Meanwhile, back at the ranch

So what else has been brewing on this side of the cosmic kitchen?

You mean, besides nursing my body back to its natural flesh tone (and away from its current black and blue hue)?

Well, look no further!

In the words of Bruce McCulloch – Check it out!

(Can you dig it?)

Trips to berry farms.

I did two out of three (the winery was not yet open for the year.)

Faffing around with fake doors.

Knock, knock.

I seriously love fake doors.

Acting like they are real doors? CRACKS ME RIGHT UP.

Also, this photo was taken on Sunday post-race and I am actually amazed that I managed to move my arms that far over my head.


On days that I am recovering from massive physical exertion, this is pretty much the only thing I want to eat, EVER:

Blueberry popcorn and chocolate covered pretzels.

Or perhaps this:

Confetti cake blizzard. Yes please.

If you live in the GVRD, love cake and ice cream, and haven’t tried this, I urge you to leave whatever you are currently doing, race to the closet DQ and give it a try.

It will not disappoint.

It will delight.

Adorable animals.

Baby goat!

Baby black and white goat!

It is hard to describe how cute this little guy was. He was also incredibly perturbed that his mother was on top of the bench, and that he was unable to join her.

No word of a lie,*I had him in my purse and was half way to the car when I realized my plan wasn’t the best thought out.

I don’t think Nymeria is quite ready for a roommate, especially one so vocal as Mr. Black Shoes.

(Yes. That is the name I gave him while he was briefly in my custody.**)

*This IS the biggest lie ever.

**Joke!  – please don’t phone the SPCA on me.

And of course:


I don’t know about you cats, but as soon as the warm weather actually sticks around, I plan on spending the rest of my summer sitting on one of these.

In the meantime, Mr. M and I are headed down the Oregon coast for six days of anniversary celebrating, camping, Shakespeare, hiking, eating, drinking, laughing (like loons), and just general revelry.

I cannot wait!

And what about you, dear ladies and gents?

What is coming down the pipe for you these days?

Grab a handful of blue popped corn and tell me all about it.