Let’s get physical, physical

I have a love-hate relationship with my gym:

Love: It’s cheap as hell. For twenty-three bucks a month I feel as though my range to complain is quite, shall we say, limited.

Hate: Because it’s cheap as hell it’s a bit of a crap box. There is zero air circulation and the exposed pipes drip like dripping things (to the point where you start to think that you’re sweating more than you actually are.) I already sweat like a glass blower’s arse and because there is zero air flow, whenever I lift weights in front of the mirror I bloody-well fog up the part of glass in front of which I’m standing.

That this makes me feel sexy as all get out is an understatement.

And is also a lie.

Love: On days where I feel like the athlete of the century it has everything I need, especially if the weather happens to be total crap (like, say, how it has been for the past seven months.) I can run, bike, lift weights, use stability balls, etc. all under one (incredibly) leaky roof.

Hate: On days where I feel like anything but the athlete of the century, my gym taunts me like a school yard foe. I have to walk by it on my way home from transit, so if I ever decide that it’s not in my best interest to workout (despite having schlepped all my gear with me to work that day) I can feel its mocking stare as I scuttle by its front doors without actually going inside.

Love: The sense of accomplishment, fatigue (but the good kind), strength, and general bad-assery I get after finishing a workout. There are not too many things that feel quite as good as a monster training session, and the gym is obviously a well equipped place to provide this feeling.

Hate: The utter dejection, fatigue (the bad kind – the kind you get after a brain melting day at work), and overwhelming urge to go home, put on your pajamas and EAT ALL THE NUTELLA you feel before you start your workout. At said gym.

Love: Days where I have the whole place to myself and no one talks to me, drops their weights, or grunts/shrieks like an obnoxious fool.

Hate: The exact opposite of everything I just said. And no Mr. Pathological Liar – I don’t give a flying flashdance about your double PhD and MMA supremacy!

So there you have it. It’s a complex relationship, but one that I am in for the long haul.

Or at least until I move to a city where the climate hangs around 22 degrees (Celsius) all year round.

Wanna come?

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  1. I’m saying all the things that I know you’ll like
    Making good conversation
    I gotta handle you just right
    You know what I mean
    I took you to an intimate restaurant
    Then to a suggestive movie
    There’s nothing left to talk about
    Unless it’s horizontally

    Let’s get … :)

  2. “Love: Days where I have the whole place to myself and no one talks to me, drops their weights, or grunts/shrieks like an obnoxious fool.”
    I feeeeel you.

  3. I looove it when my gym is almost empty (I don’t think I’ve ever been when there’s no one else there!) and I don’t have to evil-eye people to get off the treadmill/rower/bikes! My pet gym hate is those weight-lifting guys who are there to preen in the mirrors and show off as much as they are to work out. Great post :)

    1. OMG YES I totally know what you mean about the evil eye!

      You are also making me laugh talking about the preeners. They were a permanent fixture when I worked out at my uni gym…the place was full of them!

      Thanks for stopping by littlenavyfish!

    1. Thanks EEE! (may I call you that?)

      I’m not sure if it’s bravery or more that I just love to run. (Much more than my gym that’s for sure!)

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. This cracks me up- it’s so true. And I did get used to working out in Florida weather for 2 years and then moved and now am confined to working out in a gym again. Or my bedroom. Oh well! Keep up the good work! :)

    1. I do pushups/situps in my bedroom too! I even have a portable pullup bar that I hang in the doorway.

      Ooohhh, what I wouldn’t do for some Florida heat right about now…

      Thanks for your note Michelle!

    1. The Y can be bloody expensive! I used to work out there when I lived in Halifax, and luckily I had a student discount. I loved that facility too! Thanks for the comment :)

    1. What a compliment! I am blushing!

      Unfortunately, all I can say is pushups, pushups, pushups. Not fun, but they work! (Kind of like Buckleys…)

      Thanks for your note :)

  5. Yes! Ever since I signed up at a gym, I haven’t gotten a bit of exercise! I thought joining a gym would motivate me to exercise more–but it’s had the reverse effect. I think it’s because I take it for granted that the gym is always there, and I can always use it, rain or shine, heat or cold. Before, when I walked or cycled outside for exercise, there was the pressure to get out when the weather was good. So I didn’t take it for granted. It really help me though if I had someone with whom to walk or cycle–exercise is always more enjoyable with a friend.

