Come on baby light my fire

Hey all you crazy cats!

It’s time for another installment of the Friday Fry-Up. But first, before we get into the meat of the matter, I need to ask you all one question:

What fresh hell is going on around these here parts temperature-wise?

It is ruddy freezing!

I mean, here I am, it’s June, and I am sitting in front of my fireplace, and it has a bloody fire in it.

A fire!


What. The. Eff.

Anywho, strange things are a-brewing, and until the wind changes I suppose we’re continuing on course for more madness and foul weather.

So let’s solider on!

First on the docket:

Awful doughnuts.

Yesterday, after eating a super healthy lunch, I went and bought five timbits from ye old church of Canadiana (aka Tim Hortons) – because noting tastes better after a cracking salad like those sweet little glazed balls of heaven.

I got in line with the six hundred and ninety-two other crazed patrons and waited to have my order taken. After waiting roughly twelve years, I reached the front of the cue and placed my bets.


Placed my order.

I asked for two honey cruller, two sour cream glazed, and one chocolate glazed.

(Urg, I never know why I bother ordering that solitary chocolate timbit because it is never, ever tastes all that great. Slightly stale and just…missing something.)

The first two however are far and away the two top offerings available at ole’ Timmy Hos – seriously, take my word for it, I am a card-carrying timbit connoisseur.

Here is the honey cruller:


It was dee-lish.

However, I was pretty disappointed when I bit into the other donut hole because low and behold it was not my beloved sour cream but old fashioned glazed.



That crap tastes like bread soaked in expired dish soap.


(Full disclosure – obviously I’ve never eaten a Sunlight saturated baguette before – so don’t get any ideas! It’s a simile you smug bastards.)

And it was a bummer!

So all in all, out of five treats, I had three, but only enjoyed two. This is not exactly world-destroying events here, but like I said, I feel as though the universe is subtly letting me know that things aren’t exactly in balance these days.

Second on the docket:

Joe Fresh Fashion.

Now normally I am a pretty big proponent of Mr. Fresh and the clothing for sale at his establishments. I’ve bought some terrific stuff that I continue to enjoy, both for work and pleasure. However, if you visit one of his stores at the moment you might be surprised to see an overabundance of bat-shit weird, weird stuff.

Like this Finnish flag inspired shirt:


Or this “Is it clothing, or a walking magic eye puzzle?” dress:

It’s always some stupid sailboat.

Or this neon orange disco suit:

I – I just don’t know anymore.

(I also think that they were implying that you would wear the suit with the paisley green collared shirt.)

Seriously, at what LSD binge were these pieces not only designed, but then sewed together as utterly wacko separates!?

Also, can we mayhaps make an effort to stick to one decade to “bring back” at a time? I was one to believe that we are currently experiencing a resurgence of 90s nostalgia, so let’s keep the 70s and 80s at bay for the next little while – at the very least (we don’t need to bring them back at all, if that option is still available.)

Speaking of which – PEPLUM.



Just no.

They are hip flaps.

They are Malibu Barbie.

They are winged menstrual pads, designed as a dress.

They are no.

Just yell no like you mean it, and then just run away!


Moving on.

Third on the docket.

The Cranberries.

Speaking of flashbacks, the other day I was getting ready for work, listening to CBC radio 2 as I am often wont to do in the am. As I stepped out of the shower, I caught the very tail end of the song “Dreams” and I had a very affecting flashback to the day I finished grade five and I heard the group’s song “Zombie” for the ever first time.

Man, I loved that song.

(Is it just me, or did music – for the most part – mean a hell of a lot more in the 90s than it does now?)

I remember taping (!!!) that song off of the radio and listening to it on repeat for hours and hours and hours.

I always laugh to think of myself as the crazy tall, gangly awkward nerd who would half walk, half dance around singing Soundgarden, and Pink Floyd around the school hallways.

I remember discovering Smashing Pumpking in grade four. I heard “Today” being played from my sister’s bedroom while practicing highland dancing in my basement.

In grade six I saw the music video for Beck’s Loser. Kind of weirded out, but also really intrigued, I asked my friends if they would buy me the CD for my upcoming birthday. They did, and it was AWESOME.

