All the world’s a stage

Hi friends.

I am so excited to be writing today’s post it’s a little silly.

So let’s just get right to it shall we?

Fry-up time!

Minty fresh.

On Tuesday I made mint pea soup and parmesan toast:

IMG_2679 - Copy

Out here on the west coast, it has been raining like a raining thing and I find that once our days reach a certain level of murk, all I want to do is make (and eat) hot, healthy foods and curl up in front of the fire.

Hence the need to whip up a fresh batch of this glorious green concoction.

Now, whenever I eat/make pea soup, I always think about that scene at the beginning of The Rescuers Down Under (we’re talking high art here folks), where Bernard takes Bianca out for a really fancy dinner (with the express intention of proposing to her).

Side note: I will always stand by my opinion that The Rescuers – the original movie – was always the better movie of the two.

Anyway, the mice and all the other animals are actually dining in the chandelier of an incredibly well-to-do (human) restaurant. A pea falls off the plate of one of the human dishes, only to be promptly scooped up by one of the animal waiters (a very posh-looking grasshopper), who then slingshots it up to the animal kitchen.

There, a chef – also a grasshopper – takes the pea and turns it into soup.

Now, what made this short, but memorable scene so brilliant (to six year old me) is the way both of these characters exclaim “pea soup!” with such enthusiasm and hilarity.

And as a child I could never, ever, get enough of their enunciation and tone.

And to this day, it still cracks me up.

So of course, every time I sit down to a bowl I absolutely have to say “pea soup!” just like a posh grasshopper waiter-or-chef.

Seriously, check it out for yourself:

And believe me, once you start, you won’t stop.


Taking a stand.


I promised to post it as soon as I had the chance, and well, here it is!

My stand-up routine.


Full disclaimer – this video contains some not-so-safe for work language. I make a concerted effort to communicate in this here blog without any swears, but I must confess that when I get on stage they are much harder to contain.

I do so hope that you enjoy it.

p.s. My name is Vanessa Woznow. Erm…hi?

A good word.

One of my most-loved things to do in preparation for the holidays is purchase beautiful little cards and send them to all my family and friends.

IMG_2687 - Copy

This year I chose gorgeous doves! And penguins sledding down a hill!

(This photo is also excellent evidence that I cannot keep myself away from sparkle – even in card form.)

Last night I prepared all of my cards for my rad work mates and for my family’s cousin Christmas card swap – a tradition born out of my grandfather’s passing five years ago.

He used to send us each a personalized card every December 25th, and we want to keep the memory alive by making sure we stay in touch over the holiday season.

What makes it even more special is that this year I will get to see so many of them in person.

And goodness knows I CANNOT WAIT.

(Double eep!)

So there you have it beauty cats.

Soup, comedy, and cards – the trifecta dominating my thoughts on these dark and dreary, and oh-so late autumn evenings.

I hope all of your weekends are filled with love, laughter, and light.

IMG_2691 - Copy

Because goodness knows, Nymeria and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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24 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage”

  1. “more serious” comment later (after viewing video), but … when the weather’s, em, murky, wet — I KNOW YOU STILL RUN, (don’t you?) quite often i like the adventuresomeness of jorgulating thru’ the stormy stuff. not always. so you eat, curl, run, eat, sleep, curl?

    1. okeh. i’ll watch it with the leather gloves. (perhaps it’s cuz we’re in the hickysticks, but “they” do cut up the lettuce, yoozyooAllee). oh: (NOT eat/pray/love/whuddevah) but eat/curl/sleep/STAND-UP, and run, eh?

      1. LOL. NO MORE LEATHER GLOVES. You chauffeur!

        And treasure that cut up lettuce! You never know when it will change…hahaha!

        Also, eat/curl/sleep/STAND-UP, and run = happiness forever!

    2. I completely agree. I love a good run in the rain – nothing like being out in the elements! Then you come home and warm up with soup and a fire! (Although, I’m sure it’s warmer here than in CO!)