    1. Hi Scott! I totally agree. Having a gym/running/biking buddy is a great, great motivator and makes the experience 100x more fun.

      Re: your gym membership. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself…ease into the process. Remember, in the end, it’s supposed to make you feel good :)

      Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

  6. I work out at home. Problem solved-that is till I either get a hernia or have a star jump induced heart attack.

    1. Sweet mother of pearl, the farts are the worst! Oh my goodness gracious…

      I’m glad that I could make you laugh this a.m. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

    1. Lol! I’ve been meaning to start yoga for ages, but I’m afraid I’m too fidgety.

      Don’t let your mat’s stares get to you!

      Thanks for the great note :)

    1. You are lucky! Running is my true love, but it’s the strength training for the different races that I run that I don’t always enjoy.

      Thanks for the note Melinda!

  7. I stopped going to gym’s years ago. The tight quarters, the spastic grunts and my favorite…the perpetual shower of someone’s sweat tickling across my flesh as the shake their heads after some serious iron pumping.


    I keep it natural now. Everything I need to do I can do without the gym. I do Yoga and Pilates and I’m a farmer. I hoe, pull, dig, haul and trek through soft organic soil just about everyday.

    I had a gal ask me where I work out. I laughed and said.

    Mother nature.

    She looked perplexed.

    My favorite thing to do is pull ups hanging from an avocado branch looking over the Escondido valley.

    The key is to keep doing it, never stop moving and your body and soul will thank you for it!

    1. Urg, second hand sweat is the worst! EWW is right.

      What a lovely way to keep fit! Doing pull-ups from an avacado tree sounds amazing!! I love spending my time outside – during the warmer months here I run, hike and bike all the time (and very rarely spend time in the gym).

      Your last sentence is spot on. Keep on keeping on Editor! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I LOVE my gym. I’d go there even if they didn’t pay me to teach a couple classes a week ;) I’ve done the cheap but convenient gym – and ended up thinking about all the things I wished it had. I would absolutely pay more for all the little extras (towel service, cleanliness, helpful staff, great classes), especially when it makes my gym a place I genuinely enjoy going to!

  9. Ah, yes, another fitgirl blogger! Keep blogging the good fight.

    And, don’t forget, it’s alright to eat all the Nutella sometimes. Just get back on track, and you’re in gold city.

    We have faterday around these parts, good for keeping morale high. :D

  10. I’m training for the 2012 Warrior Dash and I pretty much hate the gym right now. You nailed it with that ‘go home get in my PJ’s and eat ALL THE NUTELLA’ bit.

    1. We are in the same boat! I’m training for Tough Mudder at the moment and all this weight training is damn near well killing me.

      I empathize completely!!

      Thanks for stopping by TeaSea!

  11. Love: The benefits that exercise brings to your life and the Feeling You Get after a good workout.

    Hate: Trying to get yourself to Go the Gym (always an excuse).

  12. I just started working out again after a few years not doing too much (I have terrible knees from an old fighting injury) and it is a bitch. Combined with the fact that I am a giant of a man and thus lose weight very quickly; I am forced to answer everyone’s questions of whether I’ve been working out. Meekly I reply that maybe I’ve been doing a little; to which the response is usually that it shows and I should keep it up. So on most nights when I just wanna go home and pour myself a whiskey and watch Game Of Thrones I have to feel guilty that I am letting my family and associates down.

    Sorta makes a guy wanna give up entirely.

    1. Hi Versi! First off, mad points for the GoT reference. I am a huge GRRM fan (and have been for years) so any fan of his, is a friend of mine.

      Secondly, I’m really sorry that you’re having trouble with the constant commenting on your body/exercise habits. It’s a huge pain and can be completely disheartening. I’m a naturally thin gal, so I get the opposite. People rag on me for running too much, asking why I feel like I even need to work out, etc.

