On wednesdays, we wear pink

Yo, yo, yo beauty cats!

Today, I am PUMPED UP.

I am buzzing with inspiration, and love, and just general bonkerness.

This morning I, along my very glamorous, and gem of a genius colleague J, went to a leadership panel at the Vancity Theatre, where we heard six different talks from a brilliant buffet of speakers: they were athletes, intellectuals, doctors, storytellers, and demographers.

Seriously, these individuals were fascinating as they were diverse: ranging from Trevor Linden, ex-Canuck extraordinaire, to Dr. Samantha Nutt, the founder and executive director of WarChild Canada and US.

Hey! It's that Clearly Contacts guy!

What a collection of neat people.


I know I often write about the inordinate number of injustices I perceive, (or hear about, or read about) – on a daily basis at that, and I know I am wont to chronicle about how this overwhelming tide of negativity can be pretty difficult to fight against, (particularly day in and day out)– but just sitting there, and listening to all of the speakers, allowing their passion, and humour, and dedication, and eloquence to just wash over me – heck, it really made me think that we just might make it out of this out-of-control space-ship-cum-wrecking-ball of a planet alive.

And kicking!

(Well. Maybe.)

It all may depend on the subject of Al Gore’s next documentary.

(I kid, I kid.)

And if we don’t survive?

And we are all exploded into millions of tiny particles of space dust because no one bothers to recycle their toasters, or throw out their bubble tea cups, and instead just stashes their Subway wrappers in university pruned bushes and other miscellaneous vegetation?

Well, I plan on looking darn stylish in the process of said annihilation.

And, why is that exactly might you ask?

Because, ladies and gentlemen…I did it!

May I present to you, my two favourite clothing purchases of 2012:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Hot damn.

The excitement around these parts (aka coursing around the length of my body) is palpable.


I cannot begin to explain to you all how excited I am to wear both of these pieces. Maybe not together (at least not to the office), but all day, and every day, I will don this as my warrior dress, as I kick ass and chew bubble gum.

And folks, I’m all out of bubble gum.

Okay, in all seriousness, I have really been trying to make conscious choices when it comes to my fashion purchases. This works rather well with the fact that I have a very hard time breaking away from the “student” mindset when it comes to buying, well, anything really.

I want to make sure that whatever it is I am purchasing, it will be something that I will wear and get good use of, as well as being as ethically responsible as possible.

It can be a hard balancing act, and I am by no means perfect, but I am working on it.

At the root of it all, I just want to understand where my clothing is coming from, who is profiting off my purchase, how well the product will benefit myself as a consumer, and (of course) first and foremost: ask myself – do I actually need it in my life?

Now, I could argue that I don’t actually need 99% of the stuff that I buy – I become more and more aware of this issue every time I walk by a store, or through a shopping mall.

But I hope that, at the very least, by just asking these questions, I am making some sort of impact, or progress – that it is the catalyst for a slow building, slow moving change, even if just in my life.

A change of one.

And if it can grow from there? Well then, that’s just perfect.

As two quick post-scripts, let me share with you two of my biggest laughs (or gaffs?) of the day:

I was an overzealous coffee pourer at the speaker’s panel. Can you tell I was a tad tired this morning?

Java moat.

And, prices advertised by Flight Centre:

Good marketing there folks. Fine print is pretty crap though.

WOW, this flight is only $29.00?! But taxes are $600.00?

Well shit.

Looks like I’m riding my bike to Europe.

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15 thoughts on “On wednesdays, we wear pink”

  1. Even though I have not actually been a student for a while, it is hard to get out of the habit of just buying clothes as cheap as possible, instead of putting more thought into a purchase. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Point the first: $30! Now all we have to do is wait for one of those tax-free sales!

    Point the second: your skirt is shiny! Yay for happy self-purchases! D’you know, I once thought “you know, I should start paying attention to where I buy clothes. I’ll go to the more expensive places where they can afford to be picky about what they sell.” So I went to Addition Elle – and then every other plus sized store in town. Then I tried another three towns. And they all sold clothing from the exact same places Wal-Mart does, only at 5x the price or so. :( Now I just buy cheap-assly. Walk into any store I’m at and head straight for the bargain rack. And I discovered I seem to have good bargain rack “voodoo” because I constantly find just one or two really sweet pieces that are perfect for me. Like Addition Elle – went there a few weeks ago planning on buying some new underwear. Walked out with two new pairs of pants and a new shirt, all of them regularly $59.99 each, for $10 each for the pants and $8 for the shirt.

    Point the third: you should always pour coffee into your saucer as well as your cup. It keeps the donut gnomes at bay. Also, drinking coffee from the saucer is actually an old tradition from I-don’t-actually-know-where. Look it up! I had a couple of old old old relatives when I was quite young who would do it. There’s a possibility it had nothing to do with tradition and everything to do with the fact that our family is just full of nuts, but I’m pretty sure it was tradition.



    1. Nothing, NOTHING better than a sweet, sweet deal. About a month ago I purchased a pair of lavender cords from BR outlet for $10!

      Haha, next time I’ll slurp up that saucer coffee like nobody’s business. And if anyone stares at me doing so, I’ll just put on a really thick non-specific eastern European accent and just yell out TRADITION!!

  3. You CAN ride your bike to Europe!! Just head on up to Alaska, bike across the ice to Russia, then make your way across to Europe! (This should be done in the winter, as to make sure there is an ice bridge from Alaska to Russia.) Don’t forget snacks, maybe that almond butter from yesterday . . .

    1. Brrrr, that’s going to be a pretty cold trip! I’ll have to make sure I pack extra warm clothes and a ten gallon tub of almond butter. But, as Queen once sang, I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bike…

    1. That would have to be one hell of a BB gun! EtD’s magic organic almond butter recipe:

      Step 1: Buy almonds.
      Step 2: Steal giant almond grinding machine from Whole Foods.
      Step 3: Grind almonds into butter.

      I’m sorry to say that I just buy it from a store :/ If you know of any different ways, do let me know!

  4. Ah, yes the “student transitioning into young professional mindset” transformation. I’m undergoing the precisely the same thing at the moment. Today, though (due to lack of sleep and not caring) I’m wearing tennis shoes to work in the first time since I bought them. I feel quite proud.

  5. Sounds like a great start to the day – being inspired by some amazing people! It takes that kind of encouragement sometimes when you have eyes to see the world as it is and a heart that breaks for it. I’m glad you were reignited! :)
    The skirt and top are so cute, you will be lookin’ fine!! Oh, and for finding more ethical clothes I’m with you. Check out “Good Society” jeans if you get the chance, last I heard they were a Vancouver-based company that does fair trade and organic denim. I have 3 pairs of their jeans and LOVE them!
    Wonderful post full of happy thoughts. Hope you’re having a most fantastic day, Beautiful!

    1. Ohhhh, Good Society, YES! They are such a fab company. I am going to wear my skirt tomorrow to work. I am very excited about this.

      Today the tulips were tuliping and I had a great run – so overall, smashing! I hope you had a similar day! :)

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