On a wedding anniversary

This is what he remembers of his first year in love.

Sticky summer evenings on leftover bicycles

Green grass cuttings and the heather scent of your hair

One legged races and falling down together

And getting up together, everytime.

Knitting words so true that they became laws into themselves

What we writ on paper was our sinews and our bones

Magic promises, and you pulled me into a love of myself

Along with my love of you.

I’d never bought a pair of pants for a girl before

Never walked home at midnight carrying her laundry

Trying to scare her, and myself, with remembrances of

Low mists and Japanese ghost children, and all those things that terrify.

Realising that we were not scared together.

I hiked an island while you wrote and waited

On tables and coffee consumers, and I wrote

And lay in bed, in the warmth, with my phone cards

that were always running out

And my emails, and your emails, and we started a story together

That will never be finished, that we’ll always be writing

Until the end of the world.

Published by

Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

19 thoughts on “On a wedding anniversary”

  1. Now it’s raining on my face! This is breathtaking – the photos, the prose. Congratulations to you both, lady!! Celebrate it! You guys are truly an amazing couple and I can’t wait to hear how your love story continues.

    Are you headed down to Seattle this weekend?

    1. Lady! We were down last Thursday night and left Friday for Oregon. It was totally fab (love that city). What did you get up to this weekend? I cannot wait to jet over to your space and find out.

      And thank you! We had such a fantastic getaway. A real celebration!

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