      What they need to realize is that its none of their business and if you wanted to talk about it to them, you would!

      Try to take everything with a grain of salt and just focus on what is important to you. Because that’s what in the end really matters.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Oh, its not that bad; I grew up with a large amount of Jews and Catholics and despite not being either I find guilt to be a powerful motivator. I too am a big Martin fan for the last five years or so; and have a tendency to be pretty good natured about my size, much like Strong Belwas (minus the whole eunuch thing). My wife and many of my female friends are naturally thin and so I am generally recruited to stare threateningly at the jerks who offer to buy them sandwiches.

        Though sometimes I would rather have the sandwich.

  13. That is so funny! I swear you were talking to me when you mentioned nutella lol. On days when I am hating the whole thought of excercise I dream of peanut butter and nutella. On days when I do workout I go home and eat peanut butter and nutella. Oh gee.

    1. Hi Integrityisyou! I can totally relate. My guilty pleasure is going to the gym and then eating french fries for dinner. I don’t do it often but when I do, it is the best!

      Thanks for the note!

      1. No problem! Uh potatoes! Another weakness! I have a reaaaally good recipe for fries, well potato wedges. If you want it let me know!

  14. Really funny. I’m so ambivalent about exercise. Supposed to start a master’s swimming class in a week and keep thinking I should lift the 5 lb weights that have been living upstairs for years. Two flights of stairs to get them. It’s a barrier, you know?

  15. Your pictures, despite all the “hate” things about going to the gym (minus the leaky roof, that’s pretty unforgivable), are actually absurdly inspiring and awesome.

    1. Wow! Your note makes me blush :)

      While my gym might drive me bonkers, I really, really love running and just generally being active. If I can inspire others to love it too, well, that’s just brilliant.

      Thanks again blogattack!

    1. Hey Pagemarker! Well done on the your first 10 mile run – that’s a tremendous achievement!

      Many thanks for the nomination – I promise to think of some interesting facts before spreading the cheer.

      Have a great day!

  16. Your post is funny. Even as a fitness instructor I still have those days when I think watching TV or taking a nap sounds much preferable to exercising. I can tell from your pictures that you must make the right choice the majority of the time ;)

  17. Holy crap! I want my arms to look like yours! I only started going to the gym 3 months ago, but have been steadily going. I’ve already had some results, but can’t wait until I get my own gun show going!

    1. Right on Julia! Getting in a solid routine is awesome :)

      All I can say is pushups pushups, pull-ups and wait for it…more pushups. Not fun, but they work.

      Good luck and have fun!

      1. You’re going to be up to your knuckles in typing responses for the next couple weeks! ;) I’ll send a defibrilator over STAT. So thrilled for you! And seriously, I died laughing at your post – oh the sweat….

  18. Ooh yes I know this feeling! And before I start, let me just say – those arms, WOW! My gym has a ladies only section and lord, those are the type of arms I stare at when I’m doing my workout in order to motivate myself. Or on bad days to stare at and think “fuck, I’m *never* going to have arms like that! How does she *do* that? If I kill her and drink her blood, would my arms look like that? … yeah, probably not.”

    So yeah. My gym is about twice the price of yours, but I pay it because god, I love the pool. Love, love, love. Especially since during the times I go, it’s generally empty. When do I hate my gym? When that pool – MY POOL – is being used by someone else. Because if it is, it’s inevitably That Guy Who Thinks He Can Swim. I hate That Guy. He acts like an Olympic athlete but his technique – shit, I can barely swim and even I’ve managed to grasp the concept that YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SWIM *IN* THE WATER, NOT ON TOP OF IT. Sadly, it’s a small pool, and I never caught the knack of holding my breath underwater without plugging my nose. With every move they make they seem to be deliberately trying to splash as much and as hard as possible, as if to scream LOOK AT ME, I AM A PROFESSIONAL SWIMMER, LOOK AT MY FINE TECHNIQUE WHICH CONSISTS OF BITCH SLAPPING THIS WATER AND SHOWING IT WHO’S BOSS, YES, I AM THE LORD OF THE POOL, IT IS TRUE. When these jackasses hit the pool, I tend to either spend the whole time half drowning or just give up and leave the pool to them. Grr.

