Phone’s ringing dude


I am jetlagged.

The time change and long distance travel malaise didn’t hit on the way down to Nova Scotia, but coming back to fair British Columbia it certainly has done its best to knock me off my feet.

Waking up on Wednesday morning, my head felt a little foggy, but I just chalked it up to the fact that we hadn’t fallen into bed until close to 2:30am (that day!), after, literally, traversing the whole of North America the night before.

(Well, crossing the east-west divide of the continent, at the very least.)

However, after spending the day cleaning, and running, and grocery shopping, and friend hanging-outing, I literally collapsed into sleep that night (knowing full well that my first day back at work would probably be busy as a busy thing.)

And it was.

But more than that, the next morning my head fog remained (if anything it seemed thicker than before) and all of my limbs felt weighted and stiff. Here we are a day later, and this lethargy remains, and my whole body feels slightly out of whack – almost as though a key ingredient has been overlooked when putting together the recipe for my life back here on the West Coast.

I am sure that this will fade (as most fog does) but in the mean time I am excited that it is already the weekend, and I can relax and get my wits together before tackling my first full week come Monday morning.

In even better news, my older sister is here for the weekend, and tonight we are having a sleepover (which means junk food and Kids in the Hall) and on Sunday there is a big family dinner with Mel’s (her fiancée’s) family.

The excitement kids! It’s palpable!

In the meantime, let’s check what’s frying up on the stove this Friday.


I hear the call.

So, after living for many moons (over two years actually) without a cell phone, I finally caved to social pressure (aka my mother’s desperate pleas) and procured a personal mobile device.


What can I say – I need to keep up with the times.

And the trends.

Plus, carrier pigeons are expensive.

What time is it?

Do you have Netflix or the internet?

Do you love a good television series?

Can you see?

Do you find yourself interested in geek-chic actors, such as Ben Whishaw, or beautiful, brilliant blondes like Romola Garai?

Do you believe that Dominic West can only really play dashing cads because, in all likelihood, he probably is a dashing cad in real life?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, you must immediately abandon everything that you are doing and start watching The Hour at once.

I just finished the second season and am so, so sad that it is done.

If you start watching let me know what you think.

Also, two words more of encouragement: DUCK. FACE.

Separation anxiety.

So I remarked briefly in my last post that Nymeria was really excited to see M and I upon our arrival home.

This was no mere exaggeration folks. Our little gal has been so over the moon to have us back, I’m starting to believe that she actually thought we were long-goners.


Never have I ever heard her purr like this – it’s like she’s got a tiny (but efficient) train operating inside of her, one that is running at all hours of the day.

Every night since we’ve arrived back she has either slept on my legs or feet (or sometimes even tummy) and she talks, talks, talks all the live-long day.

Hi mum! Hi dad! Don’t ever leave me again, okay? I’ll never scratch the carpet ever again I promise! Or at the very least I’ll try my hardest not to tear it apart! I love you! So glad you’re back!

I am actively destroyed every time I open the front door – whether it’s returning home from work, or coming back from a run, or with an armful of grocery bags.

(Literally too, due to the fact that as she weaves in and out between your legs it is very easy to be tripped up by this dance.)

An animal’s love, phew – it’ll get you.

Good thing we love her tight right back.


So there you have it my darlings.

What’s on the docket for you all this weekend?

Phone, text, or e-mail me – I’m rightfully equipped to hear about it all.

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13 thoughts on “Phone’s ringing dude”

  1. aww jetlag. I’ve only had the honor of having that very awful feeling happen to me when we flew from california to indiana….not that far I know, but wayyy too far for my body. It took me 5 days of foggy head to feel better. That feeling was enough to make me doubt if I want to travel great distances again. Thanks for the post I found it very entertaining.

  2. “kids in the hall”! Love. Love. Love. “I’m crushing you”!

    I keep hearing about “The Hour”, perhaps I should check it out!

    Enjoy your Sis. Hope the fog lifts!

    1. I LOVE that you know KITH. It’s one of my all time faves. Definitely check out The Hour, it’s brilliant.

      Alas, my sister heads home today so my heart is sad, but it was wonderful to see her all the same!

  3. It seems, once again, that we share the same wavelength…for Monday, the boy and I are heading to the phone store and buying my first smart phone! Though truth be told, I’m only excited because my last two phones had a limited amount of space for pictures, and I had to limit my photographs of the kitties and doggie.

    Feel better and rest up this weekend, friend! Enjoy your family time, I can’t imagine how much fun you’ll have (and you can’t imagine how jealous I am…all my extended family is up north in Philly and Chicago). Happy Weekend!!


    1. Amazing! I love that we have this connection :)

      What kind of phone did you end up getting? I ended up with the galaxy nexus – fancy schmancy pants good grief – must learn how to use the darn thing now! And I definitely know what you mean about storage for animal photos, that’s the most important part!

      It was such a wonderful weekend with family, but I am heartbroken that she heads back to NY this afternoon. But I guess that’s why Skype was invented?

      Hope your weekend was just fab! xx

      1. I have become lax in my responding skills! I do apologize.

        We ended up getting an iPhone…and it’s pretty awesome! Still getting used to this touch screen thing, my texts all look like an animal danced across the keyboard. But it’s fun to have a shiny new phone with new gizmos and gadgets to explore. For instance, my mom keeps trying to Facetime with me, and so tonight I let her Facetime with the dog instead of me. Was pretty adorable…new phones ARE good for something!

  4. #1. no cell foan for two years? u gawtta b kiddling!
    2. our catz seem to be of the attitude they could carry on w/out us.
    dawgz shurr dew git XXXsightid, tho.

    1. Seriously, I can be a crazy Luddite when it comes to these things. Haha, cats can be seriously aloof can they not? You kitties are certainly heart-meltingly cute, and your dogs, well, they just about slay me.

  5. So happy you’re back and safely! Seriously though, was the weekend good for kicking the fog and recharging you?
    I’m so excited for you that the sis was visiting – so much fun and good memories in the making!!
    And Nymeria is just too cute and beautiful – I’m not usually a cat person but she’s stolen my heart already. :)
    Hoping you have a most lovely week!

    1. The fog is but a distant memory! Life sure has a way of kicking you back into gear quickly, doesn’t it?

      So happy to be back in our home with our little gal. Happiest of weeks to you too! xx

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