That’s a real mixed bag there Jim

Hey kids.

Do you remember this song?

I was listening to CBC as I made dinner last night and Stephen Quinn played a series of tunes that were nominated for best song at the 1987 Academy Awards. I nearly flipped my wig when this one came on because even though I bloody-well LOVED it growing up, I haven’t listened to it for years, and years.

I’m pretty sure we had it on a mixed tape that I wore to shreds, rewinding it over and over and over again so I could listen to this song on repeat. Well, it and By the Rivers of Babylon.

And Gloria.

Holy smokes – I’ve just been knocked over by an amazing case of nostalgia.

Those too are seriously tip top tunes. NO JOKE – 1993 really was a solid year in my musical development.

(I cannot stop laughing at these words that I am typing. I was one seriously strange kid.)


Kids these days.

So speaking of the early 90s, lately I have been watching ALL the Kids in the Hall.

Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this show before, but I really cannot stress just how much I love it. In my (very humble) opinion there will never again be anything as funny, irreverent, strange, brilliant, and just plain bat-shit NUTS, as was this program.

Seriously, these dudes are pretty much my comedy gods and I will never not laugh like a drain watching their seriously bonkers brand of sketch humour.

I also may or may not have a massive crush on Bruce McCulloch.

(Circa 1990.)

It will always be one of the great injustices of my life that I will never have the opportunity to make out with him.

(Circa 1990.)

(But with me being an adult in 2013. I don’t want to make things all weird here.)

(I am back to laughing at the words that I am typing.)

Anyways, it’s pretty much impossible to name my favourite episode, let alone skit, so I will just leave you with the following. AROOMBA!

On Wednesday’s we wear pink.

Yesterday I bought these pants.


They are very, very pink.

And I love them.

I also bought a really cute little t-shirt that is just regular cotton t-shirt in the front, and all cut-out lace in the back.

Basically, it is a very fashion-forward mullet top.

And I love it.


I have a stand-up show tonight and I think I will be wearing this outfit.

Because nothing says comedy like bright pants and a half see-through shirt.


Race it.

This weekend the man with whom I make my home and I are going to make an Amazing Race Canada audition tape.


I have wanted to do this for many moons, and briefly considered trying to apply for American citizenship for the sole purpose of auditioning for the original Amazing Race.

I honestly cannot think of anything more fun in the world than running across the globe with my love.

So stay tuned, as you’ll want to see what happens when you get us two looney tuness behind a video camera.

It might look a little something like this:

In the immortal words of The Simpsons: PRAY FOR MOJO.

Ed’s note: That vid was made VERY late at night. 

Happy weekend y’all!

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20 thoughts on “That’s a real mixed bag there Jim”

  1. WOW – Does Starship bring back the memories! I remember around this time buying a pair of jeans with faux snakeskin inserts on the front – ha. Good Luck with the audition – how exciting:) Happy Friday – Happy Weekend Beautiful!!!

    1. LOL! I know right? Holy smokes, that outfit sounds AMAZING. Love it!

      And thanks! We definitely had a blast and a half putting the tape together. :) Happy Monday to you! xx

  2. Good things this weekend for you!! You are going to knock them dead in that outfit tonight – so excited you have another gig. They just keep coming!
    And the Amazing Race video is going to be awesome, no doubt. We await it with great anticipation!
    I’m sure your weekend is going to be just wonderful with all this fun ahead for you! Big big hugs to you!!

    1. D’awwww thanks love! You seriously melt my heart. I had such a fab time on Friday and we pretty much laughed our faces off whilst filming. We will be done editing tonight, so gird your loins! Big hugs to you! xx

  3. Bruce? Really? More than Dave? You must be petite. I can see Bruce in the skit where he was dreadfully parched from eating his wife’s ham, and that was funny. Just yesterday, I said to my husband, “My GOD, it is RANK in here with the wonderings of Tony!” And he just looked at me like I’m a whackjob.

    1. The crazy thing is – I’m actually super tall (5’10”) which just adds to the craziness of it all. Dave is definitely a super cutie, but my two faves will always be Bruce and Mark. ZOMG.

      Also, so nice to have a fellow KITH around these parts! I always, always say “MY PEN!” and “WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT!?” so I really, really appreciate your excellent quote. Please stop my again soon! x

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