I think I am going to be sick


Do you guys ever come home thinking that you’ll work out right away but then you realize that you’re actually starving so you eat all of the wheat thins and chocolate milk but then work out anyways and spend the whole time trying not to ralph?


I really feel like this happens to me too much for my own good.

It’s strange.

I never really feel the full extent of my hunger pains until I walk through my front door and start getting my stuff (shorts/sports bra/socks/etc.) together and start thinking about where I am going to go for a run or what I am going to do for my workout.

I know a lot of this has to do with the fact that I often don’t eat enough food at lunch – either because I arrived for the day inadequately prepared, or maybe I just worked straight through my break, or maybe I did eat, but all I had was a bag of unsalted roasted almonds, and dried cranberries (which, just for the record, is the most delicious combination of life.)

Either way, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Because there really is nothing worse than working out and no knowing whether or not you’re going to barf – right?

(Okay, there may be one or two worse things in the world, but for the sake of hyperbole, let’s say that there isn’t.)

And I don’t know exactly why, but somehow this still keeps happening to me.

This is my blessing.

This is my curse.

I think what it boils down to is, when I get hungry – like, really, gut-wrenchingly hungry, the kind of hunger that sneaks up on you from behind and then knocks you senseless with one strong punch to the back of the head – I have little (to no) self-control over what it is that I eat, and then I carry on as if nothing has happened, having convinced myself that I need not alter my behaviour to accommodate for the 1000 milligrams of sodium I may have just ingested.

(I mean, at the very least I should drink a boatload of water to help flush that crap out.)

For instance, I once went for a six kilometer run after eating an entire bag of smokey bbq kettle chips as if it was AIN’T NO THANG.

And it wasn’t.

Until, of course, I had to make a b-line for the Queen’s Park port-a-potty approximately four and a half kilometers into my route and spent the next hour and a bit suffering from the cold-sweats, wrapped in a wool blanket, sipping peppermint tea.

(That was a pretty dark day for me.)

Not this specific incident, but another pretty crazy workout – caught in a rainstorm mid-run!

This cavalier attitude is also unhelpful, because I’m really trying to push my boundaries when it comes to strength training and nothing, NOTHING says disaster, both in terms of strength gains and general gastronomic distress, then improper nutritional choices.

Speaking of which, (and I know this may seem inconsequential for all you health nuts out there), but for the past three days I haven’t eaten sweets after my dinner.

Now, this is HUGE because 1.) I actually ATE a proper dinner (huzzah!) and 2.) I normally always eat dessert after EVERY meal (seriously, sometimes I eat multiple desserts, or just have dessert for dinner).

For me, taking a bit of a break from my usual après-meal status quo is pretty darn sweet.


So in the end, maybe this crazy stuff finds a way of evening itself out?

I mean, I’m certainly going to keep striving to improve my health, make better choices, and DEFINITELY eat lunch every day – no matter what.

I just also have to recognize that, like me, these choices of mine are never going to be truly perfect.

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9 thoughts on “I think I am going to be sick”

  1. Dear Rant….have you done some blood work lately?? and have you described this to your doctor….he or she could help you out with this. Exercising and vomiting together does not make for a good experience. I see from your picture that you are attractive, young and in good shape…..you need to take some time to make some healthy meals for yourself. A Crock Pot could help with this or just take the time to make things and freeze them…so when you are hungry you can eat “good stuff” and not the convenient salt laden crap.Don’t forget to take some time to relax, and set some realistic goals for yourself, do not stress yourself, it is not worth it in the end. Take care….end of lecture from a former exercise addict.

    1. Dear BarnardDonna,

      Thank you SO much for this wonderful comment! My apologies for just writing back now. It really made my heart grow about three sizes! I didn’t mean to make it sounds so much worse than it actually is – the only reason I (jokingly) said I thought I was going to throw up is because I ate too soon before working out. Although I probably should get my blood tested as I do think I am at risk of anemia if I don’t eat enough protein (and I probably don’t.) Also I definitely should get a crock pot! I try to make lots of pastas and stirfrys during the week to take to work, but a pot that just cooks during the day sounds fab to me.

      Thank you for this wonderful note! Feel free to stop by anytime. :)

  2. You’re awesome! And yes, healthy living is always such a work in progress, isn’t it? I’m so proud of you with the dinners and cutting back sweets. :) And I completely relate to coming home from work and chowing down like a Hungry Tiger. I’ve had to switch my own workouts to the AM because the going-to-toss-cookies feeling just doesn’t jive with working out (and consequently the workouts don’t happen). Whatever it takes, right?
    Hugs, Lady!!

    1. Haha, thanks doll! What can I say? Friends like yourself inspire the heck out of me – especially your kitchen expertise. Those photos dude…where do you come up with these AMAZING recipes?

      Good on you for AM workouts. You are a total champ! :)

  3. I have to eat around 3:30 – 4:00 pm for a week night work out at 5:30 – 6:00 pm – usually go for a mixed meal with fruits, veggies, good fats, good carbs, and protein. I usually do a protein shake on the weekends before working out. I am worthless in working out if I do not fuel my system before, during and after working out. Good Luck:)

    1. I should really get on the protein shakes. Marc swears by them – starts every morning with a vanilla banana combo!

      You are SUCH an inspiration – both physical and mental health wise. Thanks for helping me keep on the right track. :)

  4. My metabolism makes for more frequent meals, but if one gets missed, I suffer. And running with a tank full of food, no matter how healthy or un, makes my large intestine revolt. Where you wonder if barfing is about to occur, I often have to scuttle home or behind a tree to save my shorts from getting shit in.

    1. LOL! Omg, the runners trots!!! Life or death, I tell ya! The number of times I’ve scrambled down a ravine or behind a bush…

      I am really trying to do the small, frequent meals. It works miles better than whatever “system” I’ve had in place for years!

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