Who’s the boss?

Do you ever get the urge to just shout at the top of your lungs, “AIN’T LIFE GRAND?”

Sometimes I get so giddy I feel like I am about to explode.

There are times when I feel so overwhelmed by the magic and love that is my life that I’m practically moved to tears. Seriously, I’ll be sitting on the chesterfield next to Mr. M and all of a sudden – BAM! I’m choking out words (nay – garbled syllables) in an effort to communicate just how much he and our life together mean to me.

And our little cat? Well sheesh. Nymeria slays me in such a way that I am pretty much a puddle of liquid infatuation anytime she is near.

There are just so many stupendous things coming down the pipe over the next couple of months: M starting a new job as a full-time teacher; two radio show gigs in September; an interview with BC parent magazine about my work with Big Sisters; the United Way Speakers Bureau Series of which I am a speaker (also on my work with Big Sisters); the Hot Chip (!!!) concert with Ms. A; and of course the Surrey Half-Marathon.

On the running front, I have been like Atalanta’s long-lost sister over here.

On Saturday I ran 16km in the morning, and that afternoon M and I (along with his sister and brother in-law) went for a 7.5km hike. Despite a little soreness in my left knee I was feeling great (albeit very, very hungry the next day. Actually, I think I’m still a little peaky from the day’s activities.) The next morning I went for a super slow recovery run, only to be locked out of the house upon my return, as I hadn’t brought my house key with me and during my (short!) absence my darling husband had elected to go for a sunny morning stroll to pick up the NYT crossword and delicious breakfast goods.

I took this a chance to practice my meditation techniques. And to laugh like the loon on loon tablets that I am.

Anywho, moving on, this evening after getting home from work I ran 7 km in 29 minutes.

Then I did three sets of chin-ups/pull-ups (max I could do at a time was 6 for chin-ups) and three for pull-ups, and three sets of twelve push-ups.

This makes me very happy.

In fact, it makes me feel like a boss.

And now, PHOTOS:

Mid-town meadow.

Up-town reds.

Dragon cat.

Morning Clouds.

Lynn Peak beauty.

Delicious delights.

Tell me – what makes you the boss that you are?

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Vanessa Woznow

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24 thoughts on “Who’s the boss?”

  1. You are seriously my favorite! So full of life, so inspiring, and so much pure joy!! You are running like a beast, lady, so proud of you. And the photos are lovely. Hugs and here’s to a Happy Wednesday!

      1. Is that like a breed trait? None of my cats are calico although my tortoiseshell cat can be somewhat standoffish (I have always just assumed it is that she bonded with The Wife early on and thus has little time for me if she still wants to get twenty hours of sleep in).

        They were, sadly, hanging out between a McDonald’s parking lot and an office building’s. It was probably a pretty good hunting ground but I went back last night and they were no longer there (or just weren’t showing up until fashionably later).

        1. Definitely a breed trait. We can’t take her to the vet unless we sedate her first because the smell of all the other cats drive her batty. She has suitors who stroll by the house every so often and she goes absolutely bonkers trying to get at them. She’s beautiful, but she’s nuts.

          Awww, hunting kitties! They were probably getting their twenty-hours of beauty sleep and figured the noms weren’t going anywhere so neither should they.

          1. Is she fixed? Before we got Loki fixed (being a runty little gimp, I thought it best to hold off as I figured the testosterone might be helpful getting him to a more normal size and strength) he would go absolutely nuts when the ladies would pass by our house. Afterwards; not so much. But Emma; who was originally feral and still somewhat less domestic than our other cats, still gets a little anxious when cats pass by the house. I assume that is a territory thing; as she is definitely the dominant non-human (and to her mind, just in general) animal in the household.

          2. She is, but despite this fact she is still super aggressive against other kitties. Actually, when we adopted her from the SPCA we were told explicitly that “she doesn’t play well with other.” We think because she has weird issues about food and other cats that she probably came from an abusive/neglectful home.

            I think male cats are generally more laid back than females (after getting fixed of course.) My two kitties in Halifax are so chill – especially when compared to Nymeria – it’s like night and day.

  2. we (I) ‘ve had a series of cats which are basically white .. then you paint on the black cover-the-ear pattern with the eyes white, black tail, some spots. as you may have noted, we have one sorta like that at present — but NOT like yours and two of ours which have passed on (we think they passed on. they were “here” one day and not the next).
    and the beauty of the forest .. would that be the rock, you, or you-&-the-rock?

    1. Haha, I totally thought that the minute I pressed “publish” – I was all – oh jeeze, people are going to think I was talking about ME. At the beginning I just meant the beauty of the forest – but I seem to have linked myself in there without thinking.

      When I say that I love your brood of animal it is no joke – they are all massively adorable.

  3. Woohoo, what an awesome day! I can’t wait until Rex is here with me and I can go for a run and get locked out because he’s off down the shops! Haven’t felt like the boss these last few days but it will come back around again, some days are just a bit tougher right? But things always get better :D

    1. I’m sorry that you haven’t been feeling tops – but you’re right. You’ll come out of it like a champ :)

      I am excited too for your inevitable locked-outness!

  4. You always inspire me to run more (wish I went each day, or at least more often or faster!) so this week I shall do just that. I really loved the pics as usual- especially Nymeria, so cute and half-asleep. “What? I don’t wanna get up yet- just a few more snoozey minutes…” Her half-closed lids are so adorable. I’m a sucker for cat photos, as I’m sure, you realise.

    1. Haha, totally me too! Cats slay me – I could look at cute photos all the live long day. My real life kitty is just fuel for my crazy cat lady fire. :)

      Have super runs this week doll!

      1. Thanks! So far this week I’ve had 3- not too shabby. So relaxing when I’ve been typing an essay for the last 3 days. Only thing where I can truly unwind and feel the sun beating down on me. Hope your week has been awesome and your runs too! xox

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