Friday I’m in love

Friends! It’s Friday!


Here comes the sun!

Phew, and what a week it has been. Thirteen hour days, volunteer gigs, tears, runs, blisters, beauty cats – and heading into next week, I’m just going to do it all over again.

Do what exactly, you may ask?

The same thing we do every night Pinky…try to take over the world!!!

Because it’s the end of the week, and I am so very excited for the (long!) weekend, I figured it was time to bring back the ol’ Friday Fry-up.

First on the docket:

Street food.

Simply put, I cannot get enough. Although I really try to bring my lunch every day to work, there is only so many days a girl can survive on nutella-almond butter sandwiches (this week was a little bleak in terms of foodstuffs available at the homestead. I am glad to report, however, that to balance this out I ate oatmeal everyday for breakfast, as well as at least two fruits over the course of the work day.)

I wrote earlier about all the great new joints popping up around the downtown core, and it’s nice to try out a different one every now and then.

But there are some days where the only thing I can think about is getting my little mitts on a tofu hotdog, slathered in fried onions, bbq sauce, ketchup, and mustard.

And today, my darlings, was one of those exact days.

I needed to get out of the office, stretch my legs, and spend some time in the sunshine, all alone – on my own.

I walked over to the law courts, purchased my dog, and sat down in my own little sun-soaked spot.



Also, it is weird that as much as I love the hotdog itself, my favourite part of this meal is the two last bites – bites that are nothing save for the bun, the onions, and the condiments (that have all mixed together to form a orangey-yellow super sauce?)

Da best part.

Or is that just me?

Either way, it was fab. And amazingly enough, I didn’t spill a drop on my dress.

Look ma! No dry cleaning bill!

Second on the docket:

These ads from Aldo.


First, let me preface this by saying that I pretty much despise Aldo and never shop there. Their shoes are totally overpriced, and the quality absolute shite.

Plus there is nothing remarkable about the styles they offer. Everything is boring and bland.

So when I see something like this, well, don’t colour me surprised:

Double barf.

Colour me bored and scornful.

Aren’t we over this trope already, or what?

I mean, if we’re going to keep pumping out ridiculous and sexist advertising campaigns, can’t we get something a little original?

For heaven’s sake, just have a vagina wearing the shoes (hell, have a vagina eating a popsicle wearing the shoes, for all I care) and get it over with.

Because the whole banana/iced treat as phallic symbol is old as dirt and twice as stupid.

(Or, you know, if you want to be totally off the charts risqué, just rely on quality products to increase sales, and have your marketing campaign revolve around your merchandise – a radical thought, I know.)

In the meantime, I won’t hold my breath.

Third on the docket:

I CANNOT stop buying clothes.

Okay, that’s a big of an overstatement. I’m not exactly out on a bender, slinking about outlet malls and breaking open my bank account.

However, over the last month I’ve purchased two dresses!


Good grief. That’s one less than I purchased all of last year.

Just typing these words, I feel as though I need qualify and explain how cheap the items were, but then another part of me starts shouting WHO CARES STOP IT YOU WORK HARD ENJOY IT LOVE IT.

Today at lunch I ventured to H&M (holy crappola, this place is like my fricken Brokeback Mountain – for serious, WHY CAN’T I QUIT YOU!?) and tried on a couple of dresses.

I feel as though these past few days I’ve been oscillating wildly back and forth between über feminine and über masculine looks. For instance, yesterday I work skinny-legged men’s dress pants, a man’s sweater, collared shirt and tie, and today I wore this:

And then I tried on this:

Jewel tones FTW.

Which actually has a ridiculously cute bow on the right shoulder:


And then I tried on this:

Love me some spots.

Dudes. It’s a lady-bug dress!!

(Okay, not really. But that’s what it makes me feel like.)

In the end, I wound up purchasing both, but got the first one in black.

(For a very, very low – combined – price.)


So there you have it folks: Food, fashion, and fallacies (otherwise known as the world of advertising.)

What are your favourite street foods? Have you bought yourself anything nice of late?

Put your feet up, pour yourself a cold drink, and tell me all about it.

