Let’s have a chat

This past Sunday night I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Dr. Valerie Raoul on the Storytelling Show, the radio programme I host on Vancouver Cooperative Radio.

Short of interviewing Penny from Inspector Gadget, this is pretty much the closest I am going to get to being on air with my feminist hero of life.

Spending an hour chatting with her on the radio?


IMG_20130331_214305If you are interested in listening to the interview, it can be found here.

(Just be sure to click March 31, 2013.)

This weekend has been an absolute whirlwind – last long training runs (for the Sunshine Coast half-marathon next Sunday); Easter feasts; tennis games; park workouts; awful movies; stand-up shows; and theme (house) parties.

And looking forward to this week, we’re just going to do it all again!

A few snaps from around the block:

IMG_20130331_125306 IMG_20130331_130501 IMG_20130331_181043

Happy Spring my friends!