Bit and bobs, and brass door knobs

Some things:

Hair, hair, down to there.

I recently cut five inches off my hair.


It was either that or turn full-mermaid.

Spice up your life.

Marc is a brilliant task-master and we recently re-organized our spice cabinet.


We bought some small glass jars at the dollar store, and then I hand-wrote the name of each spice on the front.

This lovely little project reminds me something the tremendous Laura Beth of Perched on a Whim might do. Seeing as though I worship at her alter of BEAUTIFUL CRAFTS OF LIFE, I am still feeling a little giddy.

Strange crushes.

Am I the only one who really likes David Hyde Pierce?

But like, in that way?

But I don’t know what to do with that tossed salad and scrambled eggs…

They’re calling again.

Happy Wednesday!