Professed love

So to continue the grand tradition of writing about all the amazing people in my life, today I am in the mood to celebrate my insane, bad-ass, genius of a husband.

You see folks, today Mr. M is graduating from Simon Fraser University with his Bachelor of Education.

Oh, and did I mention that he’s graduating at the top of his class? 

Chocolate apple and a card with an graduation owl on it!

That’s right! Today he will be honoured as the top graduate out of all the newly minted secondary school teachers.

If this were a mid-90s teen comedy, as he crossed the stage to collect his degree and medal, myself and my pack of gelled-hair, frosted tipped, mini-backpack wearing friends would simultaneously jump up and start yelling, “He’s number one! He’s number one!”

(I might yell out something different though – perhaps along the lines of, “I love you baby!” Before clasping my hands together underneath my chin, and letting my tears flow freely down my face.)

At this point EVERYBODY would start cheering, and the slightly disheveled, but ultimately cool dean standing on the stage next to M would just shake their head good naturedly (maybe even roll their eyes and laugh), and M would point to me in the crowd, shouting out something like, “We did it!” before throwing his cap into the air.

And then Smash Mouth would come out of nowhere and play us into the credits.

The dance party to end all dance parties would ensue.

End Scene.

Okay, so that’s probably not how it’s going to go down. But the sentiment is the same none the less.

I cannot really begin to explain how insanely proud and happy I am for M.

He is a phenomenal student.

He is a tremendous teacher.

His students love him.

(In fact, some of then are even in love with him.)

And at the base of it all, he is an amazing, hilarious, driven, beautiful, bonkers, inspiring individual who makes my life, and all the lives of the people he touches better.

He makes life glow.

So please, let this serve as a brief introduction to his brilliant man.

Here are some other interesting facts about this Swiss-Indian man to whom I have pledge my troth:

1.) He completed his undergraduate degree in Classical and Medieval Studies. (Or simply put – he is one gigantic nerdo.)

2.) After graduating he earned his journeyman carpentry ticket, and helped build the Olympic ski-jump for the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 games.

3.) He has read more books that probably everybody I know, combined. Dude is well read.

4.) And boy is he ever ticklish.

5.) He has horrifyingly dextrous toes. And I fear them. You should too.

6.) One of the first things I noticed about him were his calf muscles. Ooer, mama.

7.) My heart practically melts out of my feet whenever I watch him concentrating like a mad man as he plays Dead Souls. It is adorable and a half.

8.) Sometimes when he is late getting ready and I am (desperately) trying to get him out of the house, he’ll sit on the bed with his underwear on his head, because he knows it drives me up the bloody wall (but also makes me laugh.)

9. The man doesn’t know a correct song lyric for the life of him.

10.) He will change the world. He’s already doing it.

So there you have it!

And now we are off to celebrate this tremendous achievement of his, in style, with grace, and of course – great humour.

But no Smash Mouth. We’ll have none of that.

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Vanessa Woznow

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26 thoughts on “Professed love”

  1. Congrats to Mr. M! That was very Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (at least I read this with that voice in my head–at least until about #8).

  2. Yay!!! Hugs congrats to your hubby! Way to go, Mr. M!! Celebrate it big this weekend, dearest! You guy sounds like quite a catch and I’m thrilled at how head-over-heels you are about him. :)

    1. I am such a fangirl, but I cannot help it. I love the guy! :)

      And we definitely will – if only we had some sun! Ah well, good thing gortex was invented.

  3. Sounds like a KEEPER for sure! Love the card and apple – oh so cute for a Special Celebration:) Congrats to your other half – WAY TO GO!!! Have a Celebration Weekend:)

  4. Congratulations Mr. M! It must be exciting to be entering the teaching profession and already know that you are going to be fantastic at it! Best of luck in your endeavors.

  5. good prost, azz yooz u uhl. simonfrasier: NOW “i get it” yer in vancouve!rr.

    neat. when i (sometime later this month, or year) post the “hitchinKRAWNuckles” i hope you’ll wander over to read it.

    1. Your writing style is so unique, sometimes I have to do a double take to make sure I understand it! How long does it take you to type like that? Or perhaps you are a linguistic pro and it comes naturally? :)

      Yep, we are west coasters through and through.

      And I will definitely be by to check it out!

      1. ah’m definuttlee knot a lingopro and i’m accurrsuraytidd, eye am, azz thiss stuph just (juts) spills offa mah fingawtipperooneez kwite eeez eye leee.
        (i did, azz you prob’ly noticed by now, my hitcharooni thing, with sumwhat borderlying applickuhbull pixures). and! it’s NOT in this kinda lingo!

  6. Congratulations! To both of you. :-)

    You two sounds like such an adorable couple! I’d love to read about how you found each other. Please-pretty-please?

    1. Aw, thanks Meogata! I will definitely put together a post about how the two of us crazy souls found each other. Maybe for our anniversary at the end of this month.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. Pass on our congrats to M! What a great achievement! Maybe some of his students will take after him and start reading more!!

    You could do one number to Smashmouth, or at least some Boyz to Men haha.

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