato on multi-grain.

Cor. Absolutely delicious that was. If you ever visit the truck, and you’re wracked by indecision – give that a go.

You won’t be disappointed.

Trying on pretty pretties.

Today at lunch I bopped about the usual circuit (Vancity’s downtown/shopping business district) with the usual suspects (Ms. J + friends) and I tried on this dress:

This dress made me feel like the queen of hearts.

And then this one:

All aboard the covered wagon dears!

It’s funny, because in the store I felt like I was veering towards the red (I didn’t buy either) – but now that I’m looking at these photos, I’m particularly drawn to the white.

When it was on me, I thought I looked super “Little House on the Prairie”, but now I’m thinking more along the lines of “Pilgrim chic.”

I’m not sure – I’m turning over the issue to the experts.

(aka YOU!)

Either way, it’s always fun when you have someone with whom you can motor, who also is game to play dress up in the middle of your work day.

It’s a great way unwind, albeit briefly.

Plus it gives you the chance to say things like, “does this look like a giant bedazzled compression sock?”

Just. Not good…plus the jeans made me look like a headbanger-carney!

To which the answer is always, yes.

Yes it does.


Spring means many things here in Lotus Land.

It heralds the arrival of the chickadee dee dees – and other bird friends – who have recently returned from their tropical, winter sojourn. You can hear them in the morning as you draw back the blinds, or the moment you step out your front door as you leave for work.

It also means a boat load of rain – but I don’t want to write about.

I want to write about all the amazing tulips that have sprouted everywhere! Their colours are so rich and vibrant, I can practically feel my heart swelling inside my chest every time I see them.

Tulips make my two lips SMILE!

I also have tricky fingers and want to pick all of them, so I have to walk by quickly, for fear of snatching them all to myself.

(And therefore also the police. I fear them too.)

Nail polish.

I don’t paint my fingernails all too often. So when I do, I always feel as though I’ve accomplished something pretty cool.

In fact, I’m always a little startled that no one presents me with a plaque to mark the occasion.

The other night, as M and I sat in front of the fire (yes! A fire at the beginning of May! I am just as appalled as you are!) I painted my nails a sort of aubergine-maroon colour.

It was Professor Plum, in the car, with M’s camera.

And I like it!

A lot.

(Way more than I do the idea of a fire in May that’s for darned sure.)

Tina Fey.

I just finished reading Bossypants and boy did I ever enjoy it. The lovely Emily of Well Fed, Flat Broke lent me her copy and I pretty much hovered it up over the last two days.

Ms. Fey is hilarious.

There were pages that just kept me laughing non-stop. It was also nice to read about a woman with whom I really identify.

We’re not the same person by any stretch of the imagination, but so much of what she writes about, I found myself nodding along, feeling like I could relate to much of what she was talking about.

(Except of course working at a bleak-as-hell YMCA in Chicago during the early 1990s. Of that I have little knowledge or experience.)


 I also have a massive crush on her and Amy Poehler’s friendship. Is that possible? Can you covet a best friendship?

Memo to all my real-life friends: Get cooler. And fast.

(I kid, I kid. If you were any cooler, you’d all be ice cold.*)

*In my mind I sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger when I say that.

Yikes! I must get back on track. SO – if you’re thinking of picking up the book, do it, do it!

You won’t regret it.

Unless of course your name rhymes with Parah Salin. Then, maybe, stay away.

So there you have it, you wacko beauty cats! Five things that bring me the lolz and smiles.

I hope they could bring you some too.

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Vanessa Woznow

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35 thoughts on “I’ve found a driver and that’s a start”

    1. If you live in the GVRD you MUST go. Seriously, they are scrumptious.

      I read that line for the first time when I was fifteen and it has never stopped cracking me up. It’ll probably end up on my tombstone. Thanks for stopping by Mr. Westbye!