    I also hate it when people talk to me. See the headphones? See how both earbuds are in? See how I am staring straight ahead and how you had to actually wave to catch my attention? If you are waving to catch my attention in order to inform me that the gym is on fire and I should flee for my life, I thank you. If not, I have to ask – what’s wrong with you?

    I do love my gym though. The ladies only section makes the fat chicks like me feel a lot more comfortable about going (even if they DO make you walk through EVERY FREAKING OTHER WORKOUT SECTION to get to the stairs to get to said section, sheesh, what a shitty design idea!), and the pool is suuuuuuuch a pleasure and a joy after a half hour of trying to kick C25K’s ass, instead of vice versa…

    1. Well, Ms. Mackerelskies, let me tell you that you are hilarious! Also, making people walk through the entire gym to get to the women’s only section is completely absurd.

      Overall, I am definitely picking up what you’re putting down. Especially when it comes to talking to people at the gym (other than asking for spots or what not.)

      Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your lovely compliment!

      p.s. it terms of the arms, one word: push-ups. Never fun, but they never fail!

      1. Well, shucks, thank you for the compliment – and the tip! At the moment I don’t think I could manage pushups – but I *will* strive toward them. After all, at one point in time I could not run for 60 seconds, and yesterday I ran for 3 minutes straight. And arms like that are such a motivation!

        BTW, that arm photo has triggered an idea with me… I’m currently filling up my wallpaper folder with photos of women’s bodies – namely, beautiful photos like that arm of yours that when I’m lying in bed wondering if I really feel like going to the gym today, will flash across my screen and trigger my brain to yell YES YOU BLOODY WELL DO!!!

  19. Awesome! Nice guns! I’m impressed you’ve finished 2 1/2 marathons! I’m currently training for my first :). Keep up the work!

    1. Hey Becky! That’s brilliant about your first half. Good luck and have fun! I promise crossing that finishing line will feel like the best thing in the entire world.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Gyms are poopy. And sweaty. I throw rocks at them and then run around the block. I run, mostly because it’s free, but also because there are people chasing me who were in the way of the rocks I just threw.

  21. Ha! I am waiting for my new elliptical to come in, and it’s a bit ridiculous how excited I am about it. A good workout is good for body and soul… and BTW nice “guns.”

  22. A fun blog to read and a funny post, really funny – did I already say funny? No really, I enjoyed it – but I live in florida and the Sun & I are not friends. I love the winter time here becuase the weather is just right for biking, camping, walking you name it – but during the long hot summer sun filled days….. I try to stay indoors.

    1. Glad I could bring the laughs Y! If I could spend all my time outdoors – in the sunshine! – I totally would (although I have to slather on the SPF like nobody’s business!) I too love to camp, can’t wait until it warms up around these parts.

      Take care and thanks again!

  23. That was a pretty good read, full of home truths about the gym. However, you’re so lucky to get a gym as cheap as that! Here in the UK the gym I used to go to now charges around £30 a month for 24 months! Insane, although there is a very cheap gym, half the price, the other side of town but it’s literally got nothing there, no staff etc.

    Anyway, I decided the gym wasn’t for me in the end, the haul to get there everyday after work was too tempting to avoid, especially when you’re tired (as you said). I’ve taken up doing weights etc at home, much better since it’s always there in front of you, you don’t have to go far to do your workout and whilst there aren’t things like the running machine or other fancy equipment, there’s still a lot you can do cheaper. Soon as the warmer weather comes, I’ll probably be out running, but that pic of you at the beach would be a dream environment to work out in!

    1. Hi AJ! I lived in Birmingham for 6 months when I was in grad school and I couldn’t believe how expensive the gyms in the city were! My entire time there I just ran for exercise.

      Enjoy the warm weather as it comes, and have fun with your workouts! Thanks for stopping by :)

      1. Birmingham is an alright place, off there next week to a show!

        Thanks, I really like how you’ve taken the time to respond to all your comments, it’s great when that happens.

