Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.

Five things that are making me laugh.

1. In Act V, scene i of Much Ado About Nothing (my spirit animal in play form), Benedick calls Claudio “Lord Lackbeard” when confronting him on his wrongful scorning of Hero.

Now, I’ve always thought this to be a terrific insult, and I laugh at it every time I either read it on the page, or hear it used live.

This past weekend, I made a joke about the fact that I’ve pretty much run my breasts into non-existence. Building off of this love, Marc didn’t miss one beat, and immediately called me his “Lord Lackboob.”



I’ll be laughing about that for YEARS.

2. This Lonely Island song.

Angela Merkel is a lyric.


I can always do with more Merkel in my life.

3. I was speaking with my mum on the phone yesterday and she told me how she was helping out at my sister’s store when she went to the washroom to use some of my sister’s hairspray.

(My sister practically lives at her shop, so she keeps an assorted array of housekeeping materials in her bathroom – toiletries, changes of clothes, shoes – it’s a veritable treasure trove of her stuff.)

Anyway, my mum nearly gave me a laugh-induced stroke on the skytrain when she followed-up with, “only what I thought to be hairspray turned out to be industrial grade oven cleaner!”

And people wonder why I am the way that I am.

4. This photo of my sister and I from Christmas this year.



It’s really amazing Ford Models isn’t blowing up my phone trying to sign me.

5. Mary Roach’s Packing for Mars.

This lady is one heck of a great writer, and funny to boot. Ever wondered how hard it is to use a toilet in zero gravity?


Me neither.

(But you’ll definitely not want to miss her chapter on just how hard it can be. I mean – they actually have to practice, on earth, with cameras, before launching themselves into orbit!)

I mean, who knew that there would be such a science, to well, this part of science?

So that’s all she wrote my darlings.

I’ll just be here in my little corner of the interwebs, silently shedding these tears of happiness.

And I’ll probably be here for a while.

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17 thoughts on “Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.”

  1. LMAO – you are such a HOOT – I think I almost wet myself reading #1 then started up again after reading #3 and almost fell to the floor in a fit on #5!!! You have a calling sweetie – LAUGHTER and Humor and Comedy:) Have a Great Day

    1. Hahaha, thanks Ms. R!! Seriously, I still cannot stop laughing at my mum’s story. IT’S JUST TOO GOOD.

      So glad I could pass along these giggles!! x

  2. 5 Things That Make ME Laugh:
    1. My crazy dogs…especially the puppy, who, after I put a chair in the bedroom tonight to see how it looked, jumped up into it and settled, then looked at me as if to say, “Why, yes, this works perfectly. I do thank you. Now fetch me a bone.”
    2. Fawlty Towers. Ryan doesn’t share my affection, but I don’t care. That shit is FUNNY.
    3. My workout clothing choices…for instance, yesterday, I couldn’t find any socks, so I pulled out my knee socks from JCrew. They are bright yellow with gray stripes. My new shoes are bright pink. I was quite pleased with myself.
    4. My man.
    5. Sue Sylvester on Glee. For some reason, I’m watching all the episodes from start to finish, and she makes the show. Far and away. She’s amazing.

    L, your Southern friend

    1. Ms. L! How are you my darling? I am so happy to see your footprints around this part of the interwebs of late. :)

      Your puppy sounds like quite the scamp – I’m laughing just imagining that situation! And YES. Faulty Towers always for the win. Plus your workout outfit sounds AMAZING! Photograph that beauty!!

      Glad your dude is bringing the laughs (and Sue too!) x

    2. fawlty towrs … AND Ripping yarns! scenes and, especially, phrases from “the dim-witted village bore” go though the ever-expanding holes of the sponge of my psyche several times a week. i am really into RAINFALL records, SHOVELS, and black pudding!

  3. Ever the entertainer! How important it is to acknowledge that which makes us laugh.

    Just this Sunday, Lee and I were at an event where crackers and chex mix-like foods were being served. Let’s just say that partway through my plate of dry, crunchy goodness, I was overcome with the urge to SNEEZE. And when I have to sneeze, I HAVE to sneeze.

    Having encountered this situation before, but with other foods [my least favorites are carrots, shredded wheat, and bananas,] I choose to stifle the spray with the crook of my elbow. Throughout the entire process of the elbow crook sneeze stifle, Lee and I held eye contact; and when I drew my face away long enough to inspect the damage on my arm, we were in fits!! Ah, it feels good to celebrate joy!

    And Vanessa, you are not alone in your Lackboob Lordiness. Running or no, mine seem to think “freshly pubescent” is the best look :)

    1. I am laughing at the detritus left behind in the wake of your sneeze! Amazing! Ah, you and Lee sound like such fab dudes to hang out with. :)

      And so good to hear I have a sister in arms! Lackboob arms! I am imagining our crest now…haha!

  4. woodn’t marc be LOWERED Lackb? and you da laydee? i laughed just this a.m. deriving to werk when i considered how doomed i (we) am (are). i think THAT’s a good, sane, reasonable, balanced, intelligent? response to impending toadull doom.
    speekinuv, our oldest dawg was put down this a.m. okay, i know that may sound sad, and it is, but i’ll tell the workmates i’m leaving werk EARLY today to go to a funeral. i may take photos as we use a wheelbarrow to transport Dually to the area where “emily” resides. we’ll hafta dig a larger hole, with pick even, gather more rocks for a large pyramid. and then home, to the inexorable and inevitable (aren’t those two terms pretty much the same?) slow-moving current and swamp of doom. my responses SHOULDN’T be longer than your posts, should they?

    1. This is true. He would be Lord Lackbeard, but he is often bearded, so it’s a bit hard. :)

      Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your doggie! I know he (she?) was well looked after, and it sounds like his place will be well-marked for amny years to come. I hope you and Ms. B are doing okay!

  5. Your Mum and I should hang out — hair spray or oven cleaner? Who can tell? LOL!

    “Lackbeard” is definitely an insult — I would think it meant that he is unable to grow a beard which, in effect, makes him a woman. The fact that you are married to someone who could pun that to “Lackboob” — well, he’s a keeper!

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