  1. I’m torn. The red is fabulous and works all on its own – it needs nothing. The white, on the other hand, is like a blank canvas – all you need to do is play with color with that dress. A colorful scarf, a flashy belt, some fabulous shoes and/or jewelry – hell, even that nail color you’re sporting! Oooh… or a scarf *as* a belt… okay, I’ll stop now. The short version is “get both.” You’re welcome.

    Trees make me feel the way tulips make you feel. I mean, not that some flowers don’t do that to me, but trees – my god, I love the trees. Right now is the perfect time for them, and I’m always a little bit scared in the spring that one day I’m going to get a little too carried away with them and end up crashing my car or something. BUT THEY’RE SO PRETTY.

    1. LOL! “It’s not my fault officer! The trees! They’re all around me! And…they’re…just…so…beautiful!!” Oof, I totally know what you mean. I always feel like I’m being bowled over my lush greenery every time I step foot out of my house. Especially just after it has rained. Everything smells so new and fresh and beautiful. It’s why Vancouver is the most beautiful (and overpriced!) place in the world!

      Ooerr…I like the idea of dressing the white up. That would be so much fun! But the red…it just calls to me. (This could be my own madness though.)

      Maybe a second trip is in order…

  2. Hey there! The dresses: Oh My Gosh. Oh My Golly. Oh My Stars. Both are super cute, simple has never looked so good. I love the white one a wee bit more but whites dirty easily so it would be logical to go for the Queen of Hearts.

    As for the nail polish give me a long distance high five, sister: I rarely polish the fingers too it chips way faster, besides it’s really distracting, every five seconds I’d be admiring them from various angles and I don’t get much done. That colour looks great on you, really, I’m not just saying that :)

    Tulips just look so unreal, something out of Photoshop to me, bwu-tiful:) I’ve heard of Bossypants before, I might try it out some time in the future. Is the that gal from The Office?

    P.S: On a random note, do you find George Micheal’s Father Figure disgusting and disturbing, too? Eek.

    Hope you had a nice nap :) Snuggle like this dude , http://tadams4u.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/1150/, and it’s more than likely you’ll have a good one!

    1. This is such a lovely comment! Totally made me smile!

      But first – holy SMOKES! George Michael WTF?! 1.) I’ve never really listened to those lyrics before let alone given them any thought. Urg. And second, the music video is totally off. Good grief the 80s were a strange, strange time.

      You should totally check out Bossypants. Tina Fey is the creator of 30Rock (and equally famous for her SNL impersonation of Sarah Palin). She is really, really funny.

      High five for nail polish sisters! Haha, it totally do the multi-angle check out too. They’re just so pretty!

      And thanks for the feedback re: dresses. I totally know what you mean about white being hard to manage. I’ll keep you posted!

  3. I think the dress choice is a win-win. Both are lovely so maybe it depends what niche you are currently filling in your wardrobe? They both have lovely detail and are flattering so sorry this is no help in narrowing it down. Pretty all around!

    Bossypants was great! It’s always fun to get inside the head of such a funny and talented woman. It’s nice that she is also grounded which makes it easier to relate to. If you want to keep up the funny lady reading I also enjoyed Sarah Silverman’s book, “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee.”

    Enjoy the tulips!

    1. I should read Silverman’s book – she’s super hot and cold with me though. Sometimes I think she’s absolutely hilarious and othertimes I’m left cold. I’m interested in reading her stuff though!

      The problem with the dresses is I’m not sure I even have a hole in my wardrobe that needs filling – I just like beautiful things! I’ll keep you posted :)

  4. Love the red. Love it. Especially knowing your hair color and complexion…I know you can rock it out.
    Also love the grilled cheese. It’s our “whahthahfackisfordinnah” staple. I can’t believe there’s a cart. I had that idea. And I didn’t follow through. Tsk Tsk to me.
    I’d like to add your yellow purse to my “When yer done with it I want it I will pay you cash money.” list that so far includes but is not limited to your stripey sweater.
    Another lovely post. Just what I needed at the end of a 3 hour ravioli making marathon. xo

    1. Hmmm, the red dress may be leading in votes. Democracy in action!!

      Ooer – I love the “whahthahfackisfordinnah”! Ours is a frittata. So simple and so good.

