A neighbourly day in this beautywood

I cried when I arrived home from work yesterday.

I felt so completely knackered – both emotionally and physically, and I just couldn’t stop the tears from coming.

And honestly, when you’re at that point, why even bother trying to keep them in?

You always feel a heck of a lot better after a good cry. (Or at least I do.)

I have this really bad habit of wanting to do so many things, and do them all perfectly, that I drive myself to exhaustion. And instead of working on keeping this in check, I blithely bop along, operating at warp speed, until I find myself weeping over my chesterfield (or my ottoman.)

Mr. M was pretty darn concerned and suggested we go for a walk around our neighbourhood as a means of getting out of our heads, of letting go of the day.

I was more than happy at the thought of scampering about in the late afternoon sunshine.

Especially because we live in an absolutely stunning area of New West.

Ch-ch-check it:

Garden gate.

Lamp post.





Duck, redux.

And wouldn’t you know, the tears stopped.

Seriously, there is nothing better than the sun and a spring breeze to help you see the forest for the trees.

(The Importance of Being Earnest available on Netflix may have also had something to do with this. And NYT crossword books. And Japanese candy that the beautiful Alissa gifted me from her recent rip to Tokyo.)

How do unwind after a particularly trying day?

Let’s go for a walk and you can tell me all about it.

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Vanessa Woznow

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34 thoughts on “A neighbourly day in this beautywood”

    1. Thank you Ms. Karen! I have such a love for heritage homes…their beauty is really something else! Thank you for such a lovely comment – I very much am feeling better and the sun was just stunning today :) Hope it’s gorgeous on you end!

  1. Beautiful post and photos! I find a good cry releasing after a trying, exhausting day and there is nothing wrong with it:) I love to get my exercise on the majority of the time and some times I just like to zone out with the TV or a good read. Have a Great Day!

    1. Thank you! You are totally right – a good cry is sometimes the best release there is :) And a good mix of exercise, tv and a sweet book – nothing better! I hope you too had a brilliant day!

  2. I cried today for no specific reason, so I did 50 burpees.

    Not sure what a burpee is? Check out my post titled “what are you thinking about”

    It helped :)

    P.S. You spell lots of things with extra U’s, like color and favorite – this confuses me about which kind of English I speak.

    1. I usually unwind with either really good beer or really cheap whiskey.

      The Importance Of Being Earnest is a great movie; its one of the few films I like Reese Witherspoon in. “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”. Verily, there was never a cooler dude in all the world than Oscar Wilde.

      1. Not sure why this reply showed up under your’s, but I can roll with it. Extra Us mean you speak the good kind of English cause its fancier; omitting them typically denotes being an United Statesman/Stateswoman and not using vowels and typing everything in text message jargon means you’re the worst.

      2. I know right? Goodness gracious, I love me some Oscar Wilde. And I also always looked quite plain after my German lessons. I dig the film too – but I’m also a Colin Firth fan-girl, so there’s that too.

        Hmmm, cheap whiskey eh? I’ll join you, but I’ll have to stick to cheap wine.

    2. Urrrgghh, you are the bionic woman! You do burpees when you aren’t feeling great? Haha, I wrap myself in blankets and watch Top Gear! Burpees are the worst – but really the best, nothing kicks your ass like a burpee.

      I will definitely check out that post though :)

      Being a Canuck, I am a “u” fiend – we have them in a whole whack of words here in the great white north!

      1. In the first grade we had a spelling test. I spelled it colour, and it was marked as incorrect. It was the only one I got wrong that whole year. I maintain that I was right. It still haunts me.

  3. Beautiful! My favorite is the second duck. If I am having a hard day, I try to spend extra snuggle time with my precious kiddos and hubby. The world seems so much better with a loved one in your arms.

    1. Thank you! And I too love that little rubber ducky, just hanging out!

      You are spot on – nothing makes the outside world fade away like snuggles, and the warmth of a loved one’s arms. :)

  4. Love the photos! Just gorgeous! I’m sorry you had a rough day but so so glad that the walk helped, they always do, don’t they? :) Hugs to you, Beauty!

