Just blowin’ in the wind


I never sleep well going into a Monday.

Nutmeg and cardamom are two excellent spices that pair quite poorly with shrimp.

New shoes!


Even when I think I am sitting up straight, I’m probably still slouching.

My hair is so long that sometimes when I work out my ponytail gets stuck in my armpits.

Sometimes I imagine Brian Mulroney looking at his son, and then looking at Justin Trudeau, and then thinking, “HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?”

I really must remember to let my bras air dry. I don’t want to give away all my hard earned cash dollars to BIG BRASSIERE.

Donuts are really great.

So is a cup of milky, hot, sugary coffee.

(But never together.)

Dance parties are always worth it, even if it’s only with one other person.

Sometimes it rains sideways, and this makes training runs very uncomfortable.

Richard Ayoade is a stone cold fox.

TopShop is currently trolling us all, but –

Put a bird on it!


Yesterday Mr. M and I bought our tickets for the Big Apple and I am SO EXCITED.

I cannot speak, or write “cleaning out my closet” without pretending that I am Eminem.

I like peanut butter M&Ms best.

Also this:


Today, the sun is shining and the sky is a light daisy blue – a treat the likes of which we have not seen for many, many moons.

It is mindboggling to think that we are already into March. Indeed – minutes, days, weeks (and months!) seem to be careening by in the blink of an eye.

I just signed up to run the ScotiaBank Half-Marathon with Team Big Sisters. I’m hoping to raise $1000.00 (the same amount as 2011, the last year that I fundraised with the organization.)

After taking some time off to rest my little bones, I am back to full-on training mode. I ran 16km this weekend, and am looking to slowly amp up the mileage as the seconds kick down to my first race of the season: The Sunshine Coast Half on April 7th.

My darlings, do you ever feel as though you are standing the precipice of something huge, but you don’t know yet what it is?


I feel as though I am balancing precariously over a large, life-changing expanse, and I want so badly to jump into the void, only I cannot see what I will be getting myself into.

All my nerve endings seem to be extra-sensitive – and the winds of change are making my arm hairs stand on edge.

Maybe I will just have to Alice it – take a deep breath and crawl down the hole.

And if I catch a glimpse of a sign-post (pointing in any which direction), I will be sure to let you know.

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

23 thoughts on “Just blowin’ in the wind”

  1. Oh Me like the new shoes! I’ve been searching for eventual replacements to my Adidas I bought down at tulalip, something with more bounce for my runs :)

  2. I don’t eat shellfish, but I would imagine that nutmeg and cardamom would not be my first choices for seasoning it. Thanks for the confirmation, though.

    Aren’t new shoes great? There is almost nothing better, outside of food, that smells better than a new pair of shoes. (Well, a newborn baby does smell better and maybe lilacs, but that’s about it!)

    Glad to hear you bought those NYC tix…. We need to try to meet up. What are the dates again?

    I, too, think you are on the path to greatness (precipice sounds slightly dangerous)!

    Your posts always leave me feeling happy!

    1. No shellfish!? Are you allergic? I loooooove me some shrimp.

      June 28-July 5 – you around for just JAM TIME? OMG, it makes me excited just thinking about it! Ahhhh, your words make me feel all flustered. I’m glad I can bring the laughs! x

      1. I am, alas, allergic!

        I will be around that week for JAM TIME! I know that you will be busy with your fam, I can always switch around at work to accommodate you. We’ll discuss this more as the time gets closer! I’m so glad it’s not the following week, as I will be on vacation that week. That would have been very disappointing!

    1. Running totally is one of those things that people either dig or they don’t. It’s pretty black and white that way!

      So glad to bring the laughs! You too never, ever fail to bring a smile to my face :)

  3. Oh, this post had me laughing! Random thoughts and such good ones too. :)
    And YAY for new shoes! Are you loving them? So so fun and very happy.
    The birds? I’m diggin’ it! And your face with the bright lipstick is my favorite.
    Please let us know what this precipice is that you find yourself on, as soon as you discover it – sounds so exciting! And some half-marathons just around the corner (hopefully in time for some warm and wonderful weather).
    So many good things coming up and I’m stoked for you! Please keep us posted! :)
    And a very lovely Tuesday to you, my friend.

    1. I am totally loving them! (My knees are REALLY loving them!) Haha!

      Awwww, seriously though. Birds + bright lipstick = eternal happiness. (Or very close to the fact…)

      I will indeed keep you posted! I am a little bit superstitious so I’m a little weary of jumping the gun, but believe you me when I say you will be one of the first to know, this is no lie!

      Ack, my darling, I so, so want to have a meet up – where are the days going!? I feel like I need to set a BEST BEFORE DATE to make my way to your neck of the woods. This way, no more faffing around!

      Big hugs my beautiful friend! xx

      1. New shoes are amazing and make such a difference! I’m glad you’re knees are feeling better, especially with the miles you’ve been putting on them lately. :)
        And I totally understand with not wanting to jump the gun. I’m so excited for you!
        Oh my goodness, our meet up plans for January have somehow devolved into March already. Maybe we can just set a date for April and then we have something to plan on. :)
        And thank you for the sweet comment on today’s posting. I ended up deleting it because all but the last chapter was lost in the WordPress abyss when I hit publish and I just didn’t have the heart to write it all out again after that. Agh… Anyway, you did make me smile, thank you!
        Much love and yay for Friday just around the corner!

        1. Setting a date for April sounds like a PLAN. I will check ye olde calendar this weekend and hopefully we can find a time that works for sure both!

          For real – that photo with just that first paragraph really was beautiful! Certainly a moment of calm, and reflection.

          Big hugs to you my brilliant gal pal! xx

    Yes, do “Alice it.”
    it’s probably not obvious (i can’t tell just anyone nor everyone everything i know and am) but … it’s like that line from M I B: ==>
    There’s ALWAYS a Kirillian Death Cruiser about to destroy the earth!” well, in my case, i’m usually on the abysmal* brink of the abyss of the unfathomable unknown.
    *never noticed: abyss, abysmal? — na a a a…
    furthurmoar: if you notice a sign-post or cairn or any indication of marking the trail, it’ll probably already be TOO LATE and we’ll all be wondering where you went and what happened. i’m such a ray of sunshine, eh?

    1. Haha! It’s a lemon wedge!! I always stick mine the glass because I like my pop extra lemony.

      And yes, I definitely should just Alice it. I will try to bring a walkie-talkie of some sort just to remain in quasi-communication with the world.

      Speaking of Abysses (I can’t really believe that is a word) have you ever seen The Abyss? I just watched it for the first time the other day, and I really liked it. And I never usually like James Cameron.

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