No post on Sundays!!

On this Oscar Sunday, to celebrate all things cinematic, I made this:

Presentation1It’s not over!


(Man I never even watched this movie, yet this exchange has been making Marc and I laugh like loons for years! At the time of its release, he was working as a projectionist at one of our local theatres and according to him, he’s seen the film as many times as Ryan Gosling, “wrote those goddamn letters.”)


Happy Sunday all!

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Vanessa Woznow

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2 thoughts on “No post on Sundays!!”

  1. Marc just went up a couple points in my estimation. Projectionists are quickly going the way of the dodo though so in ten years no one but we proud few who manned the platters and reels will remember what one was. I never saw The Notebook either though from checking theatres as an usher I caught the same scene about a billion times where they are old people.

    1. They really are, aren’t they? He was always fairly sure that he was going to die in a reel-related fire, because the fire curtain would just descend and he’d have no way of getting out…

      Glad you escaped unscathed from viewing this tripe!

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