  24. Love – Hate. I know the feeling. I have a love hate relationship with my hearing aids. I used to have a love-hate relationship with hill climbing on my bike, now i have a love hate relationship with people who show off their buff bodies and announce they need to lose a few inches here or there. And, if I ask “are impressed with a fat old grey haired man doing lifts at a gym,” and you reply “No,” I will love you anyway, but hate you said it.

    1. I should take up yoga. I just worry that I’m too fidgety. That’s why I love to run. It gets rid of all my pent up energy.

      But buttcheeks of steel are bloody-well tempting.

      I see what I can do…

  25. I feel guilty because for two months I haven’t been and continue to pay £36.25 each month. I tried cancelling last month to no avail because I can’t see the point of paying that amount to use a treadmill. If I make it to the gym again, I’m a champ but if I manage to cancel my membership I’ll have to eat a lot less food. Mehhh.

    1. Gyms in the UK are so expensive! I lived in Birmingham for six months during grad school and nearly had a coronary when the few I scoped out told me what membership cost.

      Best of luck with your decision – do whatever makes you happiest (and richest!)

  26. I’d say we must go to the same gym but I am in the States! My gym is close to my house+cheap and that is the ONLY reason I put up with the hillbilly/ghetto vibe (which is a very hard vibe to pull off, but my gym manages to do it). No circulation, especially in the aerobics room so it’s a good thing I abhor all indoor cardio. I lift, baby! The people who work there are all idiots. I actually think my very first blog post was about how much I hate my gym! LOVE the blog; you are very funny! :-)

    1. Hey Jessie! We are sisters in (crappy gym) arms! Does yours play the same awful dance music on repeat too?

      Good luck with abiding all the craziness and thank you for the great note!

  27. You’re a cool chick…I enjoyed your post. I did a couple of half marathons too and did around 90 minutes as I recall…I remember thinking I may have been capable of running under 3hours…maybe not…it would be an absolute once in a life time effort for me to do that and then I’d probably be injured for one year. But I ride my bike every day and have started lifting weights too..found a barbel and I’ve been doing curls and lifts over my head in front and in back of my head so I’m getting quite the little “bod” if I do say so myself…for an old guy…thought I lost my bike last night (would have been the 3rd in 3 weeks) went into a psycho rage on hundreds of people in Cambridge, got arrested, got out, found my bike where I had left it…just another day in Cambridge…I think I have something wrong with my brain but no one will tell me what it is….I’m beginning to fear that I may be of the incurable category of mental illness which really lowers my rating in the dating pool plus having pending court cases, no driver’s license, lost 3-4 phones per month…so you can see why exercise and sunshine are so very important to me…can’t youii?

    1. I’ll be running by first marathon this October – I’m aiming for 3:30 (and being able to walk the next day – and for the next year!)

      Take it easy there Mr. Shepard!

      1. I will most definitely try…must try…to “take it easy” but no one’s slowing down to take a look at me so it’s kind of bittersweet…it’s not easy to take it easy though in my experience…I need lessons…I need to go for a long hike alone somewhere I think…into the woods or down the tracks or across the Adirondacks…I hate this “punning disorder” I have…it is so fucking tedious…I couldn’t even run a ten minute mile right now if my life depended on it…I think maybe it does to so all the more difficult to “take it easy” but I could start using tranquilizers I guess..sorry, I’m still a little groggy…I’m a groggy froggy…

  28. i try to work out regularly abt 30 min depending on the time of the year, starting with squats, abdomen, biceps and a combination of triceps shoulders or back. I injured my shoulder last year while doing heavy weights and becos of that i have to strictly avoid free weights like push ups or pull ups.

  29. This is such a hilarious blog. I’m most definitely following. I think my relationship with my gym is somewhat similar. Except it costs more. And there are too many old women hogging the machines, which makes me feel demasculinized.

    1. Hey Mac! Bloody funny comment here.

      Old women machine hoggers may not signal emasculation here on my end, but they do drive me batty. They move in packs and then set up camp for the day! They are the gym equivalent of a tame, passive-aggressive, exercise-minded wolf pack.

