Just the facts please

Ten things I have learned in twenty-eight years:

1. Less really is more, especially in terms of make-up.

2. Although few things beat a truly brilliant red lipstick.

3. You can always run faster, it’s just a matter of realizing it won’t kill you.

4. Brussell sprouts are delicious.

5. There will just always be too many books.

6. In the land of Comfy, I am queen.

7. Cleaning house is always better when in your underwear, blasting really loud pop music.

8. The Big Lebowski, and A Fish Called Wanda will never stop being funny. In fact, like a fine wine, they just improve with age.

9. Push-ups are a tiny bit more bearable when you pretend you’re in a post-apocalyptic fight preparation montage.

10. Having a boy love you is pretty darn brilliant. Loving yourself is even better.

Now? Onwards, ho!



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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

19 thoughts on “Just the facts please”

  1. I have never seen The Big Lebowski. I know. I’m a loser. I do love A Fish Called Wanda, though. Michael Palin at his absolute best. Ridiculously funny. I have been a John Cleese girl for many, many years. I cannot pass up an episode of Fawlty Towers. Ever. It makes no difference that I have seen them all at least 25 times each. They still make me laugh.

    Brussel sprouts are just mini cabbage. Enough said.

    Too many books and too many blog posts. I am woefully behind in terms of reading them and writing them. (I’ve got one in the works— I’m kind of hypercritical of my writing these days. I don’t know why.)

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but the reason you have a boy who loves you so much is BECAUSE you love yourself.

    1. Not a loser! Just a non-convert. Holy smokes, I would so love to watch that flick with you. If you do get a chance to watch it, you must! (And I really, really hope it makes you laugh.)

      You know, I used to HATE brussel sprouts and now I love them. Weird right? I still hate cabbage and turnips taste like a fart smells.

      TOO MANY EVERYTHING! It’s bloody overwhelming.

      And your last sentence is a truism if I ever knew one. PREACH IT SISTER! x

  2. Oh I love it! These are the best kinds of pearls of wisdom: capturing the small joys, siezing the moments, and knowing yourself. And the photo had me smiling like a Cheshire cat! Happiest of Tuesday to you, my lovely amiga.

  3. i suppose if the CATASCLISMIC TIDAL WAVE were imminent, i could/would/should run faster. but most your other truths of birthday diskuvverry are yooniversally true.
    a self-promotional plug, but one which possibly could benefit your other job: i was sooooo looking forward to your opinion of what may be my funniest post ever. yes. the colonoscopy. in the remote event there’s some material there, i wholeheartedly would positively hope you might find SOME MATERIAL there for, if not the upcoming routine, then your next presentation.
    i.e. i would be honored if there was a bit of material there you could yoooze. prob’ly naught. laff @ my dilemma ennnneee weigh…

    1. Yeah, I often wonder about that. Like would I be able to survive some freak natural disaster? COULD I outrun the thing? I like to scare myself thinking those thoughts.

      I will hop on by and check out the post, although I am a little nervous NOT GOING TO LIE. I’ll tough it out!

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