Thanks for the dance

Yesterday I didn’t have too great of a day.

I worked too much, and didn’t eat enough.

What I did eat was absolute garbage, and mostly just consisted of one thing: doughnuts.

I arrived home way past my usual ETA – deflated, rain-splattered, and exhausted.

Holed up on the couch, I ate some carrots, and watched a few episodes of Arrested Development, before schlepping my rickety bones up to bed.

By 9 o’clock I was out like a light.

And oh how I slept.

Today, thank goodness, was different.

The rain was good enough to stay away, and my workload was manageable.

I even only ate one doughnut. ONE!

(Seriously, any day where I stick to one dessert per meal is a win in my books.)

It’s also my big sister’s birthday.

I miss this beauty cat more than you could possibly know, and it makes my little heart sad knowing that I cannot be with her to help her celebrate. However, I take solace in knowing that in but a few short weeks I will be there in New York PARTYING IT DOWN, feting her wedding like my life depends on it.

So happy birthday Kate! You are the most magnificent big sis a gal could ever hope for.


In other wonderful news, today I met up with Ms. Laura Beth of Perched on a Whim AND IT WAS AWESOME.



And just plain old fabulous.

She is in town visiting with her husband, and I was lucky enough to catch her before they took off for the wild, bewildering beauty of Whistler village.

I couldn’t have asked for a better lunch hour.

Sometimes you meet people and everything just clicks. It’s easy – the conversation, the rhythm, the energy.

Our time together, although brief, left me energized and enthused.

What an amazing thing that we could connect through our writing, and have the chance to meet each other in person.

The world truly is a magical place!


My first blogger meet up!

This just means I will get to meet more of you, right?

Because goodness knows you all do light up my life.

So happy Wednesday folks.

I couldn’t do it without you.

I get by with a little help

From my friends.

Today I spent my lunch hour with my beautiful, brilliant friend and colleague J, walking the streets of downtown Vancouver and trying on pretty things from the various clothiers that lined our route.

We hadn’t seen each other for almost six days, which is an exorbitant length of time what with how closely we work and how much of our work days are spent communicating with one another.

It was really grand to catch up and find out what has been swimming around in her neck of the pond.

I recently purged my closet of a number of pieces that no longer grace the length of my body, and were instead just clogging up my wardrobe and dresser drawers.

Lucky me that my two fabitty-fab sisters are in town visiting (or should I say lucky them?) and they got first pick all of the items that otherwise will be heading over to the nearest Sally Ann.

It is so great to have them here, as becomes increasingly more apparent, as the years press on, that the times when the three of us find ourselves in a room together grow ever more few and far between.

Very difficult to have those much needed late-night gab fests when one of us lives in Vancouver, one lives in Halifax, and one lives in New York.

Tonight I ate dinner with the younger of the two (I hold the much coveted position of middle sister) – at Guu, a Japanese izakaya restaurant I had yet to try out.

My sis is a professionally trained chef who owns a butcher shop and as such has a much more discerning palette than I (I assure you that, unlike yours truly, she doesn’t EVER drink diet coke or eat five cent candy on a regular basis) and as such, was the one making the gastronomic decisions for the both of us.

My other sis will be back on Friday and we – along with our two partners – will enjoy a weekend of Kids in the Hall, beaching, spies, Star Wars references, singing, dancing, and of course an over-arching theme of general bonkerdom.

Just the way we like it.

Summer just seems right with sisters.

I’d like to share with you some pictures from our adventures of late:

Lattes night snacks.



See food.



Wedding reception.

Happy Wednesday to you all. I’ll help you get by anyway that I can.