Captain’s log, rungate 201601.24

This week has flown by in an absolute blur.

On Thursday I did my first comedy show of the year and it was a gas. Sold out crowd, great energy, huge laughs – it was everything you can possibly ever hope for, stand-up wise.

Stand-up is weird, because there really is no middle ground. You either kill, or you want to be killed, so whenever I leave a show with a light heart and a smile on my face it’s such a fab feeling. Luckily I haven’t had too many shows defined by the latter, but believe you me, it’s wretched as hell.

Anyway, I ran every morning this week, save Friday (the morning after a show can be a little sluggish) and I was feeling great coming out of my first 30 kilometer run from last Saturday.

I am also trying to do more cross-training, because as much as I love just Forrest Gumping about the place, I find that sometimes such a singular focus can be more of a detriment than benefit.

So in this vein, yesterday Marc and I sped-hiked the Diez Vistas and Buntzen Lake trails over in Port Moody.

Now, for those of you who have never conquered these trails, I heartily recommend that you rectify this post-haste. DV is one of my absolute favourite hikes here in the Lower Mainland, and is one of the few places that, at this time of year especially, is completely free of snow.

Rootin’ around.

There was quite a bit of run-off in some places, but nothing crazy or scary. Just a few sections that required me to really stretch my legs.

DV is a good workout, with a strong elevation gain and all of the switchbacks you can eat. There are some parts that have you feeling positively mountain goat-esque, minus the beard (for me) and incessant bleating (for both Marc and I, thank goodness.)

The best parts truly about this trail are the marvelous views afforded to you along the way. There is something incredibly humbling and awesome just standing there, overlooking the entirety of the city – from UBC to Port Coquitlam, and all the way up Indian Arm. With the fog hung so low in parts, you might swear that you could reach out and grab a tuft, while below, each solitary boat marks its individual passage up the inlet, carving a delicate V in its wake.

Forever sky.

Buntzen Lake trail is equally great, though very different. With way less elevation and a more even path, it’s pretty much the perfect place for short, mid-length, or long training runs. Next weekend I think I am going to venture back with just my runners and try for a three-loop 24 km.

(I figure writing this out to 2,400+ people will keep me honest. Right? RIGHT?)

The only fly in the ointment for us yesterday was the fact that I forgot all of our sandwich provisions, and Marc was incredibly disappointed to learn that he would have to wait to get back to the car for his peppercorn turkey breast.

The last 3 kilometers may have been a little quieter and a lot quicker than normal.

Only when I had answered his riddles three, did this guy let me pass.

In my defense (which is weak as hell, truly), there is something to be said for sitting in the trunk of your vehicle, legs dangling off of the edge, cramming bread, cheese, and meat into your face, laughing about the last four hours, and silently wondering, “Is the nail on my right big toe coming off?”

(Answer: not yet, but soon. See below. I also cracked my knee pretty hard on a cleverly disguised tree trunk and collected an eclectic assortment of miscellaneous bruises and scratches along the way – such is my life as an transparently-skinned outdoorswoman).

Gollum feet.

This morning my butt was sore as heck but everything else was feeling very good. I thought briefly about running a longer run, but everything in my body was screaming for a fast sprint. So I flew down to New West’s waterfront. The weather was all but balmy, and I immediately regretted my choice to wear I toque. I keep telling myself that I need to start training wearing so much less clothing, but for some reason I am terrified of being too cold and never know when to leave well enough alone.

It’s (I’m) a work in progress.

I am also still trying to digest the fact (pun intended) that I really need to learn how to eat and drink on the run – literally. My running guru John (Hi John!) who hence forth when I blog about him will be know as Obi-John Kenobi, has put the fear into me (by not being scary at all, only considerate and helpful about these things.)

But regardless of this!

Urgh. No thank you.

(Help! Me!)

Looking forward to this week, I am going to run before and after work on both Tuesday and Thursday, rain or shine.

Because let’s be real here dudes, we’re closing in on the three month marker until the BMO, and I know with the rate that life is speeding by, I’ll probably sleep a little too long in February and miss the race entirely.

So stay tuned!

Together we’ll boldly go, where I’ve never gone before.



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3 thoughts on “Captain’s log, rungate 201601.24”

  1. nice. i/we don’t get a lot of ocean/distant-city vistas our our weigh. i did, however, run (verrrry short 4 U) about 3.5 k uphill along a “road” where there were NO man-made tracks of any kind but i had some fun noting rabbits — coyote — fox? — cattle! — antelope — little bitty critters — crows — tracks in the snow. SAW none of those (well, the omnipresent crows were there) but the freshness was strong in these tracks (in the manner of Darth U-NO-HOO) …

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