In grade seven, sitting in Mr. Bell’s English class, Simon Eisler played Weezer’s Buddy Holly for our “Song as Poem” class project. I rushed home, found my sister’s Weezer CD and listened to the song on repeat for probably the next three years.

Maybe music didn’t necessary mean more in the 90s on the whole – perhaps it just meant more to me. Individually.


Stuff to ponder as we head into a rain soaked weekend!

What are you favourite doughnut flavours? Do you like Joe Fresh? And what are your strongest music memories?

I’d love to hear about it as I stoke my fire.

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14 thoughts on “Come on baby light my fire”

  1. Good call on the honey crueller! Only Tim Hortons donut worth having, in my opinion.

    As always, LOL @ your clothing commentary. I also have been questioning some of the stuff at Joe Fresh lately.

    And thanks for posting The Cranberries! They’re so good. I love Dolores’ voice. I don’t think music meant more in the 90’s, but I do know what you mean about being a teenager and discovering bands that are new to you. I think maybe we are more impressionable at that age and everything seems more MEANINGFUL. Or maybe when we are older we learn to appreciate subtleties and become more selective,

    1. I also think it had so much to do with the power of the music video, which just isn’t the same anymore (what with Much music being defunct and all that.)

  2. “Neon Orange Disco Suit”

    Are they TRYING to bring back the 80s? Does it look like the 80s need to be brought back?!

  3. YES to all of this! What is with our weather lately? Although your fireplace sounds awfully cozy… :) This weekend could turn quite lovely, I’m crossing my fingers for us!
    And the Cranberries – so much nostalgia right now. Love it!
    Hoping you have a super wonderful weekend, lady! Can’t wait to hear all about the adventures on Monday. Hugs!

  4. Oh yay 90’s nostalgia! It was all about Third Eye Blind for me. A good mix of poppy and brooding.

  5. Music memories!!!! Oh, man.

    I discovered Fleetwood Mac the summer I turned 14, I believe. I spent the entire season listening to them, nonstop, on my old Discman (which I still have somewhere…talk about a music memory).

    I picked up a guitar, and subsequently changed my life, the summer I turned 15. That’s a memory I will have forever.

    I fell in love with my man at a Citizen Cope concert back in 2007. I remember the song that was playing, where our seats were, and exactly what I was thinking. Ah, love. ;) I have to remind myself of that memory when he won’t pick up his socks or bothers me because I’m taking too long to get ready.

    Winning first place at our national choir competition junior year of high school…such a proud feeling.

    In short, music is awesome. Nothing more powerful.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing those memories with me! What very, very cool experiences!

      (And for the record, I find my husbands socks all over the place. What is up with that anyway!?)

      The first time I heard Fleetwood Mac was when I was sixteen. I was visiting family in Halifax and I heard The Chain – awesome moment that was! Love them.

  6. I’m with you on the sour-cream glazed and the chocolate glazed. But I have to admit, I am generally disappointed with them both on the occasions that I succumb to Tim’s. Dustin was just lamenting the absence of the Timmy’s blueberry fritter in his life, but then immediately after said that even if we were visiting for a week or something he wouldn’t run out and get one.

    Oh music. I am so with you – I used to feel so much from and put so much into music. I don’t know if it’s an aging thing or just whether I had more time on my hands to pour over lyrics and listen to songs over and over. I too can recall so many songs that meant so much to me – when I heard them first, or a particular memory associated with the song. But that seems to happen less to me. I’m not sure if it would change if I consciously try to revive it or not.

    Somehow “Return of the Mack” has made a resurgence in my life – and I didn’t even like it in its heyday. It was playing at the gym (on our favorite 90s-00s-now station, More FM) and then a comedian referenced it in his show recently too. So we’ve been blasting that on repeat around the homestead.

    Also, I think it was easier to draw lines between genres in the 90s so you could clearly lay claim to “alternative” and know where you stood. For some reason, those days required clear definition of what you liked and it was blasphemy to like rap AND rock. haha.

    1. Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. I just feel as though the power of the music video was just HUGE. It really meant something, and so many musicians chose to highlight on going social/political issues through their videos (if not through their lyrics.)

      You definitely don’t get that with most stuff being released today.

      For the best donuts in the city (which you should for sure try the next time you are visiting!) it’s all about Lee’s Donuts at Granville Island. Crickey. Those things are bliss.


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