If all else fails, you can count on me

Well, it’s been a year and a day (or three weeks if you will) since I last wrote anything in this electronic diary of mine (I actually like to think of it as a modern day papyrus scroll), and instead of lamenting the ever-quickening pace of time and space as I do at the beginning of all of my ramblings, I will instead just get to THE FACTS.

1.) Gold medal games.

Marc and I woke up at 4am last Sunday to watch the Canadian men take on the Swedish team in the Olympic gold medal hockey match.

I’m not going to lie, I nearly gave up on the entire venture the minute the alarm went off. Four o’clock in the morning is just TOO. DARN. EARLY.

After I managed to temporarily muzzle the buzzing, Marc leaned over to me and whispered, “Is this actually happening?”

To which I replied, “Fifty-fifty.”

But in the end, it only took me a couple of minutes to rustle myself out of bed and get ready to face the still-darkened sky (not to mention the influx of snow that had begun to fall sometime earlier that night.)

The previous day I had bought pain au chocolate for Marc and I, as well as the friends who had so generously offered to host the game, and I grabbed the bag of pastries before heading out into the blackness.

(Marc elected to catch another thirty minutes of shut-eye, explaining that he would meet up with us at the start of the second period.)

My eyeballs nearly fell out of my sockets when I arrived at Greg and Daniela’s place and saw them both in regular clothing. You couldn’t have gotten me to change out of my pajamas for all the cocoa-filled croissants in the world.

But they’re pretty relaxed folks, and know my habits well, so neither were deterred by my lack of formal dress (or really, any dress at all.)

Over the next three hours we drank buckets of coffee, nibbled on baked goods, and cheered as Jonathan Toews, Sidney Crosby, and Chris Kunitz secured our second straight Olympic hockey gold.

And then I went back to bed.

Which after drinking my body weight in coffee was not the easiest of feats, let me assure you.

After I work up, I couldn’t stop thinking about Par Marts, the Swedish coach, and just how much he doesn’t fit the mold of what I imagine a hockey coach to be.

So I made this:


Am I the worst?


But either way, I am totally okay with it.

2.) Lip-synch offs.

So, I’m not a big fan of most American talk shows. As a dedicated, long-standing fan of The Graham Norton Show, I feel that most product offered on this side of the pond is, to put it delicately, sub-par at best.

However, I have to give credit where credit is due, and tip my hat to Jimmy Fallon for all the hilarious things he does with his guests. (Not to mention the fact that he somehow got The Roots to be his back-up band – a feat so nuts I’m like to believe that Beelzebub will be getting a huge influx of souls sometime in the next fifty years or so.)

For instance, this lip-synch off:

Oh. My. Goodness.

Despite the epicness of Paul Rudd’s Freddie Mercury, I am not afraid to admit that I like his Tina Turner better.

Those handshakes?


3.) MY CAT.

She’s up to something.


Though I’ve yet to figure out what.

4.) This darn crazy world.

As I race about daily in my own little self-contained ecosystem, I have such a hard time processing everything that is happening outside of the petri dish that is my life.

Every time I read anything news related my heart just breaks into smaller and smaller pieces.

To combat this journalistic-propelled malaise, I have been running like a running-thing and spending all of the time with my brilliant, inspiring, and totally bonkers husband.

All we can do is focus on doing as much good as we can (starting with the petri dish!) and hope that our efforts will create spill over, and inspire others to affect change.

5.) This guy

And if all else fails?

I’m just going to follow this dude’s lead:

That’s right.


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15 thoughts on “If all else fails, you can count on me”

  1. Yup, cat is definitely up to something. After seeing that picture, if you happen to go another three weeks without posting, I think we’ll all assume that a master plan of some sort was put into action.

  2. So was there a big rivalry over the Sweden/Canada game for you and Marc? I’m so impressed with your early morning wakeup! And Nymerica – gosh that cat is gorgeous and brilliant. You crazy running lady, getting out there in all this winteryness. I’m in awe! And Paul Rudd – YES!!! All the laughs! I’m glad you’re finding places to duck away from all the bad news. Husbands and workouts really are great ways to escape it all. :) Hugs, mi amiga!!

    1. Dude, I have no idea how I managed to actually get up that morning. It was touch and go for a bit! Marc and I managed to get on the same team – Canada won out in the end. :)

      My silly kitty – always, always plotting! And you are too right – nothing better than an amazing partner and an amazing workout to make everything better!!

  3. Found my cat in the dishwasher this morning so I feel your cat induced pain.
    I can’t tell if waking up at 4 AM is worse, or landing in Ireland on vacation and have your boyfriend drag you to the ONLY American bar to watch America vs Russia in hockey!

    1. Hahaha!!! Oh my goodness – in the dishwasher!? That is one tricky kitty!

      Woah – 4 AM on vacation is brutal! Thank goodness they won that game!! How are you enjoying Ireland? Thanks for the fab comment! :)

  4. I missed you and your ramblings so very much! Good to know that the more things change the more they stay the same!

    I get all my news from Jon Stewart, as it feels less depressing that way. It isn’t, necessarily, but it feels that way.

    Jimmy Fallon is awesome, though I am having some guilt over not watching Letterman. So, I’m taping Jimmy and watching Dave and Craig (Seth doesn’t hold a candle to Craig!). Anyway, I feel that in this manner I am doing my bit to secure good ratings for all concerned!



    1. Haha, it’s so true! Changing all the time, but the foundation ain’t moving an inch, that’s for darn sure!

      Jon Stewart is a genius and I don’t begrudge you at all getting your news from him. I really, really love Colbert too.

  5. Hiya! Long time no comment but I’ve been catching up on you every few weeks or so :)

    Jimmy Fallon is one of my biggest crushes – I don’t have many and don’t care for too many celebrities but he’s the best. So you should also look up his barbershop quartet and their takes on r&b songs. Amazingly done and amazingly hilarious. They are the Ragtime Gals.

    His whole move to an earlier time slot would be great if we had TV or if any of the freeview channels actually played American late-night talk shows :) But one day I will find him on my xbmc and watch his show more often. One day. Maybe this winter…

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