      Alright, you’re now marked down for both the sweater and the purse. Also, three hour ravioli making marathon!? That sounds amazing! What kind did you make?

    1. Hey Ms. Madison! Alright, I’ve marked down your vote for the red dress. Democracy is grand I tell ya :)

      p.s. If you live in the Great White North the dress is available for purchase at your closest Jacob. 40% off too!

  5. Ya see? The magical properties of nail varnish! Love that colour.
    In the UK, we call those flowers TYOO-lips, which really messes with puns like your one about making your two lips smile. Bah! They’re just so incredibly colour-saturated and utterly feckin’ perfect in their shape, aren’t they though?

    ‘Plus it gives you the chance to say things like, “does this look like a giant bedazzled compression sock?”’ LMAO Yes. Yes, it does. My gosh, glittery Spandex really doesn’t improve an already dodgy garment.

    So glad you read ‘Bossypants’! I’ve been looking at it for ages and wondering whether to buy it. Slightly offput by the scary hairy man arms on the cover. Yes, I know it’s a visual joke… still freaks me the heck out!

    The red dress. Definitely. It’s very you. Trying on clothes has never been something that made me happy. I was a painfully shy and self-conscious kid and teen, and then when I grew up I started having kids and the weight went on… and on. Believe me, when you weigh anything upwards of about 9 stone (126 pounds, or 57kg), mirrors cease to be your friend, and for most of the time since, I’ve been way, waaay over that. Being a fat funny person is such a feckin’ cliche, but that’s what I became. I’m hoping the funny thing doesn’t wear off as I shed the poundage, ‘cos that would REALLY suck! Who would want to have to choose between wit and weight, eh?

    What’s weird about the weight is that I’m not so worried about exactly how much I weigh now. ‘Cos muscle weighs quite a bit more than fat, and with the strength training I’m doing for the Highland Games, I’m changing shape but not losing a heck of a lot of pounds! I mean, you’ve seen the pics of me on my blog – doing my Games training with the Jedi master, and on my Kilt post – I weigh almost 13 stone (182lbs or 82.5kg). That’s just about two of you, Ethel, right? LOL But, finally, it’s ceased to worry me. I’m going down in weight – very slowly. But what counts is that I’m healthier than I’ve been in decades, I can breathe and tie my shoelaces simultaneously, which is something I haven’t been able to do since about 1990, and I’m actually beginning to get some real shape at last. I’m one happy woman!
    Now I’m looking forward to actually enjoying trying clothes on in shops. Not yet – I’m still a somewhat wobbly UK size 14-16 – but soon!

    1. I’m thinking of moving to New Castle so we can be friends. Can I stay with you when I first arrive? (I promise you’ll love my husband. He’s hilarious and bonkers as all get out – he’s also super strong and a journeyman carpenter – so whatever fences need to be built, he’ll be on that STAT.)

      The way you describe Tee-you-lips is perfect! Completely – it’s like I’m hypnotized by them. Hands down, favourite flower. 4EVA!

      Haha, I totally know what you mean about the Bossypants cover! I can’t look at it for very long because it makes me incredibly uneasy. But crack that baby open and you’re golden. GOLDEN!

      Okay first off – YOU ARE HILARIOUS. And you will continue to be brilliant and pee-my-pants funny at any size. Wit, charm, hilarity and intelligence are not food-based characteristics. I feel like I have a similar perspective on the matter as you – only on the opposite side of the scale. I had a super bad eating disorder for many years and was so obsessed with being skinny as a means of validation. Because that never happened (surprise, surprise!) I always turned to comedy as kind of a second layer of protection – if I couldn’t have a perfect body, I’d get by being funny.

