My love for you will still be strong

After the boys of summer are gone.


I have been a terrible bloggess of late.

I keep saying that I am going to get back into the regular routine of things – writing, reading, and commenting on the regular – but life keeps getting completely out of control and I find that I have zero time to do anything (like tie my shoes!), let alone sink back into this wonderous blogosphere and get my rant and roll on.

So please forgive my absence – or as it has been of late, my hot and cold presence.

Please know that I am thinking about all of you, and am taking the time (whenever it comes up!) to take pleasure in all of your musings, insights, photographs, and updates.

I miss this place terribly, and am doing my very best to get back to a regular rhythm.

And until the time when I regain my blogger mojo, some snaps:



IMG_3872Wedding hair.

IMG_20130804_010958Garden walk.



Ashland hike.




IMG_3710Date night.



I hope for all of the wonder you and yours.


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Vanessa Woznow

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19 thoughts on “My love for you will still be strong”

    1. We are the silliest, truly. But then I probably couldn’t have it any other way!

      Job is going good, thanks for asking! :) I just need a break from everything else in my life to actually enjoy it!

    1. We are warriors through and through!

      I just wanted to thank you for all your lovely comments – I so appreciate you stopping by here Ms. R. You never, ever fail to put a smile on my face! xx

  1. yeah: (s)wordz: wear-ja get those? (what weapons are being brandisht on the (w)railrode trakk?) and … um, date night. why do i start to fall into the kywksanned uv pixures of fun foodendrink when i’m in the mid-afternoon doldrums?
    and, yeah, oregon forest hikes … ‘cept your pixures portray something far less soggy than what i’m yoostoo when in orygunn …

    1. For the bacherlorette we took a lesson in long sword fighting! It was the most fun ever! (Also suuuuuper tiring. Who knew that wielding those things could be so hard!?)

      Hmmm, is the quicksand helpful, or no? Also, when I was a child quicksand was one of my greatest (and weirdest) fears. It terrified me!

      Haha, I can imagine that Oregon is home to many a soggy hike. But we were so far south (and it was so, so hot!) that on that day I probably couldn’t imagine it if I tried.

      1. repeat: what WEAPONS are being weilded (wielded?) in bridesmaid pixure 2, awn dee (w)railroad track.
        by “quicksand” i meant (lamentedly meant) why do i persist in looking at pixures of great/food/drink when i am in the mid-afternoon doldrums? a sort of quicksand … nah, NOT helpful!

  2. Love the wedding hair! I just rediscovered your blog (and will have to resubscribe because I’m not using my old blog info- fantasy scribbles). I am so glad to see you are still writing- I miss reading your posts! Plus, the other day I started reading Game of Thrones and when I saw the name of Arya’s direwolf I realised where you got your kittie’s name (yes- I am slow!) It made me think of you and here I am :) Hope all is well.

    Lots of love, rainbows and unicorns,

    Sarah (aka sarahthewriter)

    1. Sarah the Writer! Goodness, how I’ve missed you. How is your kitty doing? And your man? Any more grand adventures coming down the pipe?

      Ms. Nymeria was named after Game of Thrones, but as the true hipster kitty that she is, she’ll tell you that she had her name long before the tv show! (Haha!) xx

    1. Not sure what flower it is supposed to be – I wish I could say that it was real! It was a clip that the hairdresser gave me to wear. I’ve already worn it twice since! :)

  3. I feel the same way — overwhelmed by the blogosphere of late (I mean, look at when I’m finally reading THIS!) — very busy with other aspects of my life — all the while trying to keep Fang from the inevitable redecorating nervous breakdown — a gal only has so much time.

    As for the shoes, one word: Velcro.

    Love ya!

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