I am so smart. S-M-R-T.

Hey you beauty cats.

Today the sky is filled with sunshine, and it is glorious.

I have been a bit knackered as of late, as for most of the week I have been staying up way past my bedtime and knocking about the place like a social butterfly with vertigo.

On Monday Mr. M and I kicked some serious general knowledge butt with our friend A’s pub quiz team (otherwise known as Taking Care of Quizness. And hey! Don’t hate. With a team jam packed full of physics PhD’s, literature masters, classics keeners, and poli-sci pros, our nerd quota was so high that Steve Urkel actually showed up and put in an application to join the group.)

We ended up winning the top prize (and fifty bucks!), much to the chagrin of the Philoso-rapters, and the Sandy Vaginas.

(What a name. Doesn’t really make you want to head to the beach anytime soon, does it?)

Also, I couldn’t help but wonder if every time the former team answered a question correctly they would look at each other and say, “Clever giiiiiiiirl.”

(Before, you know, ripping that person apart, and eating their dismembered corpse.)

Erm, just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, please see exhibit A:


Today I had an amazing lunch – a calamari sub from the absolutely dee-lish travelling wagon of culinary delights know as “Slingers.” It’s a food truck that specializes in gourmet sandwiches, and this offering near but knocked my socks off.

If any of you folks are kicking about Vancity in the next little bit (Ms. Audrey I am looking at you my darling) do yourselves a favour and tickle those tastes buds of yours at this here joint.

I promise that you won’t regret it.

Speaking of which, I was skulking around the hallowed halls of H&M yesterday, trying on far too many sundresses for my own good, when I came across a little blue and white number, with a fitted bodice and a hem line that wasn’t completely scandalous.

I tried it on, but wasn’t feeling it one hundred percent, so I ended up leaving the store empty handed.

Well, I woke up this morning unable to get it out of my mind. So as I threw back the blankets and jumped out of bed I exclaimed (just like General MacArthur before me), “I SHALL RETURN!”

Okay. So that didn’t happen at all. (Wouldn’t that have scared the crap-ola out of poor, unassuming Mr. M.)

But I did return, and I did buy the dress.

I plan on wearing it all weekend long, paired with this fabulous grey cardigan I picked up at Zara earlier in the week.

It has elbow patches guys. ELBOW PATHCES!


The only ever fly in the ointment about going away (for any length of time really) is that I always hate saying goodbye to our little gal.

This is how I found her this morning before heading out to work:

Good grief, she is so adorable, I actually sometimes feel as though I grow drunk on her cuteness.

It’s a liability man! She could rule the world if only she could 1.) speak and 2.) sleep less than fifteen hours a day.

Cor. What a life.

I gave her as many chin scratches and belly rubs as I possibly could, before my elaborate love-in made me late for the train.

There will be extra snuggles when we arrive home on Sunday night.

What are you fabulous folks up to for the weekend?

I wish you nothing but love and laughter, always.

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17 thoughts on “I am so smart. S-M-R-T.”

  1. Beach? No thankies! You have got to be kidding me, what a name. I laughed out loud reading this post, I got some scared stares, he-he. The weather’s finally looking up, eh?

    Seriously, if the fates point me to Van one day I’m gonna take you with me to shop. I just love your great taste. You are going to show me to the yellow brick road (Dorthy popped up and I really have not a clue why) to Slingers, am I right?

    Nymeria is the epitome of cuteness, is it me or is she getting chubbier?

    Tomorrow I’m throwing myself a party on the return of my glasses of the evil optician. I went running with two left sneakers (one was from my sister’s pair). Breathe easy Ms.E, no one saw.

    You have a great weekend too! Lots a luv coming to you from across the globe :D

    1. Haha, you are definitely right. Nymeria would eat until she passed out if she could! We have to keep her on a strict diet and when we went away to the States our lovely friend who was looking after her may have given her too much food…at least Ms. N was happy about that!

      And yes, the weather is finally in ship shape, thank goodness. I thought I was going to be freezing all summer!

      When you make it out to the West Coast I will take you up and down and all around, shopping at all the cool places – I will be your personal shopper!

      Have the specs arrived yet?!

      Big love right back,

  2. You may know this, seeing as your trivia skills are clearly up to par, and it seems you frequent H&M on the regular. However, invade you didn’t, H&M stands for Hennes och Mauritz (Hennes meaning hers in Sewedish…och meaning and…and Mauritz being a boy’s name). In case it comes up as a question. Or you feel like flashing some sweet Swedish knowledge.

    1. That is definitely some sweet Swedish knowledge! I have stored it away for our next round of trivia. (Or if I ever decide to invade Sweden – whichever comes first!)

      1. If you do choose to invade Sweden I’m about 98% sure all you have to do is inform them you plan to invade, and they will surrender. Part of the “being neutral in all important wars” thing. Or the fact that the Viking genes have all been diluted beyond repair. (No promises that the other countries of the world will be so accepting of your invasion – I hear Sweden has some aggressive allies (read: the United States))

  3. I love the blue dress- so summery and cute! You must be feeling glad you went back. That’s when you know it’s a great dress ;)

    Aww, Nymeria (hope I spelt that right) looks so gorgeous. It is always heart-wrenching when you go away to do cool stuff and they have to stay behind. Why can’t they come places without going crazy and running away? Delilah always stands with her front paws on the door and huge eyes-as we leave- and I feel like I’m the cruelest person in the world. But that feeling when you get home and they are so pleased to see you makes it ok. :)

    1. Is it weird that it’s kind of my dream to have a bike with a big basket in the front so Nymeria can ride with me wherever I go? (Too be fair, I’d probably need to sedate the poor lady, as I don’t know how well she would take to that arrangement!)

      The attack of the huge eyes!! Get’s me every time. Sometimes I just call her “Big Eyes” because they seem to pretty much take over her face.

      You must love being back with your beauty gal! And I can only imagine how much she was excited to see you. :)

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