      Now that I’m living a healthy life, I’m no longer fanatical about what I weigh, I’m not only so much happier I’m still fucking hilarious to boot! HAH!

      Also, let me just say this: I cannot say enough how flippin amazing you look in the photos of you wearing your kilt. You just look so badass and charming and awesome and HOT! And the longer you continue down this awesome training journey you are on, the more kickassness you will exude! (Although that’s kind crazy to imagine. And awe-inspiring.)

  6. Best list ever! Made me smile just thinking about it!

    I’m digging the white dress too – but it makes me think England circa 1941 which I really love. :) A future purchase maybe?

    And that grilled cheese, oh nom! Food carts are really stepping it up these days – we’ve got a couple of gourmet fusion ones that roll around through Bellingham. Foodie bliss.

    The nails look fab. I’m with you, painted my toenails on Sunday and it felt like a huge accomplishment – where’s my Nobel prize??

    Aren’t the tulips grand? Somehow they make the rain seem that much happier… I’ve been house sitting for some friends who don’t have a furnace and have been lighting up the ol’ wood stove every night – it’s almost sinful.

    And the book sounds like a hoot! I’m coveting that best friendship too…

    Sounds like your week is lovely just like you! A happy happy Thursday to you, my friend!

    1. Foodie bliss is right! Love it!

      Ooer…early 1940’s England. I’m picking up what you’re putting down. I like that style too :)

      Oh shoot, I didn’t tell you? Your Nobel is in the mail. Maybe it’s stuck at customs, but should be arriving in a day or two. Hopefully it’s not broken!

      Definitely check out the book – you’ll really like it! Happy Thursday right back atcha lady!

  7. I’m so glad you mentioned Tina Fey’s book because I have been meaning to read it for ages. Now I’ll totally have to grab it to save for after the exam period. So excited in anticipation of another book to read!! (This includes the 10 others under my nightstand that keep building up ^_^)

    Oh, and as for the dresses. I absolutely love the red! But red is my fave colour- I could be biased… >.>
    Plus the fabric colour and empire line just look so pretty and feminine on you- I think it suits you really well.

    1. Yes, you must, you must! I know you will enjoy it! Haha, I totally know what you mean about the nightstand of doom – one day that tower will fall and crush us all.

      Good luck on your exams! When will you be done? Do you have many this term?

      Ooer, I love the fabric on the red too and that colour is also one of my all time faves. I think I might go back today just to try one more time. Just trying wont hurt!

      1. You should try it on again- both of them and that’ll help with a decision. Plus, it’ll be lots of fun! :)

        Thanks heaps! Don’t have too much on this term (mainly final assignments) but I think my Japanese exam will be hardest. I am pushing myself with study because I have an overseas trip in the works between uni trimesters. It will be my first time so it is enough to force me to try really hard, for a cool reward!! :D

  8. Since I obsessively pick at my fingernails with abandon, when I actually experience the desire to paint them and make them look pretty it’s a difficult job. Mostly I end up getting bored after one hand is painted, and end the night with empty promises that the other will get painted tomorrow (never true). Besides, how are you supposed to paint the nails on your dominant hand? It’s next to impossible, so you managing to do it definitely deserves handshakes, kudos, prizes and awards. :)

    1. Exactly right about the dominant hand! It’s ridiculous! Especially if you even attempt a second coat. Because then you’re just house bound for the next five-odd hours so you don’t muck them all up!

      Let’s start a club where we hand out those awards!

  9. I LOVED that book. Even though Tina and I have tons of differences, I adored the parts about women’s role in work and entertainment- like why if there are more than 2 women in a sketch it is only “for women” and that is not true for men… I reviewed the book on my blog a few weeks ago. Great post!

  10. I LOVED Bossypants, I listened to the audiobook (which I HIGHLY recommend) Tina Fey reads it herself, and hearing her own story in her own words is a whole boat load of fun.

    I want grilled cheese.

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