Get me a vodka rocks. And a piece of toast.

When my life becomes overwhelming, it can be hard for me to remember how much beauty exists the entire world over.

The past few weeks have been completely nutty, and in order to balance out the manic with the marvelous, I have been reading like a reading thing, running like a running thing, and writing like a writing thing.

Because goodness knows how important it is to see the forest for the trees.

I’m currently racing through The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke.


It’s fabulous, and brilliant, and heartwarming, and filled with the sweet magic (literally) that makes my little heart smile.

Here are a few other things that on this Friday, are bringing me heaps and heaps of love:

There is always money in the banana stand.



I think I just blue myself.

Now, I know that everyone has their preferred AD characters, but Lucille is my favourite hands down.

Well, the epic combination of her and Buster.

Seriously, while I love the entire family, nothing will ever make me laugh as hard as the incredibly strange, yet side-splitting relationship between the Bluth matriarch and her one-handed son.

Someone get me a subscription to Balboa Bay Window, stat.

Bonus video – Thomas Mulcair (leader of the New Democratic Party, and Canada’s Official Opposition) quoting the show in Parliament:

Sleepy head.


I mean, how could you not?

Sometimes I just bury my head in Nymeria’s fur and take giant breath after giant breath.

I call it “cat huffing.”


Patio fever.

Sunny, summer-tinged mornings, eating outside with my little bird friends?


I want to do this every day of my life.

Other things in which I am taking comfort these days –

Skype calls with my fam.

New perfumes.

Fish tacos.

Chocolate-chili cookies.

Wind-swept walks.

Falling asleep to the sound of the late-night rain.

Early-morning kisses.

It’s bliss.

Just bliss.

And soon enough, things will be back to normal (whatever “normal” means anyway), and this frenetic pace will slow.

Either way, however, I will continue to bask in the beauty of it all.

Because just like life, it truly is overwhelming.

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24 thoughts on “Get me a vodka rocks. And a piece of toast.”

  1. “Cat-huffing” —- LMAO! Warning: there will come a time, as Nymeria ages, when that smell will not be as sweet as it is now… it’s a sad day — as sad as the day that your newborn no longer smells like a newborn and begins to smell like a person….

    1. Haha! Now every time I do this I’m going to be all “hmmm…is that human I smell on my cat? Or is it just me?” Lol!

      And I’ll be sure to huff my child for all their worth when I have one. :)

      1. you laydeez! yes, we parents do indeed “huff” our children… well, NOT after a while. when the son would come home belligerent and drunk, not recommended.
        but to comment to JAVA: “that smell will not be as sweet as now?” WE CAN PREVENT THAT FROM HAPPENING. put cat-perfume on nymeria in the remote event the sweetness dissapates. okay, not perfume, um, cinnamon? margarita salt? essence of cognac?

  2. I think “cat huffing” could be the next health trend – sounds great to me:) I find it funny that you are like my sister from another mother because when life gets nutty for me I read and write like someone has put me on fire! You are sexy, strong and beautiful & most of all LOVED ((((virtual hug))))))!!! Happy Weekend Sweetie:)

    1. LOL! OMG, do you think it could get me on Dr. Oz? I need to patent it, and quick!

      Hope you had an absolutely brilliant weekend (with or without said nuttiness)! And thank you! Phroar…what a fab note! x

  3. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy AD! I could quote that show for ages and I’m super excited for the new season! It’s difficult for me to even try choosing a favorite character because they are all so darn funny. Happy watching; we shall discuss on Monday:)

    Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!

    1. I hope you had a brilliant weekend! What did you think of the episodes so far? I am only on episode 4 and so far…well, I’m hoping to see what the rest of them have in store. I’m not giving up this easy! x

  4. Last night, after a hellalong hike [on which a grouse attack occurred!], Tobias had his hunky hairplugs removed. Favorites for me have to be Gob’s “taste the happy/sad” moments, as well as Lucille’s chicken wing-flap. Where the others are ostenatious, hers is somehow graceful!

      1. I can vouch that there were neither! (Although I once did a gig with a rapper who looked like a cross between Castro and Tobias, and I called him – with his permission of course – MC Analrapist.) And it was a great, great show! One of my favourites. :)

  5. yer knutz. azz are/am most iff naught awl yer yoozual phallowerz.
    just wait til i can post videos! (hopin’ to have our upcoming muzical performances, uh, memorialized?) i will try to get potential dotter-in-law in/on our triathlon team!

  6. I am a fan of your writing and your blog—it’s unique, hilarious, brilliant. The title is perfect.

  7. Oh man! The “cat-huffing”….I see everyone else beat me to the commenting section on this one but it’s too good not to once again tell you how hilarious this is!!!

  8. Ah, loved seeing this post today! It made my heart smile to know that yours was happy, despite all the busyness of course. Yes, and YES on Arrested Developement!! This might just make me bite the bullet and get a Netflix account at long last. Your list sounds blissful – fish tacos, good books, booze – it’s all so very good. ;)
    MIss seeing your posts, they always make me happy and feeling so blessed to have you in my life. Perhaps I can convince you to come down this way for a housewarming party this summer?

    1. I will be there with bells on! Just let me know where and when. :) I am SO happy for you and J – a new home is just the most exciting thing!

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