Rooting around in my bag of tricks

Happy Friday friends!

You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up to this kind of magic.

Tonight M and I are going round two with our local movie theatre in an effort to finally see Skyfall. We went last week, but the film was already sold out.

My excitement is palpable (and growing!)

I keep hearing about this electric scene between Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig that makes my tummy feel all a-flutter.


In the mean time, Nymeria is cute-ing up the joint like nobody’s business. Last night she snuggled up next to my legs and slept on my feet, purring up a storm.

I managed to catch her with one of her mice friends:

This also gives my stomach butterflies (for monstrously different reasons, of course.)

In the meantime, fry-up time!

An apple a day.

Arriving home last night the only thing I wanted to do was make something that tasted of autumn deliciousness.

So I baked an apple-blueberry crisp.

I have a few recipes committed to memory, and this one is so easy-peasy that I feel as though I could put it together with my eyes closed.

(What with how zonked I have been for the past couple of days – or, ahem, weeks – this a boon and a half.)

First, start with your ingredients:

Then, don’t take any other photos of putting the crisp together, save this one:

Eat the remainder of your triscuits. While the crisp is in the oven, go see your Little Sister, help her with her math homework, and make plans to take her to the Vancouver Christmas Market in December.

Upon your return home thank your husband for taking the dessert out of the oven. Then turn on the fire, curl up on the couch with your love, and dig in.

Also, a little vanilla ice cream never hurt anyone (or a crisp for that matter.)


Prairie Royalty.

Being the good Canadian girl that I am, I pride myself on being a fan of the Tragically Hip.

Gord Downie and his posse make some darn fine music, and as such I was shocked to hear a song of theirs just the other day on CBC that I had never before heard.

Wheat Kings is a beautiful, haunting song.

I am currently doing the thing I always do when I crown a new favourite tune – listening to it over and over again until I cannot stomach hearing it again for at the very least the foreseeable future.

As of today, I am still very much in love with it and I implore you to take a moment and let this magic into your lives:

Werner Herzog.

I’ve written before about Herzog and his films, and the other night M and I watched Happy People: A Year in the Taiga.

This. Guy.

What a film maker.

I cannot say much besides I have no idea how this man has never before won an academy award.

He is a absolute master.

(Also, I really wish he narrated my dreams.)

Happy People is a documentary that looks at the life of the indigenous people of the village Bakhtia at the river Yenisei in the Siberian Taiga.

It is beautiful and smart and touching and inspiring. And it will really make you want to get a husky.

Watch this movie. Please.

So that’s all she wrote you crazy cats.

Joyeux fin de semaine to you all!

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Vanessa Woznow

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12 thoughts on “Rooting around in my bag of tricks”

  1. I love it when you speak French…. ooh la la! Also, is that the cute Joe Fresh sweater you’re sporting? I was so impressed by your ensembles that I am going to drag my fat middle-aged ass into Manhattan on Thursday so that I can scoop up some sweaters for Fangette! I don’t do cooked fruit, but if I did I would make that crispy thing. I am for anything surrounded by french vanilla ice cream. Even serial killers.

    1. Zut alors! Je pense que je devrais parler beaucoup plus fracais dans cet ici blog!

      (Don’t get me started – I’ll be singing and mutter to myself in french all day…totally bonkers.)

      Yes! This is my Joe Fresh awesomeness! And hey now, I wont have you disparaging my awesome Ms. Java like that. She is epic in ever way!

      Did you end up purchasing anything for Ms. Fangette? I would love to go shopping with the two of you one day.

      I will now be laughing for days about your last line. (But what about rappers?)

      1. I think you’re playing a little fast and loose with that translation, but what do I know— I barely speak English, LOL.

        I am going to try to get into the city on Thursday. There’s a Joe Fresh on 34th and 7th. Those v-necks are sooooo Fangette!

        Serial killers are one thing; rappers another.

  2. Yay, autumn desserts!! For some odd reason, I love blueberries when baked inside of crumbles, tarts, pies, etc, but I’m not a fan of them in their raw and uncooked state. I made an apple tart for my man two days ago, and decided to make a crumble topping. Never having made a crumble topping before, I think I did it wrong, but it’s still delicious. As anything baked with sugar and apples is. Happy Weekend to you and your man and your adorable kitty, dear friend!

    1. Man, I overdose on blueberries (pretty much all berries really) every summer. I’ll go out and buy a huge carton and just destroy myself. But it’s worth it. I’ll take them pretty much any which way, but I sure do love me a blueberry pie/crisp!

      I bet your crumble was totally deelish! I’d say it’s pretty hard to do crumble wrong :)

      Happy Monday sweets! Hope the sun is shining on you!

  3. okeh, i’ll try to obtain (izzit awn netflix? — i’ll chec k) the vernerherzawg. i’m in the “taiga” portion of Against the Day of recent, so i feel like part of me is there. part of me is there. betty is baking the present incarnation of the never-ending amish bread mix into whatever (1) strikes her fancy (2) is available. it is always good. the kitten RIGHT NOW is considering helping me type thisxs.sjf.

    1. Dude, you would totally love it. Especially the scenes with the trappers and their dogs. I bet it would stir some chords in you, what with your brood of doggies :)

      Amish bread sounds deelish! And type kitty – toooooo keeeyyyyuutte. I die.

  4. The view is amazing! J and I have been dying to see Skyfall too. Did you guys end up getting to go??
    And Nymeria is seriously the most cutest there is – love, love, love!
    The apple crisp looks so delish, way to go on some brilliant autumn eats!!

    1. We finally saw it! It’s totally fun and Bond-y, with all the usual tricks and treats. Bardem is a great villain too. You’ll get a great kick out of it :)

      Sorry to hear about your car :( Good to know that J can help out! Happy Monday beautiful lady!

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