Just me, lost in thought

I feel like it has been raining for years.

And I will wake up tomorrow, webbed and gilled, a green-skinned lily-pad.

My eyes slick sliver, like salmon skin.

I sit here, watching the skies melt, with a kitten wrapped around herself. She is unaware of this other wet world; this place without food, without fires; warm beds, and sleepy heads.

Myself, well, I am drawn to the grey.

The strange semi-stillness of a night drawing near.

Mischief realized.

Heartbreak thwarted.

Coming home with a grocery bag filled with potential.


Or adventure?

Mugs of piping chai, thick woolen blankets, and the tap, tapping of a lost-lover’s knock on my window panes.

The SOS of ten thousand teardrops.

And I see the lights across the river, blinking.

Like an old man, lost in thought.


Published by

Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

9 thoughts on “Just me, lost in thought”

  1. it can’t be said that your writing abilities are 1-dye-mentional. when you kwit whatever job you have, and go full-time into “special (other) projects/pursuits” — you’ll add the POETRY READINGS to the mix.

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