I see London, I see France

Breakfast for dinner is one of my favourite things in the entire world. Especially after a day of racing about like a racing thing.

And today was darn busy.

Beautiful, but busy.

So the only thing I wanted to do when I got home was make French toast, with homemade strawberry coulis, and good lemon yogurt.

Because folks, that combination tastes like a dream.

A dream.

Let’s get started.

Excitement! First time making coulis too.

Monster strawberry.

Mutant berry.

Chop it.

Sugar and lemons.

Squeeze it.

Making it sweet and sour.

Boil it.

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble.

Blend it.

Sir mix a lot.

Break it.

Vanilla eggs.

Cut it.

Who cut the bread.

Dip it.

Dip and bread. I mean, dip the bread.

Ack! I forgot to take a snap of the Fry it. phase.

Ah well, you will have to picture those slices sizzling away in the pan.

For a final result of:

All the noms are belong to us.

As I ate this, I drank a tall glass of chocolate soy milk, which for some reason has grown on me like a bad rash. I used to hate the stuff, and now I cannot get enough of it.

It really is So Good. (Trade mark.)

So there you have it friends.

What’s your favourite thing to eat, when it comes to breakfast as dinner?

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Vanessa Woznow

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19 thoughts on “I see London, I see France”

  1. WAFFLES! I will eat waffles at any time of day, swimming in maple syrup. I made waffles with barley flour and blueberries recently, and they stuck to my ribs so long I skipped snack time, which NEVER happens. WAFFLES.

    1. And you even have a kitty with waffles for a last name! Oh my goodness I too LOVE those amazing slices of heaven. Oooeeerrr. Especially with tones, and tones of maple syrup. I wish we had a waffle food truck about town! I would be there every day. Mmmm, barley-blueberry waffles sound amazing!

  2. Our brains were in the same mood today! Well, kinda. I just got home from the grocery store – with breakfast for dinner! But I don’t really like sweet breakfasts or like… pancake-type things. I’m a MEEEEEEEAT kinda girl so I have turkey bacon, maple pork sausages (omg the house when those start cooking), hashbrowns (with lotsa onion chopped in, natch), eggs and some fresh white bread which, when I open the bag and that smell hits me, probably isn’t going to make it to the toaster without some preliminary damage.

    1. I love it! Haha, I always, ALWAYS eat the heel of fresh, crunch bread. It’s one of my favourite simple pleasures in life :)

      Your dinner sounds amazing! I love, love hashbrowns with tones of onions. It’s the best way to go! And then I smother them in salt and ketchup because I like to keep things really healthy.

      My husband would love to have two kinds of meat – that’s right up his alley. Sometimes I worry that I deprive him of so many meat eating chances, but then I remember I do things like make strawberry coulis and get over it. :)

      1. “Two kinds of meat” is like my ultimate luxury meal. It’s so incredibly sinful. And awesome. And when I’m feeling *really* naughty (and hungry) I like steak and eggs for breakfast – with hashbrowns and onions, natch. Not to mention some toast, cause I *love* soft cooked egg yolk on toast. That is heaven on a plate. A very messy heaven on a very messy plate.

        Speaking of, I’m making myself very very hungry now. And… there’s… all those leftovers… *zombie-walks to fridge*

    1. You must go Starscraper! The bakeries there are out of this world (much like your name!) The smell alone with bowl you ever. I promise you will have a magical time :)

  3. My fave breakfast for dinner is pancakes, fried eggs and hash browns with bacon or ideally, sausages. But the pancakes have to be from scratch – the recipe my parents used when we were kids. They are not super fluffy but then they don’t let you with a tummy ache when you eat too many.

    That lemon yogurt is superb isn’t it? Lemon is easily the most delicious flavour of yogurt but for some reason I never tried to make it myself! We usually just mixed jam with our homemade yogurt – jam a friend’s nanny made. I think I should at least try adding lemon curd if not making a flavouring myself. Alas, another kitchen gadget to pick up here. But at least they have this really easy kind here that’s more of a thermos than an appliance.

    Aww now I want a big special breakfast tomorrow but I know there are only 2 eggs left in the fridge. Maybe on Sunday then.

    1. Definitely go for it on Sunday! That’s the perfect day for a big, brilliant brunch – sit in the sun and just take your time :)

      YES, lemon everything please, but especially yogurt. I could eat that stuff until it started seeping out my ears – it’s the best. The next thing on my list to make is lemon curd. I would also like to give yogurt a try too – that’s so cool that you dudes make your own!

      Mmmm, I too love from scratch, thin pancakes. Almost like between a crepe and pancake – where the edges get nice and crispy. I used to eat them with unsweetened apple sauce – an old time fave!

  4. Bread, butter, strong coffee (extra black of course) (and free trade…de rigueur)…a bit of honey added to the mix. Yes, 65 years of this and still not bored! That’s called heaven after waking up. Love your creative mix.

  5. Since the boy and I are both late-night owls, we tend to break out the coffee late at night. When we eat breakfast for dinner, we usually end up at a diner in midtown Atlanta called the Majestic Diner; it has the BEST PANCAKES you’ll ever have. They’ve been serving them since 1926, I believe, so they’d better be good. But bacon always makes it onto the menu, too, and with that lovely addition my midnight breakfasts are usually complete.

    If I could eat breakfast all the time, I would. It’s my favorite. :)

  6. Wow, this looks fantastic! I’ll have to try it with gluten-free bread. And easy after a busy day too – what could be better?!
    I go back to my roots: favorite breakfast for dinner is huevos rancheros. I love me my spicy Mexi food! :)

  7. I can’t wait to make this! I actually tend more though to enjoy savory breakfasts so as dinner it would be a good old fashioned fry up. Baby spinach leaves, eggs, tomatoes and capsicum (fried in garlic and a dash of Worcestershire sauce) on top of rye bread with Vegemite and baked beans on the side! : )

    1. I am excited for you to try it! Let me know how it turns out.

      Ooer, fry-ups are delish. You must be from Oz if you are eating your bread with vegemite!

      1. Yeah I grew up in South Australia (pretty small, country-like state) but have been living in Sydney now for just over 6 months, Vegemite pretty much accompanies everything I eat! Looking forward to reading more of your posts : )

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