A muted Monday

Hi friends!

Here are a few snaps from my life of late:

Post-gala flowers.

Earl grey macaron.

Multi-hued handbags – not all mine, alas.

First clothing purchase from interwebs.

Relaxy cat.

Ju-on girl, pre-crepe brunch.


So there you have it ladies and gents.

It has been a complete and utter madhouse around these parts of late. I cannot remember the last time I cooked something, let alone slept the entire night through.

After a fourteen and a half hour work day on Saturday (a huge shout-out must go to my partner-in-crime Ms. J who was there with me the entire time and without whom I would have lost my mind long, long ago), I am finally done one of the longest, most taxing projects I have ever undertaken in my entire life.

And in just six short months, we get to start working towards next year’s event!


(We will cross that bridge when we come to it, and not a moment sooner!)

Today at work I scheduled in the rest of my deadlines that must be met before the end of the month.

I cannot wait to have everything finito, because in twenty-six short days, Mr. M and I will be basking in our sweet, sweet suite in Downtown Seattle before jetting off for five days of beach camping and Shakespeare acting in the wilds of Oregon.

Thank fresh hell it will all be over soon. I work bloody hard, (and I like it that way) but it is now time to play!

And play we will.

Other good things on the horizon include multiple family visits (and more time off) in July and August, Tough Mudder at the end of this month, Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip, plans to run the Victoria half-marathon (I am still contemplating the marathon – we will see) over the Thanksgiving long weekend, dress-up parties, picnics, general merriment and awe.

What are all of your plans for the next couple of months? I’d love to hear all about your summer stories.

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12 thoughts on “A muted Monday”

  1. I so want to do a tough mudder… but I’m not where near ready for it yet! My summer plans include trying to learn how to run (Couch to 5k) and lifting weights for the first time since high school… speckled with family visits and hopefully lots of tasty food!

    1. That’s awesome! Are you training for the 5k with a group? Have so much fun and let me know how it goes – It’s definitely a great step in the tough mudder direction! :)

      1. No, just by myself right now.. I have a nice little park near my house with a lake to run around… or pretend I know how to run around. haha

  2. I will take my awesome daughter and her match made in heaven hubby Mr. M to a secluded resort off the west coast of BC for feasts of nature’s delights and long conversations on literary works spiked with tasted excerpts from the Big L.

  3. LOVE the snaps! I haven’t been able to stop by for a few days and have so been missing your posts – they make me smile. You have so much wonderfulness planned for the summer. The Seattle/Oregon trip will be fantastic (let me know if you want the number for that speakeasy bar)! You guys are going to ROCK TM – can’t wait to hear all about it but I don’t think I can make it – was training for my bike race instead.

    1. Yes, please, let me know what the name of that bar is! I would so love to go there :)

      Either we are going to rock TM or it’s going to rock us!! EEP. It’s a bummer we won’t see you up there on the day but being an absolute biking superstar is something else! I am so proud of you lady!

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