Laugh it up! Laugh it up fuzzball!


First things first –

I am internet famous (kind of!)

Just check out this bio on little ol’ me over at the comedy festival’s website.


And in the immortal words of Rod Stewart: Tonight’s the night!

(Only, you know, without all the sexual stuff.)

Now, excuse me while I jump up and down like the excitable jumping thing that I am.

Friday Fry-up time!

Well that’s offensive.

I was buying my sister a birthday card the other day in Hallmark when I espied these:



First of all, let’s get one thing straight.

Porn is porn is porn.

por·nog·ra·phy /pôrˈnägrəfē/ Noun

Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity.

This whole idea that women somehow get off on seeing dudes BUY FLOWERS or WIPE A BABY’S BUM is so unbelievably offensive TO BOTH WOMEN AND MEN that it makes me head spin.

Oh yeah…seeing that guy ACT LIKE A HUMAN BEING makes me so hot…I mean, holy crap – a man COOKING!? AND CLEANING TOO?! HOW SEXY IS THAT!?

I need a cold shower just thinking about it!

Like, cuz, those things are normally just for the womenz to do, RIGHT PEEPS?



Just no.

American beauty?

Are you dudes watching House of Cards?

Here are ye olde House of Mad, we are big Netflix connoisseurs and as such we’ve recently started watching this program.

It’s a show that was actually made for Netflix, which is pretty darn cool in and out of itself. I imagine that as viewership of traditional cable continues to drop, more shows will go the way of the live-streaming route.

(Allowing viewers to binge-watch at their leisure.)

Anyway, back to the show. Am I the only person who thinks that Mr. Spacey is a bit of a psychopath? I mean, the dude comes across as creepy as heck.

Also, I never thought I would hate someone as much as Walter White (Breaking Bad), but Francis Underwood is giving him a pretty good run for his money.

And that’s saying quite a bit.

But don’t let that detour you – if you have access to this show do check it out. It’s a pretty good glimpse into how morally bankrupt and incestuous our political systems truly are, not to mention how we’ll probably never know 99.9 per cent of the machinations that take place behind the capital’s closed doors.

Looking at what these horrible (fictional) people do, that gives me one good case of the shivers.

Sister, sister.

Today is my beauty cat of a little sister’s birthday!

She is a firecracker, a butt-kicker, an amazing chef, and a lass who can rock a vintage dress like no other.

I wish so very much that I could be with her today to celebrate this auspicious occasion, but as I cannot, I send her all my biggest and best birthday wishes.

Also, we are very good looking when we hang out together:


Like, the most.

So there you have it my darlings!

I will let you all know how the show goes tonight.

And in return, I’d love to hear how everything is going for you all, wherever in the world that may be.

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

30 thoughts on “Laugh it up! Laugh it up fuzzball!”

  1. Ahhhh, today, today! I’m so so excited for you and just know you will have them rolling in the aisles. :) Please keep us posted on how goes! (I kind of want to sing Donald O’Connor’s “Make ‘Em Laugh” from Singing In The Rain to you right now)
    It sounds like you and I need to rant together about this Valentine’s Day bs that is being put out to men and women. There is a score of twisted messages going out to both sexes during this “season of love” and it makes me furious.
    Happiest of birthdays to your wee sister! The photo is priceless and I bet you guys are a just a hoot when you get together. She sounds like a fab lady and I wish her an amazing year ahead!
    Knock ’em dead tonight, Sweets! I wish I could come cheer you on in person but I have to make it early night because of a crisis training tomorrow am for the shelter I’ll start volunteering with. Will be thinking of you, though!

    1. Thanks so much for all your awesome support you brilliant gal! Seriously, it means the absolute world to me. :)

      And I also so appreciated how on the same page we are about all of this Valentines crap. It drives me bananas! Okay, so the world seems to be getting away from me as I know I said that I would be down in your neck of the woods in January, but I am trying to nail down an exact date when I will be there. Then we can sit down and talktalktalk as the day is long! xx

  2. THANK YOU. That porn for women thing pisses me off so much as well. Acting like men are nothing but stupid oafs that need to be taken care of sets women back…like…so far that it wraps around the time continuum and becomes it’s own brand of stupid?? Calling men cleaning and cooking “porn” also perpetuates the myth that women hate sex. RAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    Whewie. Thanks for that. And I watched the House of Cards preview and am really excited it was released. I am there, friend!

    1. I know right!? It actually destroys me. Thank you for backing me up, it makes me so happy to hear that there are others that feel the exact same way as I do!!

      And YAY! Let me know what you think of the show :)

    1. Han is just the absolute best. I use this quote all the darn time and will probably be muttering it on my death bed.

      And thanks!! I will see what I can do about getting some footage. :)

  3. Congratulations Vanessa on that write up!! I wish I was in your neck of the woods to come see the show! I know you would knock my socks off! I just told my husband the other day that House of Cards was our next show. We are currently watching Mad Men and can only handle one series at a time!! Good luck to you on the show and have a great weekend!

    1. Yay! Let me know what you think of HoC when you get to it. I totally know what you mean about “one show at a time”, especially when you get so immersed in the storyline and characters.

      And thank you so much! The night went just wonderfully and I am excited for my next gig! Eep!

  4. Congrats girl! Very well done, “smart and funny” is a pretty kick ass thing to have written about you. I applaud you from the States!

    And I completely agrees with your vehement hatred for the whole (insert interest here) porn. It’s disgusting and entirely an inappropriate term to describe something you’re interested in. Ick.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend of rest and craziness in perfect balance!

  5. It makes e so happy to see that you are sharing your gift of comedy with the world (well, okay, Vancouver isn’t really the whole world, but it’s a heckuva first step!).

    Even after 23 years of marriage, seeing my husband vacuum makes me hot. I know. I’m not as liberated as I like to think. Keep in mind, though, that Fang had an old-school Italian mother, so progressiveness is somewhat relative here!

    I didn’t realize “House of Cards” started. I had planned on watching it. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Lol! Today Vancouver, tomorrow, Calgary! (My expansion it would see is eastward propelled.)

      Heck, nothing hotter than progressiveness!!

      And yes, totally check out HoC. You’ll love it!

  6. 1. Those silly “porn” books bug me. Always have. I am sadly not impressed by pictures of men doing things that I myself do all the time. Eh.

    2. As odd and slightly creepy as Kevin Spacey may be in every role he plays, I’ve long had a slight (ie, huge) crush on him. I’m strange. Perhaps that’s why I like him so much.


    4. Belated birthday card in the mail to YOU? Yes.

    1. 1. I KNOW! They drive me crazy and are just the stupidest things.
      2. If you feel this way you MUST watch this show! And then tell me if you still feel the same way! (Plus it’s just really good too!)
      3. Together, we form perhaps the nuttiest duo worldwide.
      4. Awwww, thanks love! You are way too sweet! x

  7. you watch portlandia? i’ve led a sheltered life and only in the last two or so months got acquainted with it. “remember the 90’s? when no-one had any ambition? and …”

  8. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
    Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz answer back as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thanks a lot

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