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Happy Monday you beauty cats.

Look what happened today!


And tonight!


Also, around these here parts we’ve recently taken our first steps into official internet MEMEbership.

If you like Lord of the Rings and Arrested Development as much as we do, I sure hope you like this little piece of M’s and my handiwork:


Goodness gracious.

In the meantime, we’ll will be doing a little of this:


And I wish for you all nothing but this:

IMG_3198 - Copy

Strap on those snow boots! A very, merry week to you all.

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27 thoughts on “Join the club”

  1. I must say, you have inspired me to post more pictures of my kitties. Like Nymeria, they like to sit in or on odd things and act natural.

    I’m so jealous you have snow! All we have is rain. Bother. If it doesn’t snow here by March, I’m coming up to visit.

    Happy new week, friend! I’m feeling a letter to you soon with my new stationary. :)

    1. Yay! Nothing better than kitty photos. And hey, you can use that shiny new iphone to take those photos!

      If you come up in March I would love nothing more than to host you! (I can’t do anything unfortunately to guarantee snow. Blast it!)

      Happy week to you too! I too can’t wait to stationary it up. :)

  2. “Illusions, Michael…” Ha! Great meme, I seriously can’t seem to get enough Arrested Development. Brilliant.
    Love the snow, the cheese, the cat. I’m glad you had a fabulous weekend!

    1. Haha, yes!! So glad you like it! Nothing will ever be funnier than AD to me.

      The weekend indeed was fab – I hope everything was brilliant and bright on your end! x

    2. Haha, yes!! So glad you like it! Nothing will ever be funnier than AD to me.

      The weekend indeed was fab – I hope everything was brilliant and bright on your end! x

  3. Mwahahahahaha Canada. Kinda jealous actually; I would love a real snow instead of these BS dustings.

    And congrats on memeing it up. That is one of the best I’ve seen…like ever. Now to post it on Reddit and pretend I created it (note: I don’t know how to post things on Reddit).

    And cats be trippin’; am I right?

    1. Hahaha! Love it. And this is paltry compared to other parts of the country!

      And thanks, I’m glad you like it (for serious, I eagerly awaited your opinion.) I wish I understood Reddit, but the one and only time I checked it out it just didn’t seem to work.


  4. You guys got WAY more snow that we did (it didn’t even stick) – beautiful and so very glittery! :)
    And the meme had me howling like a hyena, bahahahaha, so so awesome! Do you keep hearing about this Arrested Development movie coming out? We need a release date!
    The fondue and fire and kitten – it’s all so cozy and comfortable. Sounds like you’re enjoying this winter season to it’s fullest. Big hugs to you!
    Are you coming down to B’ham soon to do a stand-up show?

    1. The snow definitely has stuck around. Pretty to look at, but a bit of pain walking up and down the hill :)

      I do keep hearing about this movie! But I think they are releasing some new episodes on Netflix first. So excited! (I’m doing my chicken dance right now.) Glad you like the meme!

      I am just working out a time with my friend Damian. He’s American and actually works in the States (talk about your long commute!) As soon as I have more info, I will let you know. p.s. I’ll also be in touch about dates for a hang out too! YAY! x

  5. ooh: fondue. i’ve led such a shelturd life. heh.
    and the fire and box-cat? ah, i could/should take pixures HERE: out-sighed it’s minus whatever (f) and my nightly ritual is to fire up the f-place. the kitten gets real close and watches (he used to jump up INTO the f-place but not anymore!) and there’s a semi-circle of your “favorite beasts” (and me) whilst it burns.
    i chickendoubt last night and DIDN’T go be goalie — (1) i wonder if anyone showed up? (2) the temps were lower than the night before! (3) it was one of my self-imposed NO BEER DAZE.
    #3, or the overthrow of, might have made the difference to go & BE BRAVE. but i did something even much more strange. don’t ask about all the symbolism and MEEEENING, but i baked.
    (it’s been many years).

    1. You’ve never eaten fondue!? How is this possible, especially living in such a cold winter climate!? YOU MUST RECTIFY THIS AT ONCE!

      Haha, my cat also loves to watch the flames, although she has never made a mad dash for the innards of the fireplace (thank goodness – that would give me a heart attack!) She certainly does love a good box though (like most cats it seems). And your nightly ritual sounds delightful!

      What did you bake?

      Hold the phone – do you guys play hockey outside? That is bloody hardcore!

      1. “Betty” has a batch of “Amish bread” which one has to continually “burp” and add stuff to and BAKE IT UP every ten daze, saving one cup of the mixture to foment and ferment and belch and etc. (adding flour/sugar/milk/eggs at set intervals). you’ll have to talk to her to get the details. be-as-it-may, the ten day date came and she was in Florida so i decided to do the “more manly” thing of the choice between freezing (temps were close to ZERO (f) as goalie, or baking for the first time in (no kidding) over 35 years. and no beer. it was rough.

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