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

27 thoughts on “Friday I’m in love”

    1. I am a rebel and a half!! Haha, soon I’ll be riding a motorbike with getting a I <3 mom tattoo (goodness I hope not.)

      Thank you Ms. Laura! Have a lovely weekend :)

  1. all the dresses looked good on you- but I’m rooting for that teal dress- the clean minimal cut, the perfect asymetric bow, the length ( very 60’s Twiggy)- and the blue made your skin glow~ take it from an artist.

    1. What a lovely comment! Thank you :) It’s so funny, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I tried it on (how mod/Twigg-esque it was). Great minds, they say! Thanks for stopping by Pigment!

  2. i boughta pair of bright blue flats for $8 today. May not last me long but all i need them for is our 3 week summer :)

      1. Goodness gracious don’t feel creepy at all. Unless you feel creepy all the time, and then, well, carry on because it doesn’t translate at all over the interwebs.

        1. Nah, I don’t feel creepy all the time but I imagine my internets voice as reading very rednecky and grumbly. Something like this “ya luk perdy in yer fancy dresses uh huh yea ya does” but in a gruff stupid voice instead of whatever voice you normally use to read things. So I try to refrain from talking about anything that could be misconstrued as me being a creepster.

          1. Versi, I promise you that is NOT the way I picture your voice. It’s much more of a male Daria, but more dry. (This is a good thing.)

          2. Ha, I wish I was half as cool as Daria (odd, considering the whole show was about how she wasn’t cool) and a tenth as dry. My wife and I had a conversation about my voice today; I was under the impression that I had a lovely singing voice (Colin Meloy once told me so when I was listening to a live album and John Darnielle, of The Mountain Goats, told me so at a show; he may have told everyone there that though) but she insisted upon correcting me. It is possible she was just telling me that to stop my ceaseless song of nonsense that was literally coming in and out all day (even as we were listening to some Mozart in the car, apparently I think I am good enough to sing over his hits). But I suspect I sound more like Tayler Lautner from The Twilights; all high pitched and whiny and absolutely irritating. I’ve no real way of knowing though, so I’ll keep the song going as long as I can.

  3. Could not agree more with you about the stupid advertising, especially since Aldo’s products are more for women, not dudes. Sorry, but a girl eating a banana is not going to make me want to buy your stuff…

    And as for the street food, since I’m in Texas, the best street vendors are tacos! Breakfast or normal tacos, you can’t go wrong. Delicious delicious delicious! Covered in the hottest salsa your mouth can handle and greasy barbacoa…yumminess.

  4. Well I must say I got so excited to see a Pinky & The Brain quote- best TV show ever! Reminds me of childhood! ^_^
    Love the dresses, especially the fab bluey-green one. Never feel guilty about treating yourself, sounds like you work very hard so you deserve precioussss…es. Also, can’t help but notice you look so much like Georgina from Gossip Girl in your dress photos (not evil, just pretty!)
    Thanks for the laugh with those tacky shoe ads- so blatantly phallic. Reminds of the ads for some of the more tight-fitting clothing stores here…

    1. Yowza, what a compliment! My face is red as a beet. Thank you Ms. Sarah! Haha, I promise I’ll keep my scheming to a minimum. :)

      I love, LOVE Pinky and the Brain. We could all stand to watch more 90s cartoons!

  5. Ok why oh why cannot I not see dress no1 on H&M’s site? (I’m shamefully addicted to that store also) ….. I also find Aldo overpriced and bor-ring although I did see these in Selfridges which I quite like
    Well best out of a bad bunch….. lastly I have recently discovered bahn mi vietnamese sandwiches mmmmmm! Its street food but I mostly go to Bahn Mi Bay in Holborn a great little spot and cheap, cheap, cheap!

    1. The first dress is actually a dress I had already bought and wore to work that day – it’s BCBG that I bought at the discount outlet (holy frick I am addicted to that place too! So much on sale is really dodgy but the good stuff is reeaaaallllyy good!)

      Ooer, Selfridges. Love. There are so many stores that I miss from when we were living in the UK! Oh and vietnamese subs are to die for. So wonderful!

  6. Oh oh oh … orangey-yellow super sauce has a name – Musta-mata You heard it hear first, I own the patent and I will be rich mwah ha ha ha ha! When I launch this it will have a pump lid and when you press down a line of mustard will be side by side with tomato sauce – pretty AND tasty!
    I LoVe Pinky & the Brain xxx

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