  5. I head straight to the bath tub. I have even been know to disappear for lunch to go take a bath on those particular trying days. I live 5 minutes from my office.

    1. Nothing like a good soak, that is for sure. Also I love the idea of you leaving the office to take a bath – that’s pretty much the best thing ever!

  6. Dear ethel,
    You are wonderful and although I totally understand your tendency to try to do everything and then have a breakdown (I’m a champion of this myself), I hope you can give yourself a break once in a while, because you deserve it!
    Your walk looks great, love the photos.

    Glad you enjoyed the candy, and The Importance of Being Earnest :)

  7. I tend to imitate Hyperbole & A Half’s timeline when I get too overwhelmed. Right now I’m at the peak, but I’m just waiting for the moment when my inner child whimpers “work all day and cook dinner? :(” Especially since my long weekend, which I’ve been looking forward to slacking in, is now nearly full…

    Also, Colin Firth. YUM. (Also awesome in Pride & Prejudice). Rupert Everett. Double YUM. (Also awesome in Midsummer Night’s Dream. And Stardust.) JUDI EFFING DENCH. (No really. That’s her middle name, I swear. IMDB told me so. Awesome in everything. Ever. Including things she was never in.)

    So I think I know what I’m watching before bed tonight.

    1. I loved all three of those actors in Harry Potter!

      If you liked Stardust, you should check out American Gods. It is an incredible book pondering the nature of religion and belief with truly remarkable characters. It recently was optioned to be an HBO series which is exciting (though also worrisome based upon the current mediocre season of Game Of Thrones).

      1. Loved AG. My husband and I took turns reading it aloud to each other. It’s especially fun because we do all the accents. Because apparently, we are nine years old.

      2. Colin Firth, Rupert Everett & Judi Dench were in Harry Potter?? I have to admit I stopped watching after the second movie.

        I actually have read American Gods. I feel all apologetic every time I have to say this, but… well, I appreciate it for what it is – I understand that it is incredibly well written – but it was not an “omigodthisisfabulous” sort of story like some of his others have been. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve read it three times and I’ll read it again. It wasn’t terrible. It just wasn’t the same experience as I got reading, say, Neverwhere (my first Neil Gaiman, oh lord how I cried when it was over and there was no more to read!) and Sandman – and oddly enough (considering my feelings for AG) I really enjoyed Anansi Brothers.

        I haven’t read GoT and I don’t have the tolerance for TV shows (a very few shows, ie Firefly, excepted) – I’m not sure where I stand on AG as a miniseries. It could be fantabulous. I think a lot of it would translate really well to the screen. But I also know how easy it is for the people translating it to completely screw it up (in my totally superior opinion, obviously). So I guess I’ll say that although there’s a dark cloud of suspicion over my head, I’m keeping the rain of pessimism away for now by wielding the umbrella of tentative optimism. Because I can.

        1. Nah, none of them were in Harry Potter but everyone else was. I was just being a silly boy.

          I liked Neverwhere quite a bit, and Sandman and Anansi Boys were both love at first read for me; but American Gods holds a special place in my heart. The Mythology that Gaiman invents is rather similar to my personal religious beliefs (if you recall the speech Sam Black Grow gives) so it is pretty dear to me.

    2. Yay! I’m glad I could bring on some sweet, sweet movie watching. And I must totally echo Versi’s note – read American Gods. It’s very, very good.

  8. Your neighbourhood looks perfect for walks, especially walks to unwind a crazy day. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. Sometimes nothing beats a nice walk in the sunshine and a tub-full of tears, crying helps a ton, to me it’s therapeutic.
    When life gets nasty and punches you in the teeth, get up, brush off the dust and smile on, you get stronger every time (though you’ll be missing a significant number of teeth, but in the end I think it’s worth it)
    Here’s hope for a better tomorrow, cheers :D

  9. I completely understand that feeling, especially with the inordinate amount of stress in my life! I can’t wait for the day when I have a day like this and my Mr can suggest we go for a walk together! November can’t come soon enough for us to be together! Beautiful post. x

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