Strange things I have done, seen, and want to do this week

DID: Washed my hair in the kitchen sink.

Okay, some background.

This is what my dining room looked like last night:


And this is what was going on in my living room:

More stuff.

Mr. M is currently Mr. Fix-it, which means we have no bathroom in our bathroom, and most things that will end up going in our new bathroom are sitting, or strewn about, where we normally eat dinner.


And because I am incapable of operating at a normal level without washing my hair every day (because, dear readers, it is so very thin and so very fine, and because of how much I exercise , I cannot live without a daily shampooing) and because we had no tub – I washed my hair in the sink, where thirty minutes prior I had scrubbed two frying pans, a colander, two soup bowls and a spatula.


Needless to say, before I got down to business, the side of the sink that I used to wash my locks was scrubbed to an inch of its life.

(And because I’m lazy, I left the other side the way it was, with a dirty knife and spoon lying next to the scrub brush.)



No joke I nearly broke my back and cricked my neck for all of Canada as I limbo-ed my way to clean hair.

Also, it is dang hard trying to get all the conditioner rinsed away, when your giant five foot ten body is unable to manoeuvre itself to allow for your stupid head to rest directly under the water stream.


Also, it’s at times like this that I realize just how long my hair actually is (when I dye my hair from a box is also another great reminder of this.)

I might not have a lot of it, but it’s getting to the length where I start to feel like a mermaid when I get out of the shower.

Speaking of which, today I did something shower related I’ve never done before – for the first time I brought a change of clothes with me to the gym and showered as soon as I’ve finished working out.

I was a little nervous to check out the state of its facilities, what with how dodgy the place is overall.

But despite the exposed pipes, and broken fan, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

It was very clean, with good water pressure, and honestly, quite a large stall.

I don’t know if I’m going to start pulling this stunt on a daily basis, but during the time that I’m living in a house without resources for bathing (kitchen sink not included) it’s a good reserve to fall back on.

The only fly in the ointment being that between my regular gym gear that I schlep with me to work, and the extra shower stuff I had to add to my kit, today I was (and tomorrow I will be) a bag lady and a half.

And a half!

Alas, t’is the price you pay for cleanliness.

SAW: These Air Canada Ads

Okay, a while back I wrote a post about the first generation of these Air Canada ads, focusing on (what I thought to be) a very white-washed advertising campaign.


Here you are, marketing flights to large, Asian cities (each one, need I point out, very different from the other) and you have an all white cast, some of which are dressed in non-descript “Asian” dress, or holding chopsticks, or, what is that, practicing some kind of martial art?


Jeeze Louise.

It’s painful just looking at them.

Seriously, has one person who worked on this campaign done any of the following?

  1. Gone to Hong Kong/Beijing/Seoul
  2. Looked at the majority of individuals flying back and forth between Vancouver and these cities, and then bothered to notice what they looked like.
  3. Gone out anywhere in the Lower Mainland and registered that its population is incredibly diverse, and not in fact racially homogenous.

It just boggles my mind (and also makes me laugh, because believe-you-me folks, I used to work at the airport and I’m very well versed will all of these Air Canada flights, and I know who is travelling on them, and it doesn’t matter if they are Canadian, Chinese, or Korean, but the average traveller does not look like this:


And I’m not saying that they cannot use white models in their campaign, but a little variety wouldn’t kill them either.

At the very least it wouldn’t make them look so casually racist, and overwhelmingly tone deaf.


WANT TO DO: Make out with Richard Hammond.

Because I am an ENFJ (extrovert, intuitive, feeling, and judging) on the Myers Briggs personality test, change to my regular routine is something I try to avoid at all costs. So as you can imagine, when I’m confronted by minor disturbances (such as having no working bathtub) my rabid need to control everything (and then not being able to do so) drives me a bit batty.

But just a bit.

In an attempt to help me calm down, I have been watching episodes of Top Gear on Netflix, drinking hot chocolate, and eating thousands of mini marshmallows.

I just started watching the show last week, and oh boy is it funny.

It hilarious and entertaining, and I enjoy Jeremy Clarkson’s acerbic wit, and it would be pretty fab to have the chance to play checkers against James May, sitting out on a lanai somewhere on Oahu’s North coast (in my imagination).