      Thanks for the note and for the follow!

  30. Ah yes, the love hate relationship with the gym! I know the feeling! That is why I have decided to workout at home when the weather is bad and I don’t feel like going out in the cold and driving to the gym and to workout outside when the weather is nice! So far I have been doing just fine with a gym membership – and moving to a nice mild climate does sound pretty appealing… =)

  31. This is a feeling I know well. But I have to have the gym to go to in order to work out. I’d never be disciplined enough to do it at home.

    This was a really good post. Can’t wait to read more.

    1. I’m glad to know there are others out there that feel the same way.

      And thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave a note.

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  33. I TOTALLY RELATE TO THIS!! I am currently living in a very small town in Taiwan and we have a gym that sits above a toilet store. The walls are lined with outrageous circa 1989, Schwarzenegger pictures. We have no air conditioners and both treadmills are broken. We do however have tons of free weights a couple old machines and a heavy bag. I love/hate this place everyday. Great blog!

  34. My new gym is a cupboard compared to my last one in the city, you can forget peak times. It can be annoying how you need the right frame of mind for training when on a training programme, any given day something could just demotivate you.

  35. I hear ya. Yesterday I worked my butt off, (my arms look nothing like yours, how did you do that) anyway, I came home and ate some chocolate almond butter. Yummy – Yes, Good idea – No.

    1. Chocolate almond butter!? Holy cow – where do I find me some of that? That sounds amazing!

      One word: push-ups. Not fun, but they work!

      Thanks for the note Lexie :)

      1. I’m not sure where you’re from but I get mine at Whole Foods, the brand is local and called Justin’s. It’s to-die-for!

  36. I have that Love hate relationship with myself all the time when I’m working up the appetite for a workout. Or for the first 30 min of every run til the endorphins flood my system and I feel gooooood! Glad to see I’m not alone and even the skinny girls with great guns have those arguements!

  37. I’m thinking about going for a jog later, but I feel too lazy to get up. Haha. Anyway, that arms are so great! LOL.

  38. I belong to the local Y, and there are separate mens and womens fitness rooms (attached to the locker rooms), as well as combined workout room, so I can choose not to listen to the groaners and screamers. Now, if I could just get some bike time….!

  39. Hate: When the gym is crowded and some guys grunt and shrieking and a girl asks when am I gonna stop using treadmill.
    That picture of your arm is so wow! I’d love to have such those arms :D

    1. Ohhhh, yes! I totally know what you mean. They circle like hawks, ready to pounce as soon as you’re done!

      For arms, all I can say is push-ups are pretty much the worst things in the world, but they work like nothing else!

      Thanks for the lovely note Awulan :)

  40. Excellent post.
    This is really a good work. I appreciate your efforts behind that.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Think of all the condensation that you would be subjected to! But then again…it’s a pretty nutty place. I would say, enter at your own risk!

      Thanks for the note sunsetreflector!

    1. First – I love your nickname! It’s very heartening to know I’m not alone in this mad battle with my gym. Strength in numbers is a good thing :)

      Thanks for the lovely note captain!

    1. Hey Janet! That line totally kills me too. My mom would always use it during the summer time and it would absolutely crack us up. We’re from the east coast so our language is really peppered with some pretty crazy slang!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and keep cool!

      1. This is funny on several levels for me. For starters, I’ve grown up with the word “arse” all the time. I’ve never used it in my blog because I wasn’t sure just who else heard of it. Secondly, I’ve experienced the heat of a glass blowing demonstration in Italy and I can attest how sweaty a glass blower’s arse must be! haahahah
        Love it!

  41. hey cool, rock your body at this gym. i like more to run or biking in the woods. congrats for the second half-marathon. 30 years ago i did a couple marathons, in 8 weeks i’ll do my first half-marathon and in 11 weeks my first mountain-half-marathon. hope i’ll suvrive ;-)

    1. Hey Daniel! Good luck with your races! Those sounds like adventures and a half. I would love to do a mountain half – I bet your vistas and views are going to be absolutely incredible.

      I am running my first full marathon this October, but in the interim I’m doing Tough Mudder this summer – we’ll see how that goes!!

