Dressed in holiday style

Hi Chickadees,

T’is the last week before the lovely Mr. M and I begin our Christmas hols in earnest. I am so very ready to hang up my hat and to celebrate the end of 2012 in style.

My husband has been sleeping on average three hours a night, and working eighteen hours a day, so I can only imagine how ready he is for a vacation.

I am also trying to figure out how much I can possibly stuff in my carry-on suitcase, because the last thing that I want to do when flying clear across this massive country is check my luggage, as there are just too many ways for it to be lost betwixt here and YHZ.

Canada is great for many things (ex. maple syrup, universal healthcare, Rick Mercer), however there are times when I think living someplace – Switzerland, say – would be so much easier, particularly whilst making travel plans.

See also: cheese and chocolate selection, tennis players, and bank accounts.

This weekend was a mixed bag of Bollywood comedies, cookie making madness, freezing runs, brief snowfalls, open mics, and new episodes of The Hour on Netflix.

Seriously dudes, if you’re not watching this show START NOW.

It’s some of the best television I’ve seen in quite some time.

In the interim, here are some snaps from life here in the madhouse:

Cookie monsters.

IMG_2693 - Copy
Getting ready to rumble.
IMG_2697 - Copy
At first I was all –
And then I was all -
And then I was all –
IMG_2702 - Copy
The aftermath.
IMG_2706 - Copy
Pretty much all of these have been eaten.

Early morning beauty.

IMG_2629 - Copy
IMG_2633 - Copy

Bookshelf love.

IMG_2711 - Copy
This is what happiness reads like.

Fire cat.

IMG_2709 - Copy
Wrapping is hard work.

Tonight we are off to deck the halls (with boughs of holly) at M’s parents house, and trim their tree with happiness and care.

(Although when I asked him what he was most excited to put on the tree, the madman just kept repeating “turkey.” We shall see how well that turns out. Also, re-read the sentence about him being massively sleep deprived.)

Happy Monday you beauty cats!

May it be oh so merry and bright.

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16 thoughts on “Dressed in holiday style”

  1. You guys have some serious cookiemaking talent! I lived in Europe most of my life and 5 years in Canada… wow, there are a lot of differences but my favorite thing about Canada is how tolerant people are. There is a lot of nationalistic and ethnocentric attitudes in European countries, just sayin ; ) Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much! I so very much love decorating cookies – I could do it for hours and hours.

      Where did you live in Canada? I definitely know what you mean about tolerance in Europe vs. Canada – we used to live in the UK and even there it’s much more divided than it is here.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! xx

      1. I lived in Toronto and Vancouver, but I got more attached to Toronto :) You inspired me to do a second holiday cookie batch and do my own crazy shapes instead of using lame generic cookie cutters, haha.

  2. Kudos on the cookie making. I don’t have the patience to decorate cookies individually — I’m a “spread the same goop equally on everything” kind of cookie maker. If I were choosing an icing colour to decorate this comment, it’d be green with envy. :)

    1. This made me laugh! My husband is very much the same way – according to him it’s that much quicker to eat them that way :)

      And thank you! I have a weird love for decorating cookies. I could do it for hours if need be.

  3. COOKIES!!! Those look soooo yum!
    So excited for you guys to jet off to adventure and festivities with your sweet fam, it’s going to be unforgettable. :)
    And the cozy books, fireplace, views – it’s all so very good! Hope you guys had a wonderful time of decking halls and trimming trees!! Poor M, that guy needs a vacation from the sound of it. :(
    Wishing you a most fabulous day, Love!

    1. He needs one so bad! I so hope he sleeps like a sleeping thing all vacation long.

      The cookies were soooo good, my goodness we’ve eaten almost all of them already. It’s easy to overdose on them when they are only one or two bites each. Ack!

      I too am so so excited! Must get through this last work week and then it will be magic! You too must be getting excited, especially to welcome fam from out of town! xx

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