But mostly more than anything, I want to have a good old fashioned snog fest (in the parlance of his country) with Mr. Hammond (also in my imagination.)

Yes I did take this photo off of my tv. I have no shame.

He’s cute as hell, plus I get a kick out of the idea that in work shoes I’d be over half a foot taller than him. It would be just like every single high school dance I ever went to. Throw in some Mario Kart, late night McDonald’s runs, and a ton of laugh-fuelled bumbling and fumbling, and you pretty much have my grade eleven relationship down to a tee.

Plus – he’s from Brum, the city that owns a good chunk of my heart.

(And in terms of famous people who’ve come out of Birmingham, I’d definitely choose him over Frank Skinner and Ozzy Osborne.)

So there you have it folks.


And to finish off, if may ask, what are some weird things you’ve been up to this week? Seen anything barmy in the extreme? And who are you jonesing for a sweet, sweet lip-lock (if too, only in your imagination)?

Let me know, and I’ll think about it the next time I’m washing my hair (in or outside of my kitchen.)

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11 thoughts on “Strange things I have done, seen, and want to do this week”

  1. Funny you should ask about off-kilter celebrity crushes! I’ve just watched the second series of BBC’s Sherlock and I have to say that I’ve developed quite a raging crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. Yeah…the name…but seriously, he makes such a great anti-social Sherlock Holmes. And I don’t mind at all that they’ve given it a modern setting. If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend it. And then maybe you explain to me WTF happened at the end of the last episode???

    Oh…and Thom Yorke. But that’s just standard issue for me.

    1. Your last sentence totally made me laugh. I love it!

      We watched the first series of Sherlock on Netflix and really, really enjoyed it, so we will definitely have to check out the second. I’m more of a Martin Freeman gal myself, but I can see how Mr. Cumberbatch would do it for many :) I’ll see what I can do about debunking the last episode!

      p.s. How was the play?

      1. I love Martin Freeman too! But more in a teddy bear kinda way. Cumberbatch’s cheekbones and blue eyes have captured me.

        The play was great. Ryan Biel stole the show, although most of the cast was really good. He had good chemistry with the actor who plays Algernon. The muffin scene (my favourite) was great. I think the actress who played Cecily was the weakest, and her accent was all over the place. I think it’s a hard play to pull off, just because every single is a ridiculous witticism, and I think some of the lines can fall flat unless you’ve really got a handle on it. But they really played up the campiness factor, and the set was bizarrely surreal, mostly in a good way. I would definitely go see it, if only for Ryan Biel.

  2. My father is a builder and whenever he decided to “improve” our house, he took his sweet time. We once lived without a roof over our bathroom for four months. Hope that makes you feel a little better about the kitchen sink shampooing experience. God speed to Mr. Fixit.

  3. Living in limbo is rough (and washing hair in limbo too, I suppose)! How soon until the bathroom is back to “normal” again? Yeah, if you’re 5’10” I must be your Mini Me…
    Those Air Canada ads are atrocious! And I can’t figure how how they are expecting to lure travelers. It looks more like a fashion show than a flight ad.
    ENFJ? I understand you SOOOOO much better! :) I’m an INFJ.

    1. Hopefully everything will be good to go by tomorrow night (Saturday morning at the latest). It’s going to be really lovely and I’m super proud that he’s done all of this by himself (with some help from his father and friends).

      Haha, between our differences in size and extrovert/introvert natures, we just need to find a pair of traveling pants that can fit us both and someone will write a book series about us!!

  4. Been there with the sink-action. The pipes broke in the appartment above me resulting in half the ceiling in my bathroom to crash – right above the shower. So I did what you did: shower in the gym, wash my hair in the kitchen sink for 6 WEEKS!

    When I relocated to my current appartment, my boyfriend was living abroad at the time and I had no one who’d come help me set up my kitchen (and I didn’t have the money to hire someone). So I did the dishes in the shower for 6 weeks until my boyfriend returned.

    I gotta say, it’s icky and a challenge, but I kind of enjoyed the fact that I was able to deal with it and am apparently not a spoiled brat. :)

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