These sounds of summer


I have but one summer wish for you all. It is for every single one of you to be given the chance to enjoy the hilarity and joy that is The Merry Wives of Windsor at Bard on the Beach.

Talk about an inspired performance. I was actually clutching my sides with laughter during some of the scenes.

I believe the correct words are: gut and busting.

If you can, go, go, GO! (In the parlance of Joseph and the yadayadayada, if you will.)

It will not disappoint.

I have been spending as much time outside as possible, in an aim to soak up all the golden goodness that the weather gods have finally unleashed on our fair land (after much coaxing from us mere mortals let me assure you!)

This weekend M and I are off to the cabin for one last solo hurrah before all the friends and family you can possibly imagine descend upon our humble abode until, well, basically the end of August.

We shall be whooping it on the hiking trails, running the hilly roads, and swimming like wee fishes in the cool and briny deep of the ever mysterious Pacific Ocean.

Actually, one of my most favourite things do to in the whole wide world whilst up on the Sunshine Coast, is to go for a run in the early morning and upon my return, fly down to the dock, strip down to my unmentionables, and plunge straight into the bay.

There is nothing quite like hitting that water, the sweat and salt sliding off of your skin, wriggling, diving, turning – legs a cool grey-green just below the surface, refracted by the suns bright rays.

This, this I promise you.

Plus the folks in the neighbouring houses who watch think me to be abso-bloody-bonkers.

Which, of course, I love.

Speaking of which, here are some photos from this weekend past:

Amazing noms.

Meat platter for M. Feta, black pepper, and parsley fries for me.
It’s always a good time for gelato.
Homemade greek salad. Pellegrino. Book. YES.

Shake(speare) your groove thang.

The entrance to Bard.

Sweatin’ to the oldies.

Though I love the heat, it makes me perspire like a mad-woman when I run.

Views for the ages.

English bay.
Duck armada.
Sunset from our balcony.

Et tu, Brute?

The classic Canadian Caeser + NYT Crossword? Oh yeah baby.

Tonight M and I are off to a local pub for trivia with some sweet, sweet friends.

I hope they will still be sweet, sweet friends by the end of the night, goodness knows how competitive I get when it comes to games (and in particular those that revolve around the answering of general knowledge questions.)

It should be a grand time.

What did you fancy cats get up to over the weekend?

I want to hear all about it.

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8 thoughts on “These sounds of summer”

  1. Love it! I think we live similar lives, just in alternate cities… The eats look fab, and Bard on the Beach had to be awesome!!
    So excited for you guys with your jaunt to the cabin for the weekend – it’ll be heavenly, especially if this ridiculously wonderful weather keeps at it! And the time spent with family, it just sounds perfect…
    I’ll be up in Vancouver August 10 – 12 for a wedding and would still love to meet up if you have the time. We’ll have to figure something out!
    Another lovely post complete with fab pics, thanks for sharing it!!

    1. I often think the same thing when I read your posts! Love, love, love it. Bard was really fab, especially because there have been some years where it was really hit and miss (emphasis on the miss). This show was just lovely!

      I too am super stoked to jet away for the weekend. Fingers crossed for good weather!

      Where are you staying while in Van? I may be out of town at that time but if now a meet up is a must! SO excited!

  2. Oh my goodness, does it sound like you have a lot going on! I wholeheartedly agree with you–there’s nothing like hitting the water! Yesterday, I was finally able to pry my carcass from the lounge chair and hit the beach. The water was incredible. And really, it works wonders for my curly hair which ends up “just right” after just a quick dunk. Perhaps I should bottle the stuff and spritz it on when I’m back on the terrace for another hiatus? Love these captures. Anything that looks yummy inspires me! :)

    1. Carry around a water bottle of fresh sea water! You’re bound to start a trend :)

      So lovely to hear to you are enjoying yourself. I love you blog and your posts!

  3. ye;ah — meetoo, whutwith the gettin’ steemier AFTER the run. And — if there’s survivable water in the vicinity, yerrite, nuthin’ kwite like it. the plunge.
    i haven’t been to “the ocean” (well, one that isn’t almost freezing (n. orygone coast)) for over 3 years. sniff.
    whuts the basic recipe for a “canadian ceasar”? (or howeverritzspeld)

    & yer sew civil eyesd. NYT? THAT used to be a favorite of mine.
    where’s “the cabin” and the “sunshine coast”?

    & funny: you write of the positive change in the weather of recent: yer gettin’ a buncha sun. same here: we’ve replaced that offensive incessant TOO MUCH SUN for the anti-thesis –> it’s been RAINING!

    1. Caeser recipe: Clamato (clam & tomato juice – sounds awful (because it is) but works wonders in this drink for some unknown reason), vodka, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, and caeser mix (aka celery salt). Garnish with celery or bean or olives – it is amazing. (I think they might be called Bloody Marys in the states).

      Sunshine Coast is just north of North Vancouver – still on the mainland – but you have a ferry, because all the roads that lead there are logging roads.

      Haha, civilized because of NYT? It’s all a ruse of ours!

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good weather for you!

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