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your runs!

    1. Thanks photoclare! I really do love running, it’s just the gym experience that kills me :)

      Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I spent a little time in Nottingham when I lived in the UK for grad school. I’ll be back someday to explore a little more.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  42. HAHA I guess I have the same relationship over here [:
    With the weather being too hot I have to go to the gym, even though I prefer jogging outside.
    What I like about my gym is that I have right one in my building, but having it all the time ” down there” makes me lazy sometimes to actually GET THERE.

    1. What is that saying? The closer it is…the farther away it seems?

      I too prefer running outside, but the weather can play havoc with that.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the note Maria! Have fun with your runs!

      1. hehe sure i will!
        and your welcome [:
        By the way… IF you aren’t that busy, can you please stop by my blog too? I just started around with the posts so I would really appreciate your feedback if possible.

  43. LOL! Many times I am at the brink of laughing hysterically when people make awkward grunts, moans, or kia’s while working out! It’s even funnier when watching beginning martial artists that try too hard. =P

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I always have to bite my lip to keep from laughing, so for the majority of my workout I’ve got a pretty healthy smirk plastered all over my face. I can only imagine how enthusiastic the beginner martial artists can be!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your note hybridmonkey!

  44. Awesome read!

    gym is always a dodgy subject to be honest. I find that as much as I hate it, I enjoy it because its good for me.

    Some cases I hate going plainly due to the fact that there are some real planks in the gym.

    Although the grunters and moaners give me a right laugh though!

    Just to wind them up I decided to do arnold schwarzeneggar style moans to put them off.

    1. Thank you!

      Okay. “Planks” is definitely my new go-to word for people who grind my gears. That’s bloody fantastic! Also, it makes me laugh just picturing your Arnold grunting. Give them a taste of their own medicine!

      Thanks for stopping by and for the brilliant comment oza!

  45. Thanks for the fun read! I can relate. I really love the benefits and I’m willing to put up with a lot of stuff to get them, including pushing through when lazing sounds better! ( :

  46. Thanks for sharing this – I can totally relate to the love/hate situation. I have been known to get to the gym, go in, get changed and still turn around and go home. Bad times!

    I came up with a plan though – I started trying a new thing every week. Currently, bhangra dancing and hula-hopping were two particular favourites. Have a look if you fancy it: http://alphabetteringmyself.com/

    And actually though, you should start selling tickets to your ‘gun’ show – I’d take two!


    1. Hey Alis! Wow, I love your blog! What a neat idea. I can’t wait to read more :)

      Also, I totally know what you mean – I have to take all my crap with me to work and there have been days where I get to the gym and realize I’ve forgotten something as silly as my socks and I just end up going home! It feel a little strange just walking in…and then walking out!

      Haha, I’ll see what I can do about arranging a “show”! Thanks for the great note!

  47. wonderful!! It is like you are in my head…I think the same…well, similar. hate-I think I still pay too much for my gym. love-it is spacious, and open. hate-its so open! love-I feel so good working out. hate-the idea of getting to the gym. love-so much hard eye cand. hate-so much eye candy, i feel like a flubber ball… so worth it.. cheers

  48. Love this!

    If you miss one day, you feel like total crap! Like you’ve wasted every other session; lost everything you ever worked for!

    BUT – when you have a Good Day – you are indestructable – King (Queen) of your body! Everyone should feel that good about themselves on days when it goes right!

    Oh the gym! How we Love to hate it!

    Thanks for the great read!

    1. Hey Pete! I like the idea of being the Queen of my body. It makes working out seem more ritzy and grandiose. And that’s pretty darn fab!

      Thanks for the great note and enjoy your workouts!

      1. That’s exactly why there is so much grunting. Personally, I can’t even go to the gym I have to go to classes, typically yoga, and things like that. I have to be entertained and can’t just do something monotonous.

  49. I pay way too much for my gym membership, and I completely sympathize with the gym taunting you on your way home – I have to pass two separate branches of my gym on my commute, and it makes me feel bad every single time I don’t go – even if I ran that morning!

