It’s all the little things

Hey you jazzy cats.

Let’s just say that I’d like to imagine that you all look like this:


Because goodness knows that would make me so, so happy.

Anywho, let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

Sometimes there are moments of such infinitesimal happiness in my life that I feel as though my heart might just shatter.

Take for instance, last Saturday morning. I had gone to bed incredibly late the night before (actually, come to think of it, it was more like very early the day of) and woke up at noon to this kind of magic:


And it’s at moments like this that I absolutely relish being a grown-up gal, and all the shiny splendours that my little life has to offer.

Now, on the other hand, there are also times when I feel as though being an adult is total rubbish, and all I want to do is tie my bed sheets into one crazy long bed sheet-rope, fling my belongings out of the window, and then Robin Hood my way to adventure and freedom.

No one likes to pay Visa bills, or get up at the crack of dawn every day, or have a conniption fit every time the price of apples/cheese/detergent/moisturizer/paper towels/gas seemingly doubles overnight.

Seriously though, how are all of these things so expensive!?

Mortgages aren’t exactly a barrel of laughs, and neither are budgets and financial planners.

But despite all that, very often I am overcome with so much joy about my life – and all the amazing things that come with it – that I am basically struck mute (and sometimes motionless.)

Now, to be fair, there are times when this reaction may or may not have something to do with the delicious knowledge that should I want to, it is totally within my power to spend ten dollars on gourmet jellybeans at Save on Foods.


But – not always.

Sometimes they are but a work of a moment; a short interaction with a stranger, or watching the sunset as I walk home from work.

At the moment there are three things poking about the recesses of my mind, each one responsible for giddiness and glee.

They are:

1.)    Races and places. I recently signed up to run the BMO April Fools Half-Marathon and I am SO EXCITED. First race of the season and I’m already jittery like jittery thing. The race is on the Sunshine Coast which means a beautiful course, and hopefully a mini-vacation for Mr. M and I.

2.)    Milkshakes and crosswords. A late-night snack. (Full disclosure: I only ate the milkshake.) But it was awesome. And not totally unhealthy because, well, CALCIUM right?


3.)    All the love. That I get to spend the rest of my life adventuring around the world with this mad hatter:

Edinburgh 271

(The fact that he gifts me pain au chocolat and coffee on Saturday mornings just adds to my delight.)

And I don’t know about you folks, but all of this brilliance makes my mundane grown-up “musts” shine just a little bit brighter.

And as a honourary hummingbird, goodness knows I do love my shine.

So happy Wednesday to you all!

I hope you’re all celebrating may and multiple fab things, wherever you are.

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Vanessa Woznow

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12 thoughts on “It’s all the little things”

  1. i’d say “bah, humbug” butcha knowwhat? sumtimes i feel that weigh! “grinning like an idiot, driving to work (so goes an old essay) in awe of the subtle interplay of arising sunlight and shadow nuanciness …”
    (where’s the sunshine coast again?)

    1. Sunshine Coast is up the coast of BC – you have to take a ferry, else you want to traverse some mean logging roads. Total beaut of a place!

      And seriously, early morning sunrises? Nothing more spectacular.

  2. Thanks for the happy thoughts. Ironically, I saw it in the midst of a day-long depression induced by those four horrible words: “Let’s make a budget!” I’ve occasionally be ushered out of stores by my fella after embarrassing him with my loud comments about extortion and gain.

    But I appreciate your reminders that yes, being a grown up does have its up sides. I particularly like having the option of having waffles any time I like (even if I have to clean the waffle iron out myself). I’m also glad to know I’m not the only one made grumpy by the increasing price of basic products.

    1. Definitely not the only one! I feel my blood pressure spike anytime I have to go buy groceries. It drives me bananas!!

      Urg, budgets can put a damper on many a mood (despite the fact that they are for the long term good, I suppose.) Glad I could bring a bit of levity to the process! xx

  3. Happy post! Nymeria is the cutest, oh my goodness I could cuddle her like none other!! Funny thing? Cobalt was sitting like that next to J on the couch last night (all 41 lbs of him) and there was much laughter in the kingdom. ;)
    You have so many good things coming up: yay for the race, the mini vacation, your wonderful Mr, and always for coffee.
    I feel the say way about adulthood. Sometimes I just want to burst with the excitement of adventures I can choose for myself but when the bills pile up taking off to Neverland couldn’t be more tempting.
    Big hugs to you, Beautiful!

    1. Seriously, nothing funniest than animals sitting like humans. It totally cracks me up, so I would probably have been in tears looking at Cobalt sitting on your couch! Ack, what a cutie!!

      I’m so glad that there are others (like magic you) who understand my qualms about these things! It’s good to vent, and also get some perspective on the whole picture. Although, if you ever need a partner for the flight to Neverland, I’m your gal.

      Happy Thursday miss! xx

  4. You have the best outlook on life of anyone I have ever met (and I have met a lot of people, missy!). I burst out laughing at the image of you cleaning your bathroom with jelly beans. You rock.

    Also, the price of rice pisses me off. I don’t know why I limit my outrage to rice, but there you have it. We all have our breaking points. I would gladly pay triple for it if I thought that the poor woman wading through the rice paddies with babies strapped to their backs were suddenly reaping the benefits of what I consider to be price gouging, but I bet they’re not seeing dime one of the money. I imagine Uncle Ben got himself a shiny new Mercedes, but I’ll guarantee you that Chin-wa is still saving up for a new bamboo hat. Drives me crazy.

    1. Haha, well I try! I really, really do love jellybeans though. One of my best friends/co-workers gifted me a bag for my birthday and I ate it for breakfast today. Urg. Not healthy but soooo delicious!

      RICE IS SO EXPENSIVE WTF. It makes me enraged just thinking about it! I have to go to the bulk asian supermarket where they are least have semi-sane prices because I will not be swindled by BIG RICE if I don’t have to be. Also, I am now crying with laughter. Let’s chip in and buy him that hat!!

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