Get me a vodka rocks. And a piece of toast.

When my life becomes overwhelming, it can be hard for me to remember how much beauty exists the entire world over.

The past few weeks have been completely nutty, and in order to balance out the manic with the marvelous, I have been reading like a reading thing, running like a running thing, and writing like a writing thing.

Because goodness knows how important it is to see the forest for the trees.

I’m currently racing through The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke.


It’s fabulous, and brilliant, and heartwarming, and filled with the sweet magic (literally) that makes my little heart smile.

Here are a few other things that on this Friday, are bringing me heaps and heaps of love:

There is always money in the banana stand.



I think I just blue myself.

Now, I know that everyone has their preferred AD characters, but Lucille is my favourite hands down.

Well, the epic combination of her and Buster.

Seriously, while I love the entire family, nothing will ever make me laugh as hard as the incredibly strange, yet side-splitting relationship between the Bluth matriarch and her one-handed son.

Someone get me a subscription to Balboa Bay Window, stat.

Bonus video – Thomas Mulcair (leader of the New Democratic Party, and Canada’s Official Opposition) quoting the show in Parliament:

Sleepy head.


I mean, how could you not?

Sometimes I just bury my head in Nymeria’s fur and take giant breath after giant breath.

I call it “cat huffing.”


Patio fever.

Sunny, summer-tinged mornings, eating outside with my little bird friends?


I want to do this every day of my life.

Other things in which I am taking comfort these days –

Skype calls with my fam.

New perfumes.

Fish tacos.

Chocolate-chili cookies.

Wind-swept walks.

Falling asleep to the sound of the late-night rain.

Early-morning kisses.

It’s bliss.

Just bliss.

And soon enough, things will be back to normal (whatever “normal” means anyway), and this frenetic pace will slow.

Either way, however, I will continue to bask in the beauty of it all.

Because just like life, it truly is overwhelming.

Love in the little things

Things that I love.

Marc’s cold hairy knees pressing into the backs of my (warm, hairless) knees, as we spoon together at night.

That first sip of vanilla latte – all sweet steamed milk, espresso and foam.

Finally smelling spring in the air.


The funny way my big sister always says, “Oh hellooooo” at the beginning of our Skype calls.

Short sundresses.

Telling a joke and then pausing, so to let the audience’s laughter wash over me, like a wave made out of happiness.

Managing the trifecta of hair removal – leg shave, armpit shave, brow pluck – ALL IN ONE GO.

When my little sister calls me WAWA.

Finally watching 30Rock.

My poppy-red coat that makes me feel like Paddington Bear.

Kitten kisses.

Kitten snoozes?
Kitten snoozes?

Cleaning the shower REALLY WELL (and then using it right away.)

Eating chocolate covered cinnamon buns.

Sprinting so hard until I feel as though the only way to put out the fire in my lungs is to barf them right up.

My mum’s broken sarcasm detector. (“Oh that’s not true…IS IT!?”)

Looking at myself in the mirror and thinking I look really pretty today.

I think I do today too!
I think I do today too!

Laughing with friends until I think I am going to pee my pants.

Quoting Arrested Development, The Big Lebowski, A Fish Called Wanda, Rushmore, Love Actually, and Mean Girls all the gosh-darned time.

She doesn’t even go here…

Having a mad dance party in my underwear, in a Top Shop change room because the song playing at that very moment was just too good not to.

Boardwalk brunches.



My brilliant friends.

My amazing family.

My beautiful man.


Never forget.

Always, always you.