      1. it’s weeeeurd. “betty” NEVER (practically) gets warm in P, OR due to the penetrating humidity. a week ago it was a few degrees sub-freezing. ice. yesterday i trompled in the same vicinity as before (see upcoming post, latest in the series of “dogs in the (snowy) woods hikes”) and there was more snow but a bunch warmer. our town is the “banana belt” of the state. makes winter more tolerable, but sux in da summah …

  2. It is the trifecta of awesomeness! I can’t watch your standup video right now because of office policy but I’m so excited to see it when I get home! And the cards? The cards are too cute for words – always, always with the glittery, shiny goodness. :) And when we finally hang out, the eats are going to be fabulous, I just know it. Your Friday fryups are mouthwatering…
    Wishing you a cheery and fantastic weekend, Lady! Much love!

    1. Thanks misses! I know that you and J will be up to holiday goodness yourselves this chilly weekend! We too had a bit of snow, but it has all disappeared with the rain…

      Aren’t the cards fab? I love them!

      AND YES! FAB EATS AND TALKTALKTALKTALK…excitement!! You, lady, are the best, y’hear? THE BEST! xx

  3. Awesome stand up! You really had me at the end because I was like ‘aww, it’s at the end’ and then BAM! That final bit if the Activia joke made me spit coffee. Lol. Nice job!

    The Rescuers! I was laying in bed the other night thinking of my favourite childhood movies. And for one of them I knew it contained anthropomorphic mice and I could not for the life of me remember what it was. Talk about serendipity. I am going to see if my mum has my old tapes when I go home for Christmas. And I am watching them! Also, I loved the down under sequel heaps. But I could be biased ;)

    1. Hi hi!! I am so happy to see your beautiful face smiling from my comments box! And thank you so, so much! I’m glad that I could bring the laughs (and spit takes at that!)

      Haha, I could totally see why you would be partial to the sequel (don’t get me wrong, I really, really loved that movie too! Although some scenes really scared the daylights out of me. That poacher was terrifying!)

      I really hope you get a chance to watch it over the hols – I will try to find it at my mum’s fab movie rental store.

      Big hugs to you and Delilah! xx

  4. Well, it seems as though we are indeed the same person…I used to watch both The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under, obsessively. And now I have to go home and watch them again!! Perhaps a new Christmas tradition will be born.

    Is it bad that I haven’t even found my Christmas cards yet? Actually, since I wrote in them, addressed them, and stamped them last year but never sent them (my kitty cat died, zapping me of all holiday joy) I’m totally digging them out of the office closet and sending them on their way this year!

    (Don’t worry. I’m making a new one for you!)

    Happy weekend, friend!! :)

    1. Yay! I am so happy to hear that others love these movies – they were a serious staple of my childhood. I need to find a way to watch them over the hols!

      And totally not at all on the Christmas card front – I find that Christmas has really sprung up on us this year. Time is passing too quickly! Eep! And honestly, you totally made me laugh.

      Happy, happy Sunday you brilliant gal! xx

  5. Claps (or jazz snaps) all around! Well done and bravo!

    On a more macabre note, pea soup sparks a memory of that scene in The Exorcist… yikes!

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

    1. Ahhhh, that scene! Haha, I think I try to keep that out of mind when eating green things. :) And thank you for the claps (and jazz snaps!) – I had a great time :) Best wishes for an absolutely brilliant Sunday! x

  6. I finally got to watch your stand-up. I loved it!

    Favorite line: “That’s why they call it a job”… so true, so true.

    You should expand the Activia part of the act. Very good stuff.

    For the record, I love Orzo… bastard child or not, LOL!

    Keep on trucking, honey. You’ve got some damn fine stuff there!

    1. ACK!! I am so, so happy you liked it! This makes my heart smile :)

      The activia is totally one of my fave jokes. Got to keep working on it!

      Thank you so so much! I will, and will keep you posted! xx

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