When I am a rich girl

Item no. 1 on my list of “Things I wont ever do on my own again once I become independently wealthy”?


This is not a good look.


Can somebody please pass me a headband?

I recently announced to the world that I was thinking about dying my hair blond. This proclamation elicited a rather lack luster response, (with the outlier reactions ranging from completely agog, to shock and terror.)

Seeing as though I am giant chicken, this morning I completely reneged on this idea, and I re-dyed my hair 1.5 shades away from black.

(Does anyone really know what blackest brown even means?)

So thanks to L’Oreal, I’m back to my raven headed self.

And if I go outside, children will be afraid to touch me.

Ah well, I’m wearing a sundress, and eventually all this will be washed away.

(Especially the hair dye. In fact, I’m counting on it.)

Have a great, great weekend you beauty cats!

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Vanessa Woznow

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26 thoughts on “When I am a rich girl”

  1. I hear VCC’s hair and beauty school has great prices and good results for dying and cutting – try that next time, until you are a rich girl. heehee

  2. Sundresses make everything better. And things could be worse, your hair could have turned green :S

    Happy Weekend! Gosh, don’t you just LOVE the SUN?!?!

    1. Thank you so much for the two wonderful tips! I can now venture out into public where people can see me :)

      Overall, I am really happy with the colour so am not feeling too self-conscious. Have a fab day Kacy!

  3. 1. That’s a cool print you’re wearing.

    2. You were serious about the blond?! I thought you were punking us! ;) I’m sure you’d look super hot as a blond if you ever decide to go for it. Would you keep the same haircut, or do something dramatic with the cut as well? Plantinum blond or more like a honey blond? Haha, too many questions. In the meantime, your long raven tresses are iconic.

    3. I hope you’re enjoying the gorgeous sunny day!

    1. Thanks! It’s a new dress I bought from the GAP outlet. Haha, I’m not sure if I was 100% serious, but it’s something that is FOR SURE on my bucket list. I am so so curious to see what I would look like. I think I would go more honey blond that white blond, and do a significant change in cut. I’m going to have to really work up the courage though!! (Maybe I should buy a wig!?)

      It was so wonderful seeing you last night. Have a really awesome day and let me know when you are free for board games!

      1. A wig is a good idea. Also, fun to play with.

        Although I would never go blonde myself, it’s fun to think about. I think one of these looks would be nice on you:

        So nice to see you too. Board games soon! Also, outlets!

    1. Don’t be terrified, just do a much better job than my hack job! If you have short hair it is much much easier. Also, it completely dissolves after the first or second wash (hence why I always do this on a weekend!)

        1. It’s just really hard to get all the areas of your head without getting your scalp/skin too. And the longer it stays on your skin (like, when you’re doing the rest of your head) the harder it stains. It’s annoying as hell!

  4. You’re brave, I don’t have the nerve to full out dye my hair but I think blond would look good on you. Have fun while the sun shines:)
    P.S: I think we have almost identical glasses! (mine’s purple though)

  5. I think if you add the time you consumed, the effort, the product cost, and your hair cost it would have equaled those 25$ which you could use to dye your hair. Good luck for next time!

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