I’m finishing my coffee. Enjoying my coffee.

Hello you fab chaps!

Well, here we are, looking back on another week lived, facing the beautiful blank slate (oh how I wish!) of the approaching weekend.

I love Fridays because I truly believe they have life re-generating powers.

And what, might you ask, are other (real-life) things that share those same invigorating powers?

For the answer to this question, please look no further than THIS:



I drink coffee every day. I wouldn’t say that I drink a TON of the stuff – for instance, between Monday and Friday I drink a vanilla latte every morning, and come the weekend, I drink at least one cup of java (but never more than two), upon rising from my bed of rest.

In my humble opinion, there is no better way to herald the breaking dawn than with a piping hot mug of milky, sweet espresso.

(Urg, I feel weird just using the term “breaking dawn.” DAMN YOU TWILIGHT!)

Weekend coffees have become even more deluxe of late, what with the addition of a Nespresso milk steamer/frother to our kitchen gadget repertoire.

(Full disclosure: other than our raclette machine and a decrepit old blender, said repertoire is pretty darn bleak.)

Anyway, now that I have purchased the above pictured vanilla syrup, I really feel like our adventures into the world of joe are just going to EXPLODE.

Think of the possibilities!

Vanilla steamed milk for nights when I’m feeling eight hundred years old!

London fogs for mornings when I’m feeling particularly Dickensian!

Vanilla café au laits for every other time other than the two I’ve mentioned above!



Do you know what is the actual exact opposite of what I have just described above?




Who decided to make diet Crush cream soda happen?

They should be publicly shamed, and then sent to Baffin Island for twenty-years of hard labour.

Talk about toxic waste in a can.

Yeah, yeah, I realize that pop of any kind isn’t exactly a staple of a healthy, organic (blahblahblah) lifestyle, but JEEZE LOUISE.

Somethings are sacred!

And by somethings, I mean CRUSH CREAM SODA.

Won’t somebody please think of my childhood?

In other news…

What the heck is going on here:


Do people have hundreds (or thousands) of loonies and toonies just lying about, clogging up their living space?

Is this a worry that people have?

“Oh sorry Jim, I would totally have you over, but my place is just over-run with coinage. Thank goodness Metro News has provided me with the tools I need to combat this problem head on!”

Good grief.

I never, ever have cash, let alone enough change to fill out an entire bank roll.

But a girl can dream, can she not?

And if I’m going to spend my life dreaming, I am going to do it dressed like THIS:


Fifteen dollar pants?


Paddington Bear coat?


A date with a microphone, stage, and comedy-hungry audience?


So what’s on the docket for all you beauty cats this weekend?

And what drink will you be having?

Do be sure to tell me, because I’m taking orders.

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

26 thoughts on “I’m finishing my coffee. Enjoying my coffee.”

  1. Very funny post! I enjoyed your writing a lot, coffee lights up my life so this post speaks to me. I enjoy just iced coffee with soy milk, one pump of vanilla, and one pump of hazelnut. Java perfection at its finest!

    1. Thanks misses! So glad you enjoyed it :)

      And that iced drink sounds absolutely delish. Perfect for a summer day. If only we could get some prolonged sunshine around these here parts! x

  2. I am so excited to get a new coffee maker – the current one is making the coffee taste like dirt and I have cleaned it too! I remember growing up there would be a notice in the paper that there was a shortage of pennies or dimes and to bring them into the bank. Loving your outfit – Rockin the Style Girl!!! Diet soda is one thing I abhor and refuse to drink – tastes nasty – going with the full loaded crap if I am craving a soda.

    I am going to meet with a Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods tomorrow afternoon & it is FREE – cannot wait to learn and have some questions lined up. The rest of the weekend is just going to be by the seat of my pants and that works for me.

    Happy Friday – Happy Weekend – Live Large Sweetie:)

    1. I am so excited for you to get that new coffee maker! New appliances are just the absolute best. And non-dirt tasting coffee is pretty fab too. :)

      And thank you! I love it too! Also, you are so, so right. Diet soda is just the worst. This creams soda drech near but did me in.

      How did the meeting with the specialist go? I hope both you, and your pants had just a fabulous weekend! xx

      1. Vanessa –

        Had a Wonderful Weekend and the seat of my pants thing work perfectly. Having coffee from the new maker right now – YUMMERS! Meeting with the specialist was great and learned that I am making great, healthy choices – BONUS:)

        Happy Tuesday

  3. First things first; you look absolutely stunning in your new purchases!
    Second things second, although of no less importance; I LOVE coffee. But just like you, I don’t drink it in mass quantities like some people do. However, unlike you, I drink it black, black, black. I love the rich bite and deep flavors.
    This weekend I’ll be running a half marathon! I’ve run many in the past and I’m excited to be in that atmosphere again. It breaks my heart to think of all the people desiring that same camaraderie at the Boston marathon with such an horrendous outcome. I hope to run it in their honor!
    Have a lovely, laughing weekend Vanessa!

    1. How did your race go? I hope you had an absolutely amazing time and that the sun smiled down on your the entire time! You are an amazing lady, and I’m sure many of your fellow runners felt many of the same emotions as they took part in the course :)

      You are also just like my husband. He too loves dark, rich espresso. You can always tell which cup is mine, and which is his. :)

      And thank you! You make my little heart smile.

      Happy Monday my lovely friend! x

  4. you are SICK. (i mean that inna sorta good weigh)
    i yoost think cream soda wuzz the boss. i wuzz much younger then, and have since degenerated tino thinking whiskey is the thing. apparently, maybe, i haven’t evolved. much.
    and YES, you look positively DASHINg, my dear!

      1. There are many things that are wrong with me (right with me?) but I would wager a guess that the root cause of said wrongness is not my coffee consumption.

    1. Lol! Well, first, I will say thank you. And then I will say I really wish I had a more sophisticated palette, because I think the idea of drinking whiskey is pretty darn sophisticated and awesome.

      But every time I try it, it just tastes like I’m drinking a burnt tree mixed with old shoe (to me, of course.)

      Every so often a cream soda is all that I need. But not the diet stuff, that stuff if trash.

  5. Great post — I will have to look up what the heck a raclette machine is (who knows? I may need one!). I had THE best vanilla caramel latte today! (And it was the first one the waiter had EVER made!)

    Love the outfit!

    1. Thanks lady! ALSO YOU MUCH GET A RACLETTE MACHINE. Actually, I should probably make sure that you like amazing swiss cheese (raclette) melted on all things? If you do, THEN DOOOO IT. It is the most amazing thing you will ever eat in your entire life!

      1. While I am a fan of most things cheese-related, I confess that the exception to this rule would most definitely be Swiss cheese (I can handle Jarlsberg in very small doses, usually on a nice water cracker) and anything in the Roquefort family. That being said, it seems that I will not be forced to go out and snag a machine which would allow me to “raclette” any time soon. Thank God, because I barely have room for my waffle iron — and we are big “wafflers” here at the hovel. :)

  6. The coin wrapping bit was just cracking me right up!! Thanks Metro News! You are just too hilarious and I’m loving the new pants! I remember you introducing us during a previous episode!

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