  50. My new favourite word of the moment is “bad-assery,” haha! But I totally know what you mean. All week this week, I made up excuses not to go to the gym. My gym is pretty good, but the idea of getting there when so many people are crowding the equipment convinced me not to go. However after pushing myself to go to spinning class, I felt super healthy and athletic. I felt like I could become a serious cyclist, super athletic, or even take over the world with my eventual physical awesomeness… but that only lasted until the next morning.

    1. Awesome! I too love it and use it regularly.

      The more I think about it, it’s not so much the gym that’s the problem, as it is all the bonkers people who purchase memberships…I only I could start my own place, with a psych test as a pre-requisite for joining. Hmmm…

      Glad you felt like a superhero! It sounds like it was a great class.

      Thanks for the fab note Arsenica!

    1. Thanks! And you must teach me your ways! I’m always so shocked that someone would think of doing anything other than working out at the gym that when it happens I can get pretty flustered.

      1. We have a lot of “Man-Hunters” in my gym and I can’t help but laugh when I see them. They’re obvious, like throwing there leg up on a machine and bending over ever-so-slowly (as if to stretch) to hopefully catch the eye of anyone with a penis walking by.

        It is simple my dear, avoid eye contact. LOL! If I make eye contact, then there’s the smile and following the smile is the removal of their ear phones which signals to me, “Hey! I want to talk to you” and from there, you’re screwed. =)

        Have a great weekend!

  51. An amazing reflection on how I feel except my gym is an overpriced crapbox. Still working on my guns!

    1. Hey French Coast! Thanks for the sweet note!

      I wish I had some stellar tips beyond: Push-ups. They totally suck, but they totally work. And then pull-ups, which suck equally (if not more) but work even better. Resistance training (just using your body) is the best exercise I’ve ever done!

      Good luck, and have fun with your workouts!

      p.s. I love your blog name!

  52. I used to work out when i was a student… once i have finished my study, i dont know why i have stopped going to gym. your article has inspired me again. i think i should start working out again….thanks.

  53. So much of what you wrote (expressions and all) rings true with me as a gymster as well. Especially the badassery after leaving the gym. Great writing with expressions that hit the notes right!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s really great to know that I have so many partners in arms when it comes to my gym adventures.

      Keep enjoying your workouts and thanks again for stopping by!

  54. You are so right about all of your comparisons. I used to have a fairly regular gym membership; I loved the self mini-spa that was possible after a long work out. Steam, sauna, good close shave, hot shower. Then I found out the steam room was a premier place for gay craigslist hookups. I’m open minded but eeew.

    I got poor and had to sacrifice the gym. BUT now I ride my bike 20 miles round trip to work, do pushups, climb trees, and run in the park. FOR FREEEZ. So yeah, the picture at the end looks like my vastly preferred workout.

    1. Oh my gosh, I shouldn’t laugh, (and I too am open minded) but that is hilarious and completely off putting.

      Good on your for riding your bike to work! That is seriously impressive. I am a fair weather biker – I’m in the saddle between May and September exclusively.

      Running is my favourite thing in the entire world – if I could do it outside, everyday I would. One day.

      Thanks so much for the great comment!

  55. Great post! definitely inspirational. it will get me back to the gym depite hating it!

    Sad that i’m a 23 year old guy and you could probably kick my butt! My arm muscle is 1/2 the size of yours!

    1. I promise you my arms didn’t always look like that! I had zero upper body strength for a long, long time.

      Good luck with the workouts and remember to have fun (fake it until you make it is the attitude I embrace a lot of the time!) Thanks for stopping by!

          1. Progress update: I’m doing pretty well, definitely showing more muscle tone but not up to your tone yet! Doesn’t help that I lost to one of my good friends (who is a girl) arm wrestling over the weekend but w/e!

  56. I don’t belong to a gym, but I have the exact same relationship with my workout DVDs! Good to know that no matter what the workout is, we all feel the same. Cool post!

    1. That is probably my favourite expression of all time. Gotta love growing up in an east coast Canadian family! Haha!

      And thanks so much! I would say it takes one to know one. :)

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